Ghana passport online application process

Ghana passport online application process

A passport is now more important than ever before. Traveling is becoming cheaper day by day and with the advent of the Internet you can work anywhere in the world. You should take a passport in case these opportunities come knocking on your door! Here's our guide on Ghana passport application process.

How to easily apply for your Ghana Passport

The process of acquiring a passport in Ghana has never been easy. Due to the advancements in technology, there are many alternatives for Ghana passport services other from the manual process. All Ghanaians living in foreign countries can access their passports through their respective Ghanaians embassies.

Apart from the manual process, the Ghanaian Government has introduced several easier ways for your convenience. You can apply through the online Ghana application process and in a matter of weeks you would have received your passport. We have illustrated the several ways you can take up in your quest to find a Ghanaian passport. We have also broken down how much a Ghana passport is.

How to easily apply for your Ghana Passport

Ghana passport online process

First process in acquiring your Ghana passport forms is visiting the accredited bank near your location in order to access the application form. Then you can visit the official Government site

In case you are a new user to the process, click on the new user and complete the registration process. You should read the instructions carefully before filling them. Counter check afterwards to ensure the details listed are correct. If you are an existing user, you can also login to see the details of your passport registration process.

Immediately after filling the registration form and submitting it, you will be sent a confirmation code straight to your mobile phone number. After receiving the message, you will move to the next step of the registration process.

How to easily apply for your Ghana Passport

You will use the confirmation code sent to you after entering the confirmation code to ascertain you have filled the registration process. You will also receive an email for the final step of the verification. It is important to use a common email which you are accustomed to. In case you lack an email address, create one immediately.

On the email sent to you, will be a confirmation link, when you click on the link you will be sent back to the main page on the Online Passport Application. You will be required to enter the Voucher code and click on verify to continue with the process. You should possess scanned copies of your biometric birth certificate, affidavit, passport photos, police report and a gazette.

Ghana passport renewal

In case your passport has expired or exhausted pages, you will have to go through the process of renewal of the Ghana passport. You must complete the Ghana Application Form which is similar to the process you went through when applying. The process is null in Ghana passport visa free countries.

How to easily apply for your Ghana Passport

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The form must be inclusive of four passport photos that have been taken in not more than 3 months prior to the date of submission of the application. You will have to attach your old passport plus a regulatory processing fee. You will be notified once the process of verifying the application is through your email address.

Ghana biometric passport

An applicant must purchase the passport application form that is available countrywide through all the accredited bank outlets. You must check the list of the accredited institutions where you go to get the passport application forms.

You must fill the passport application form correctly. It is considered criminal to avail the wrong details in your passport and its punishable by law. Look through the application details to ensure they are right before submitting the forms.

Submit the passport application form alongside scanned copies of your identification card, birth certificate, affidavit, passport photos and police report to the Passport Application Centre located in Accra.

How to easily apply for your Ghana Passport

Once they are done with verifying the details on the application form, you will be notified through your email address to visit the Passport Application Centre for further instructions. Once there, you will take a digital photograph and a biometric data finger print.

When you are done, you will be handed a submission receipt. You will also receive the notification of the collection date of the passport. On the collection date, you will hand over the submission check to ascertain you underwent the process. Finally, you will undergo the last biometric check.

In case you are having troubles with the passport application process, you can visit the Passport Application Centre for further assistance. The submission of the application forms must be within the working days. All processing fees will be listed in the application forms with the proper means of payment.

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