Stonebwoy Twin Brother: Does He Exist

Stonebwoy Twin Brother: Does He Exist

Stonebwoy is a stage name of the famous Ghanaian reggae, dancehall, and Afropop musician. His birth names are Livingstone Etse Satekla. The award-winning musician is very talented and among the best rappers in Ghana.

Stonebwoy Twin Brother: Does He Exist

He recently married Louisa Ansong in July 2017.

Stonebwoy embarked on his career when he was still a high school student. The interesting bit about him is that they attained their secondary certificate together with Sarkodie the popular rapper in the same secondary school, Methodist Day School. They both attended local rap competitions together with Dr. Crime. Through many struggles and not losing hope, Stonebwoy attained his current overflowing success. Accidentally Samini was impressed with Stonebwoy and he joined their record label, “Samini Music.”

Stonebwoy and His Brother

Stonebwoy Twin Brother: Does He Exist

Stonebwoy was able to confess his personal life during an interview that had an impression that Dancehall is not real. He argued that dancehall music is real no matter the language they use. Stonebwoy stressed that those people who love Dancehall should keep on loving it and the haters should let the lovers of Dancehall love it still. He said Yaa Pono who is renowned as a Baafira singer is his cousin from his mother’s side.

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He also made people be aware that he once had a twin brother. Stonebwoy twin brother is not alive but he passed away. He said that he is bipolar and sometimes he gets weird when he has the characters of his brother. He even went ahead to name some weird things that he does when he has the characters of his twin brother. They include:

Stonebwoy Twin Brother: Does He Exist
  • Dropping his headphones and he started screaming to get attention from Dakay people.
  • Buying plantain that was roasted, what he was handling before the plantain fell down and he decided to throw the roasted plantain too.
  • His mixed behavior of being good at times and very bad in some other times.
  • He also punched a windscreen and he paid for it with the last cent he had in the pocket.

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