How to write a manifesto for a school prefect

How to write a manifesto for a school prefect

Some people are born leaders but the leadership skills have to be nurtured in school. This explains why today, schools take allocation of power to students seriously through holding elections. Just like politicians, if you want to become a student leader you must know how to write a manifesto for a school prefect.

How to write a manifesto for a school prefect
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Best way to write a manifesto as school prefect

The manner in which you write your manifesto determines whether or not fellow students will vote for you as a leader. Therefore, you must organize, your ideas, believes and plans in a comprehensive way that distinct you from other election candidates. By reading your manifesto, let the students and the whole school fraternity understand the strategies that you will use to cause positive transformations in the institution.

As you know, there are several areas in a learning institution that require overseeing by leaders. There is the compound, entertainment, health and sanitation. There must also be a senior prefect who oversees the work of the other prefects. Therefore, when writing your manifesto, consider the position you want and its requirement. For instance, if you want to become the chaplain prefect, your manifesto cannot be similar to that of a compound prefect.

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Before we examine the school manifesto for various departments, let us first discuss the general guidelines of writing a manifesto for school elections.

5 guidelines on how you write a manifesto for being a school prefect

The first step towards creating an excellent manifesto is to prepare the ideas that you want the public to see. You must know the area that you are interested in. Definitely, if you are vying for a compound prefect position, you have interest in that area. Then, do some research about the position you want. You do not want to appear clueless about the issues that need to be addressed in that area. Outline all the aspects concerning that position and determine what you will do to make it better. Then proceed to write the manifesto.

  • Introduce yourself and your objectives

Begin by informing people about your identity i.e. your name and your class. This should be followed by the objectives that you have as a leader. These goals should appear in a bulleted format and a very brief explanation for each of them. Your objectives should be feasible. Do not go making promises that can never be accomplished. For instance, if you are a health prefect, you cannot say that you will build a hospital. This is impossible and can make your manifesto less influential.

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  • Talk about your experiences

Let people know about the experiences you have had either at home, school, internship or life in general that make you suitable for that position. If you want the compound prefect position, talk about planting trees in the past or doing a cleanup. This information should be complimented by a list of skills that you gain. They could be problem-solving, critical thinking, commitment and decision-making capabilities among others.

  • Indicate the problem facing you are of interest and your action plan

Let other student’s know that you are familiar with the issues facing your area of interest. Then talk about the measures you plan to take to rectify the situation or make it better. For instance, if you want the sports prefect seat, you can talk about the few number of balls for playing football. Student’s want to know if you have their best interests at heart and that you can represent them adequately to the administration.

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write a manifesto for a school prefect
Source: UGC
  • Be brief

Nobody wants to read long manifestos. After all, there are very many people vying and each has a manifesto that must be read. Be very precise, organize you work using bullets and be straight to the point.

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  • Be grammatical

Avoid misspelling words, using words wrongly or using incorrect punctuations. Also, ensure to write comprehensive sentence structures. Remember, you want to be a leader. Grammatical errors can reduce the relevance of your manifesto.

Now that you have discovered the general guidelines of writing the manifesto, let’s outline additional requirements for specific positions.

  1. Manifesto for senior prefect: To be a senior prefect, you must show how knowledgeable you are about all areas in the school. Talk about your leadership skills that will enable you to ensure that all the other prefects work as a team. Also, let the students you how you plan to represent their concerns to the administration.
  2. Manifesto for health prefect: Are you conversant with the health services provision in the school? Are students attended to on time? What complaints about your school healthcare facility have you heard repeatedly? What do you think should be done to address healthcare concerns in the school? Outline your goals as student health representative. Tell them the steps you will take to ensure that their needs are met satisfactorily.
  3. Compound prefect manifesto: How is garbage disposal in your school? When and how is the compound cleaned? What are your standards of a clean compound? Outline such aspects and how you plan to make environment cleaner. Also be wise enough to talk about environmental sustainability now that it is a global issue. You can also talk about making proposals to the administration to allow tree planting activities in or outside the school.
  4. Manifesto for entertainment prefect: Here express your interest and knowledge on the importance of nurturing talents. Talk about how talents such as singing, poetry, sports and acting among others are helping people to earn incomes. How do you plan to make the entertainment in the school livelier? You can talk about enforcing singing or drama competitions between groups occasionally during school terms.
  5. Manifesto for sanitary prefect: You interest here is to ensure that students live in hygienic conditions. Explain about your goal of ensuring that they access clean water and clean ablution rooms. What is your action plan? You can make proposals about having hygiene talks to the students.
  6. Manifesto for chaplain prefect: To be fit for this position, you ought to know how to meet the spiritual and emotional requirements of other people. Students are likely to face stress due to poor performance, strict rules or familial issues. What will you do to encourage them and give them hope? Will you facilitate individual or group counseling sessions? Do you know school related issues that cause students emotional torture? All these issues must be addressed in the manifesto.

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How to write a manifesto for a school prefect
Source: UGC

Your manifesto speaks volumes about you. Make it brief, organized and straight to the point. Most importantly, be realistic with your plan. The idea is to express yourself, why you need to lead and the difference that you will make in a brief manner.

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