Surfline MiFi user guide.

Surfline MiFi user guide.

Surfline is among the best 4G mobile networks in Ghana. The efficiency and affordability of surfline will help you and your business thrive positively. At surfline, there is something for everyone.

Surfline MiFi user guide.

Surfline mifi.

The quick connectivity enhances the browsing ad with surfline, you get to enjoy this and many more packages. There are unlimited bundles and volume bundles with surfline. Below are the various bundles offered by surfline portable mifi

Volume bundles.

These bundles have a validity of up to 15-90 days. They include;

  • Surf mini- 1.5 GB that last for 15 days at GHc 20
  • Surf medi- 5GB with 30 days validity at GHc 35
  • Surf maxi- 12 GB valid for 30 dys at GHc 75
  • Surf classic- 25GB valid for 30 days at GHc 140
  • Surf mega- 50GB valid for 60 days at GHc 250
  • Surf jumbo- 100 GB valid for 90 days at GHc 399.

Unlimited bundles

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  • GHc 299 you get unlimited bundles for 30days
  • With GHc 99 you get unlimited night bundle valid for 30 days.
Surfline MiFi user guide.

Surfline mifi device.

Surfline mifi devices are available in any certified electronics shop in Ghana. The surfline mifi device helps you to access the internet at the comfort of your home. Surfline has four wifi devices; the modem wingle, a surfline router and three other mifi devices. Surfline 4g Ghana is the fastest and yet the most convenient network.

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Surfline mifi price in Ghana .

You can get the surfline modem at GHc 99. This modem comes with 1GB free data. Surfline also sells mifi, this device can be used by up to 14 people and surfline mifi price is GHc 99. This devise is accompanied by 500MB data. Surfline also sells Mifi and wingle which is able to connect to 11 people simultaneously. This device goes for GHc 199 and comes with 1GB data the other two devices are sold at GHc 209 and GHc 289 respectively.

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Surfline MiFi user guide.

How to change surfline mifi password.

Changing your password is very easy. All you need to do is go to your web browser. Go to 192.168.11 enter your username followed by your password. The mifi manual contains the details. Then click on the settings and then WLAN settings. Change the password to your desirable one and one which is easy to remember

Then save the changes and you are good to go.

To unlock surfline mifi is not free it goes for GHc 30. To unlock all you need to do is;

Make sure that your phone is full charged

Plug it in using a USB cable to a windows pc

Install the drivers that are needed for mifi to operate

Open the internet and type in the IP address

Log in using the username and the password

Go to the unlock sim tab and input the correct code

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Create new profile and you will have unlocked your surfline.

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