Woman, 41, Celebrates Graduating Law School, Vows to Pass Bar Exam

Woman, 41, Celebrates Graduating Law School, Vows to Pass Bar Exam

  • Social media user Amber Goodwin remained dedicated and grinded for over 20 years in her pursuit of becoming a lawyer
  • A failed attempt at the Texas bar exam did not lower Goodwin’s confidence as she staysd true to her dream
  • Mzansi shares messages of hope and encouragement to this inspirational 41-year-old woman on her recent Twitter post

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Twitter user and law school graduate Amber Goodwin (@amberkgoodwin) touched the hearts of many with her never give up attitude. Goodwin was determined to graduate law school, no matter the cost, even if it took 20 years.

Finally at the age of 41, Goodwin had graduated law school and was one step closer to her dream of being a lawyer.

Goodwin’s journey has had its fair share of difficulties. Her recent attempt at the Texas bar exam did not quite go according to plan but this recent hiccup did nothing to damage the perseverance and dedication of this powerful woman.

Woman, celebrates, graduating law school, fails bar exam, attempts again
This stunning woman did not allow her failure of the bar exam to hinder her excitement of graduating from law school. Image: @amberkgoodwin
Source: UGC

A Twitter post by Goodwin that highlighted her journey was met with messages of support and encouragement by the internet.

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The internet thanks Goodwin for sharing her inspirational journey

@quashon14 shared:

"My mom was a single parent with 2 young boys that put herself through law school. We were poor. She didn't pass the bar. She never gave up. She passed it and she's a prominent judge now. You got this."

@kater34 said:

"You’ve got this! From a 40-year-old who just passed the IL bar on my 3rd try."

@soledadobrien wrote:

"I’m celebrating you! Spend a moment to think about all you’ve accomplished!! Revel in what you’ve done, then start prepping for the next bar. Let me know if I can hook you up with some great legal mentors."

@oldbjjblue tweeted:

"I failed my first time too. Hopefully, you know exactly what you need to focus on now. But first, take some time to grieve this. IT's bad in a way that very few people will get. Blow off some steam. Go have a good time and get this stumble out of your brain. Then use it as fuel."

@ashlie_weeks responded with:

"You worked incredibly hard. The TX bar is notoriously difficult. I had 2 friends who did not pass it either, after several times, and both went on to be incredibly successful attorneys in their chosen subjects. You should be very proud of yourself. Chin up. You'll get it done."

@Momof2turds1 added:

"This is the best suggested tweet I have ever been notified about! I am so very proud of you and can't help but feel like this is a sign to stop contemplating and follow thru with things in life!! Following so I can congratulate you next year when you pass your Bar!!"

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