Islamic University College Ghana courses and admission requirements

Islamic University College Ghana courses and admission requirements

The Islamic University College Ghana was established at the turn of the new millennium by the Ahlul Bait Foundation. It got full government accreditation two years later in 2002. It was one of the first private tertiary institutions in Ghana. This was made possible by the change in Ghana Government Policy in 1997 that made it possible for private participation in tertiary education. The foundation had had the idea of starting a tertiary education institute as far back as 1986. Its first batch of students was a cohort of 15 students enrolled in a two-year course on Islamic Theology. The course was intended for Muslim youth in Ghana to promote higher moral standards.

Islamic University College Ghana courses and admission requirements

The university has since developed more advanced courses with undergraduate and graduate courses across fields of Business and the Arts. It is worth noting that the courses offered by the university are all accredited by the National Accreditation Board. The courses are offered in affiliation with the much older University of Ghana, Legon. This means, and it is also indicated on the university website, that Islamic University College Ghana courses degrees are awarded by the University of Ghana. In this article we will take a look at the courses offered, what it takes for you to qualify for admission, the application process, the different paths to the university and finally the Islamic University College Ghana fees.

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Islamic University College courses

The university boasts two fully accredited faculties; the Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Business Administration and a Department of Communications Studies.

Faculty of Arts

The faculty of arts at the Islamic University College Ghana offers only 2 programmes for the award of a degree;

1. Bachelor of Arts Religious Studies (Islamic Option)

One of the programmes at the Islamic University (courses); the programme is intended for prospective students that are keen on the religious study of Islamic faith. It is a four-year programme at the university that teaches the students to be reliable and responsible leaders of the Muslim community in Ghana. It is a way to bring together the intellectual analysis of the different interpretations of Muslim faith by believers around the world. The course requires completion of 136 credits before being awarded a degree by the University of Ghana.

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2. Master of Philosophy (Qur'anic Exegeses and Science)

The course is aimed at encouraging knowledge in research intensive study methods to prepare for later success whether academically or professionally. It is aimed at students of religious studies to further their knowledge and build different schools of thought given their greater knowledge. To complete the course, you need to complete 67 credits in a period of two years. The degree is awarded by a different affiliate university outside of Ghana, the Al-Mustafa International University in Iran. Note that the Ahlul Bait Foundation is of Iranian origins.

Requirements: the requirement for admission is a degree from an accredited university in religious studies or any other degree from a recognized institution. Evidence of four years of study in an Islamic seminary with good grades will also grant an applicant admission. Prior knowledge of the Arabic Language is an added advantage for any student that satisfies all above conditions.

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Faculty of Business Administration

The faculty was set and fully accredited in 2002. It is headed by Mr. Alhaji Yusuf Ahmed Hamdan. The degrees are awarded by the University of Ghana Business School.

The faculty offers a single degree, with multiple options. These are;

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Baking and Finance)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Human Resource Management)

It is a 4-year course that requires the completion of 136 credits to qualify to be awarded a degree. We will look at the entry requirements later in this article. The aim of the courses above to a varying degree in every option available is to imbue the ability to dissect the business environment in both the public and private sector and make the best decisions for wealth creation. The analysis of conditions in the business, banking and financial sector will enable students understands the dynamics of entrepreneurship and business administration skills of either option for the best results. As a school with a focus or religious values, the Islamic University (courses) are also meant to teach social and moral values that go a long way in ensuring its students shape the business environments they are in to the strictest ethical standards possible.

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The Faculty of Business Administration has five Business Administration options but the last option, Management Information Systems is currently not available to students.

Department of Communication Studies

Established and accredited I 2011, the department aims to fill the human resource gap in the mass communication industry. The growth of the media sector in Ghana for both print media and broadcasting media has brought many opportunities for employment in this sector. The degree programmes by the department are;

  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies (Journalism)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies (Advertising)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies (Public Relations)

The degree takes four years and 136 credits to complete. The aim of this course is to train the students with the skills required to sustain a reliable media in Ghana. It is to ensure that its graduates go to work with the highest ethical standing to ensure the best output. The various options available are each targeted at a facet of industry that is experiencing dynamic growth and will require new individuals to prop up. Graduates of this courses are all able to apply communication theories and concepts to the communication requirements they will have to facilitate whether rural, urban, governmental, traditional or modern sectors or on the global stage.

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The Islamic University College Ghana offers one more course in education;

Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education

The course runs for four years and upon completion of 136 credits a degree is awarded. The course is intended for;

  • Graduates of Senior high schools that want to work in the education sector under the Ghana Education Service.
  • Holders of a Certificate ‘A’ for Post-Secondary of Post-Middle School education.
  • Holders of a higher national diploma (HND)
  • Individuals with a diploma in Early Childhood Education
  • Holders of any diploma certificate are also qualified to take the course.

The course’s main objective is to train educators to best teach children to develop their own constructs of understanding of different concepts and ideas in school. The graduates are expected to teach children how to learn and understand. It is the provision of the foundation of children’s inquiry and curiosity about all subjects. The course also enforces total inclusivity of all persons without discrimination. These educators are to make education enjoyable for children by creating experiences that make them experience success and competence.

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Islamic University College entry requirements

Islamic University College Ghana courses and admission requirements

The following are the requirements for admission into the first year of study at the Islamic University;

1. A Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination holder of the West African Examination Council with an aggregate of 24 or higher and at least a pass in core English, core Mathematics, Integrated Science or in Social Studies with three more electives.

2. A holder of the West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination of the West African Examination Council with passes (that is a Grade C6 or higher) in both core English, core Mathematics and Social Studies or in Integrated Science. The holder must have attained an aggregate of 36 or higher.

3. A combination of both the above qualifications also gets you admission.

4. A candidate that has completed the Cambridge GCE ‘O’ level with 5 credits in English Language and Mathematics. The prospect must have attained at least 2 GCE ‘A’ level passes with one with a grade D or higher and a pass in the General Paper.

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5. The following are advised to apply as Mature Applicants;

  • Ghana GCE ‘O’ Level with 5 credits in Mathematics and also English Language
  • Teacher’s Post-Secondary School Certificate, specifically without a diploma.
  • Holders of certificates equivalent to high school qualification from both local and foreign institutions are eligible for application as well.

6. The following categories of applicants are eligible for admission into Level 200 or Level 300 (second and third years) after an interview to evaluate the applicants;

  • Holders of professional certificates such as HND with a first class or second-class honors, ICA, CIM or others.
  • RSA II and higher, holders of DBS (with distinction), the GIJ certificate, a Teacher’s diploma or any university degree in an unrelated field.

These applicants are required to bring their comprehensive transcripts for SSSCE or WASSCE or GCE to the interview to enable evaluation for placement.

7. Mature applicants of at least 25 years are exempt from the above qualifications but will need to demonstrate ability for academic work and a minimum of three years working experience. The applicants in this category sit for the University Entrance Exam that tests English (Essay, Comprehension and Grammar Usage), Mathematics and a General paper to evaluate critical thinking and current affairs knowledge. An interview will then be conducted to which a prospective candidate should bring a copy of their birth certificate and letters that will act as evidence of their first employment and their current occupations.

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8. All foreign students are required to demonstrate English fluency and satisfy an equivalent of any of the above qualifications to be eligible for admission.

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Islamic University College Ghana application procedure

Islamic University College Ghana courses and admission requirements

The application procedure is very short and simple. Here is a precise step by step guide on how to apply for the September 2018 intake.

Note that the application deadline is on the 31st of August 2018. The application forms for mature candidates are supposed to reach the university’s Academic Administration by 17th August 2018. The last day for Direct-Entry applicants is 24th August 2018.

1. Obtain the Application Form

These can be found at Regional Post Offices countrywide, the university Administration Block and are available for download from the university website here.

2. Pay the Application fee of GH¢100.00 for Ghanaian citizens and US$ 70.00 for foreigners. Payments for applicants that downloaded an application forms should e made at the Ghana Commercial Bank. Payment should be made to the following accounts;

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  • Account Number: 1261130002860

3. The completed application form must be submitted with the following attached to it;

4. All stated academic qualifications and result slips

5. The payment-slip for the application fee

6. Any other documents that have been requested for attachment in the application form.

7. The completed form should be signed by the student and delivered by post or in person to the Academic Administration Department of the Islamic University College before the dates stated above.

The Islamic University College Ghana address for posting is;

The Vice-President (Academic Affairs)

Islamic University College, Ghana (IUCG)

P.O. Box CT-3221, Accra. Ghana

Mature candidates are required to take a tutorial course that costs GH¢250 that ran from 16th to 27th July. You can see the tutorial centers available here.

Islamic University College Ghana fees structure can be found on their portal..

This is the only university in the list of Islamic universities in Ghana but it offers admission irrespective or religion or background. The Islamic University Ghana location is at E Legon - Trasacco Estate Rd, Ghana. It is worth noting that all prospective students should consult the university first before moving forward with the Islamic University College Ghana before applying.


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