Lydia Forson Slams Government For Imposing Luxury Tax On Sanitary Pads

Lydia Forson Slams Government For Imposing Luxury Tax On Sanitary Pads

  • Ghanaian Actress and Activist, Lydia Forson, has bemoaned the taxes that have been imposed on sanitary pads
  • She was highlighting the issue of increased prices in sanitary pads as luxury tax and VAT imposed on them is the cause
  • While expressing her frustration on social media, she said "How did pads turn into a political weapon?"

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Award Winning Actress, Writer, and Activist has slammed government for imposing a luxury tax on sanitary pads.

She bemoaned the 20 percent luxury tax and the additional 12.5 percent VAT which has been imposed on the price of sanitary pads.

Lydia Forson Slams Government For Imposing Luxury Tax On Sanitary Pads
Lydia Forson. Photo Source: @lydiaforson
Source: Instagram

In a tweet on her official Instagram post, she said:

I need to understand the idea behind a luxury tax on pads. Do Ghanaian sanitary pad brands also import or manufacture here? Is this to help the local industry or someone actually believes that pads are a luxury?!! I’m so confused.

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Finding out about the luxury tax on sanitary pads, Lydia Forson expressed disdain over the tax and questioned how pads became a political weapon.

How did I not see all of this before?? The more I read the more appalled I am! My goodness. How did pads turn into a political weapon?

Expressing her views on the issue, she made reference to when the Mahama Administration was mocked for wanting to secure a loan to provide pads for young girls for free. As a result of this, she attested that young girls and women in Ghana are currently experiencing the repercussions with increased prices in pads.

I remember when the previous administration wanted to secure a loan to buy sanitary pads for young girls and it was met with mockery. We were all ignorant about the severity of the issue of young girls skipping school because they couldn’t afford pads. Now see.

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People react to luxury tax imposed on sanitary pads

@IvyEnyonam_ said:

Found out yesterday a box of the sanitary pads is ¢180. Yes, I never really check the prices because I buy in bulk, and price increases can be annoying so I refused to check. But 180? Why do we have "luxury tax" on something that is human and required because of nature? ‍♀️


It’s sad and annoying that the few women in places of influence are not really thinking and using their influence to help other women. It’s so sad like how can they sit down and watch sanitary pads to be taxed‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️


There’s a luxury tax on it? Luxury?


I still can't believe i went from buying 4ghc pad from a period to 16ghc for the next period. It is so insane


I'm just learning today that the Ghana government charges a 20% luxury tax on sanitary pads. I never paid attention when buying. It's something we women have to buy because our bodies do this naturally. This is NOT a luxury experience. I'm appalled and upset by this.

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Spoke about this earlier this year, someone asked me why i was complaining if i can afford it. After the back and forth explanation, i just had to block him because he felt i was doing politics. The government can do better. This is what the media has to talk about.

Plan Ghana introduces sanitary pads that can be washed and reused

Menstrual Health is one of the most talked about issues in rural Ghana among girls of school going age who menstruate.

Several reports have indicated that most of these girls in rural Ghana are unable to make it to school anytime it is that time of the month due to their inability to buy sanitary pads.

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