How to talk to a girl you like

How to talk to a girl you like

The tricks on how to talk to a girl you like come in handy especially when you are serious about making a lasting impression. You need to have your act together to avoid embarrassing yourself and blowing any chance with a girl that could easily become part of your future. Regardless of how confident you are, the following tricks will be useful.

How to Talk to a Girl you Like

Know what to talk to a girl you like about

One of the secrets that has worked over the years is knowing your content. It is important that you strike a conversation that both of you can relate to. This helps minimize the chances of awkward silences happening. For instance you can ask her about a subject she loves and give her a chance to expound. Never approach a girl without a plan on what the two of you may discuss. In case you have no idea what she likes then you should start with something neutral.

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Compliments have always worked as girls love to be praised. Be careful though with the choice of words to avoid coming off as a flatterer. Show her that you genuinely appreciate how she looks. Statements that show appreciation for the color of her eyes or modest dressing will definitely get you on the right side with the girl you like. This is an easy way to earn yourself some bonus points. Sometimes how you talk to a girl makes all the difference. While you are not necessarily being asked to be a smooth talker, knowing how to address her in different situations can work to your advantage. Consider the following different scenarios.

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How to talk to a teenage girl you like

Knowing how to talk to a girl at any age is important. It is surprising how teenage boys become closed up all of a sudden when it comes to talking to a girl they like even if they are generally very chatty. This happens mostly because of the fear of rejection and the embarrassment of being turned down. However as a boys mature, it is important that they learn to expect disappointments. The following tips will come in handy when talking to teenage girls.

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  • Make eye contact for a few days before approaching her. This is works especially if you are in the same circles and have a chance to meet regularly. Do not just stare for long hours but steal glances as you smile slightly and look away.
  • Choose the appropriate time to talk to her. Never approach when she is busy with something else since she is most likely going to ignore you. When you finally approach her make the conversation extra casual for instance talk to her when you are both walking to class
  • Start by giving her a compliment and ensure that you do it right. How you deliver the comment matters a lot. Choose something general to avoid coming across as a stalker.This might ruin your chances no matter how good your intentions may be.
  • Have something to say to keep the conversation gong even if all you want to do is to keep staring at her.
  • Have questions that you can ask every time there seems to be a long pause coming. The last thing you want is to come off as boring and awkward.
  • Make her laugh if you can
  • Keep the conversation short and close it early to make her yearn to talk to you next time. This will also spare you the embarrassment of running out of things to talk about especially for the first time.

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How to talk to a stranger girl you like

Sometimes you like a girl you do not even know. This can be intimidating because you have no idea how she will react when you approach. However, there is no way of telling unless you do it. Here is how to make your move.

  • Approach her as you look at her face. Gazing at her body no matter how gorgeous will make you appear as a flirt and could be misinterpreted
  • Always try to say a simple hi or hello as you smile. If she smiles back then she has your attention and wants to talk to you
  • Do not be afraid. After all you have nothing to lose. Approach her with a simple greeting or even ask her what time it is. You can also say anything form your heart as long as it does not come out as rehearsed.
  • Stay relaxed and composed. No girl wants to talk to a nervous wreck unless she really knows and likes you
  • Maintain eye contact when talking to her. Your eyes will say a lot more than your words so let them work for you.
  • Talk from the situation and observations. You can mention about the weather. Always consider picking a topic that can be debated. If you outsmart her ensure you take care of her feelings and avoid hurting her.
  • Make sure all you say is out of honesty. Girls enjoy honest conversations. Every word you say make sure it comes out with a boost of positivity as this will show her that you are an optimistic individual.
  • Be a bit mysterious especially if you are shy. Girls like mystery
  • Try to make her laugh. Jokes always work especially if they are good and relevant
  • Change her narrative especially when she says something bad about herself. It could be a test
  • Compliment her but be careful with the words you choose.

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How to talk to a white girl you like

The color of the girl does not matter. All girls love to feel special and wanted. This is what you should focus on when approaching her. There are a few tricks that will work on any girl you like.

  • Choose the right time to talk to her. She needs to be free to be engaged otherwise you will receive a rude shock as she dismisses you out of weariness
  • Ask questions and let her answers shape the direction of the conversation. Always pick a lead that she leaves as this will make the conversation flow naturally.
  • Agree to be the emotional dumbing place occasionally especially if the girl is an adolescent since they can be a rollercoaster of emotions. Listening to her without being judgmental is all she needs
  • Talk about issues that will be a distraction form her problems. This will put you in a place of a problem solver and make you relevant to her hence creating the much needed interest.
  • Fish for the inner her in your talking. Girls have this ability to give you exactly what you want without necessarily divulging details about themselves. Make sure the conversation is deeper to the point that she trusts you enough to truly open up.

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How to talk to a girl you've never met

Talking to a girl you do not know can be tense yet it is important considering that you do not want to limit you social interactions to the girls you know only. The tension comes because of the fear of the unknown. While it may be a little nerve wrecking at first, once you get the hang of it you will wonder what was intimidating in the first place. All you need to do is to learn. Like all other situations, confidence is paramount. Also knowing when to approach can work in your favor. With these two main guiding principles here are useful tips to apply when approaching a girl you hardly know but like.

  • Be charming but never manipulate her weakness to your advantage
  • The walkup is the beginning of it all. Walk up to her as soon as you see her as this projects confidence
  • Open an interaction with the aim of making her laugh, smile and relax around you. Do not buy into the misplaced idea that you have to sell yourself to her with the best pickup line
  • Stay committed to the conversation. You can say anything to her once you have captured her attention. Just make it light and playful.
  • Let your conversation show you interest. You need to be tactful about this. Once you have had her laughing choose your words right. You can say something like, what’s your deal? You seem cool. Tell me 4 things about you I wouldn't guess? It is a time to create the serious bridge and show her you are interested in more than her looks
  • Create a connection. Once you show her your interest the next step would be to work on connecting. A smart man will focus on her first before bringing himself into the picture. For instance, ask her about what she likes about her work. This may be followed by the question of where she works. Then a compliment about the job being rewarding despite its challenges. Then it is at this stage that you introduce where you work as the man. This way the girl will be intrigued and probably want to know more about you.

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Meeting new women and girls is not easy. However, men can learn the series of simple processes and apply them along the way. Soon a man that was previously shy will turn out as a guru. The secret is to make it appear naturally.

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How to talk to a girl you like on Whatsapp

whatsapp mobile phone

Social media has connected so many couples today that it is impossible to dismiss it in the current dating space. Learning how to navigate conversations on such sites is therefore crucial. Here are tips that will win you a date from your whatsapp chat.

  • Keep it clean, flirty and fun at the beginning. No girl wants to be talked to dirty off the bat. It is a turn off
  • Timing is key. Chat her up at night when she has little going on hence will be less distracted to talk to you. Furthermore it will make her think of you last before she sleeps
  • Keep the messages short. This will push her to ask you a few things herself
  • Use her name to personalize the conversations. Girls notice the smallest things
  • Make your messages humorous
  • Clean and subtle flirting will let her know you are interested in her as more than a friend
  • Never appear desperate as this will put her off and spoil any chances you have of impressing the girl you like
  • Avoid being available every time. Make her miss you
  • Compliment her. This can change the entire outlook the girl has on you as it is in the female’s nature to want to feel good
  • Keep her on end. Keep her guessing and wanting more.

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How to talk to a girl you like through text

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Remember that there is no eye contact to communicate what your words cannot. This means that you have to be very good at it if you are to win her over. Consider the following tips when texting the girl you like. Doing it right is your goal.

  • Get her number first. It is best to ask about it directly and casually. Never ask for it online or through a friend as this will come off wrongly and she may not be expecting your text. Also do not make a big deal out of it.
  • Introduce yourself if she gave you her number. Remind her of the incidence of how you embarrassed yourself trying to get her number
  • Send texts gradually as you assess her response. Do not break her phone with a thousand messages.
  • Wait for the signs that you are doing it right. She will text back laughing. She will be quick to respond and she will also flirt back if she likes you. There are also signs that she does not have any interests. These include short word answers, never texting first and ignoring some texts. The signs will show you how to proceed.
  • When she likes you from the signs then you need to think of what you will text her. Start of with generic things like party invites
  • Humor never goes wrong
  • Read texts to respond in a manner that will show you read them
  • Don’t always flirt
  • Ask for a date and push the relationship to the next level

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Whether you are approaching a girl you know for the first time in person or via text or social media, knowing what to say it crucial. The right words can change the direction of the first meeting. Learn the secrets since no one was born knowing. Perfecting this skill will work to your advantage.


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