Syrian names: top 100 for boys and girls

Syrian names: top 100 for boys and girls

Syrian names are a denotation of prosperity, strength, and the character of the individual bearing the name. The majority of the parents hold the belief that giving a pleasant-sounding name to their young ones will bring them good luck and success in their lives. Although children naming follows different aspects, such as circumstances or seasons, it is always wise to choose a name with a significant meaning to it. Whichever point you opt to go for while naming your child, always remember that the identity you give to your son or daughter ought to be chosen with great care.

Common Syrian names
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A majority of the individuals turn out to be who they have been named after. This means that the name of a person plays a crucial role in shaping how they will turn out to be in the future. Although there is a vast sea of titles to choose from, look out for the one that not only sounds great to the ears but the one that carries a significant meaning as well. The Syrian names' list below contains some of the best monikers that you can give to your baby girl or boy.

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Syrian names for boys

Here are some Syrian names and meanings for boys:

Syrian names for boys
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Common Syrian names

  1. Abd-El-Kader - A servant of the most powerful one
  2. Ahlam - The witty one with pleasant dreams
  3. Ahmad - One with the highest praises
  4. Akram - The most generous son
  5. Alladin - The hero or height of faith
  6. Farid - The unique one
  7. Liam - Protection or desire
  8. Noah - Comfort and rest
  9. William - Helmet or protection
  10. Benjamin - The son of the right hand
  11. Mason - One who works with stones
  12. Alexander - One who offers defense to humankind
  13. Michael - The likeness of God
  14. Henry - The ruler of the home
  15. Aiden - A little fire
  16. Matthew - A gift from God
  17. Samuel - The Lord has heard
  18. Joseph - The Lord increases
  19. David - The beloved one
  20. Wyatt - Brave in war
  21. Jack - The Lord is gracious
  22. Dylan - A high tide
  23. Grayson - The son of a steward
  24. Gabriel - The Lord is my strength
  25. Isaac - One who laughs

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Ancient Syrian names

Check out Syrian names (boy) below:

  1. Mateo - A gift from God
  2. Levi - Attached or combined
  3. Joshua - The Lord is my savior
  4. Christopher - The bearer of Christ
  5. Asher - Happy, blessed, and fortunate
  6. Nathan - The Lord has given
  7. Aaron - High mountain or exalted
  8. Jonathan - Provided by the Lord
  9. Elias - My God is the Lord
  10. Jeremiah - Raised by God
  11. Nicholas - Victory of the people
  12. Ian - The Lord is gracious
  13. Ezekiel - The Lord will give strength
  14. Jose - The Lord increases
  15. Leonardo - A brave lion
  16. Axel - My father is peaceful
  17. Zachary - The Lord does not forget
  18. Micah - The likeness of God
  19. Vincent - The conqueror
  20. Luis - A famous warrior
  21. George - farmer
  22. Juan - God is gracious
  23. Jasper - One who bears the treasures
  24. Emmanuel - God is with us
  25. Abraham - The father of all multitude

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Syrian names for girls

Syrian names for girls
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Check out some Syrian names (female) below:

Popular Syrian names

  1. Emma - Universal
  2. Isabella - My Lord is a vow or oath
  3. Sophia - Full of wisdom
  4. Harper - One who plays and makes harps
  5. Evelyn - A strong desire
  6. Abigail - The joy of a father
  7. Grace - Goodwill
  8. Layla - Amusement
  9. Natalie - The day of Christmas
  10. Audrey - A woman of noble strength
  11. Bella - Full of beauty
  12. Anna - God's grace and favour
  13. Arianna - The holiest
  14. Alison - Noble and kind
  15. Gabriella - The Lord gives me strength
  16. Valentina - Strong and health
  17. Sadie - A little princess
  18. Alexa - A defender of men
  19. Brielle - The Lord is my strength
  20. Delilah - Poor and weak
  21. Clara - Clear and bright
  22. Liliana - The Lord is an oath
  23. Arya - Honorable and noble
  24. Amaya - The end or coming to end
  25. Anastasia - The resurrection

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Beautiful Syrian names for females

Here are Syrian names (girls) to choose from:

  1. Kayla - The crown of Laurel
  2. Eden - The place of pleasure
  3. Valerie - One who is healthy and strong
  4. Reese - The enthusiastic one
  5. Diana - Heavenly and divine
  6. Elliana - The Lord has answered
  7. Lucia - Bright light
  8. Amara - The everlasting and perpetual one
  9. Gracie - Filled with goodwill
  10. Amy - The beloved one
  11. Lola - Mary of sorrows
  12. Makayla - In the likeness of God
  13. Delaney - Hailing from the alder grove
  14. Briella - The Lord is my source of strength
  15. Hope - Belief or word of hope
  16. Zara - The Lord remembers
  17. Vivienne - Alive or living
  18. Kali - The black one
  19. Elsie - Abundance from the Lord
  20. Ariella - The lion of God
  21. Myla - Gracious and kind
  22. Amina - Trustworthy
  23. Zuri - The beautiful one
  24. Haven - A place of safety
  25. Heidi - The noble kind

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With the list of Syrian names to choose from, you no longer have to wonder where to get an excellent moniker for your lovely kid. However, you should be very careful on the name you settle for, as it will have a significant impact on the life of your kid. Choose to stick to the moniker that will propel your kid into greatness.

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