Who are the top 10 models in Ghana? Profiles, photos, works

Who are the top 10 models in Ghana? Profiles, photos, works

When someone creates a product that they wish to sell to the masses, they will look for someone to model it to get people interested. This is most commonly done in the fashion industry, and for a good reason. There are several types of modelling — fashion, fitness, bikini, promotional, and commercial models. Most models in Ghana are fashion models, although commercial ones are rising fast.

Top 10 models in Ghana
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Fashion models are those seen on the covers of reputable magazines like Vogue. Runway models, on the other hand, are found on the catwalk. Commercial models are those that do campaigns and commercials. This is the modelling type that is most common. These three types of modelling are the ones that are most confusing as the others are quite obvious from their names.

Top 10 models in Ghana

There are several models in Ghana that have taken the industry by storm. They include:

  1. Victoria Michaels
  2. Ottawa Kwami
  3. Laurie Frempong
  4. Maxwell Annor
  5. Julee Djoulde Bocom
  6. Sakora
  7. Gina Akala
  8. Kermit Oduro
  9. Roselyn Ashkar
  10. Fiifi Annan

Top models in Ghana

In Ghana, modelling has not always been the go-to career for many people due to the misconception that it is not a serious career. Pictures of models in Ghana show that this myth has been debunked, as they are now walking runways with other big names in the industry.

1. Victoria Michaels

  • Full name: Victoria Michaels
  • Date of birth: 4th November 1990
  • Age: 32 years (as of 2022)
  • Occupation: Ghanaian-Nigerian actress, model, fashion icon, philanthropist, brand ambassador

Victoria Michaels is a Ghanaian-Nigerian model, fashion icon, actress, and philanthropist. Victoria got her first modelling job at age 19 but could not pursue it since she was still in school. However, she actively started modelling after completing her university education and getting her Bachelor of Science degree.

She has made quite the power moves in her career. Apart from working with modelling agencies in Ghana, she has been featured in Vogue Italia, Canoe Magazine, Roots Paris, OkayAfrica Magazine, and many other big magazines in the industry. She is also the first Ghanaian and the only black woman to walk for Luisa Beccaria.

2. Ottawa Kwami

Ottawa Kwami
Ottawa Kwami posing for the camera. Photo: @ottawakwami
Source: Instagram
  • Full name: Gabriel Kwami Agbolo Efoe
  • Date of birth: 25th March 2000
  • Age: 22 years (as of 2022)
  • Occupation: Ghanaian fashion model

Gabriel Agbolo Kwami Efoe, popularly known as Ottawa Kwami, was born in 2000. Kwami started his career in Ghana, where Yafan models in Africa represented him. He became one of the top male models in Ghana and was even the first Ghanaian to walk for the Luxury French brand.

His story is proof of the insane amount of talent that exists in Ghana, just waiting to be tapped into. His face is familiar in the country, with many referring to him as Ghana's top male model. One can only wonder about the places he will reach with all his hard work.

3. Laurie Frempong

  • Full name: Laurie Frempong
  • Date of birth: 10th February
  • Occupation: Ghanaian model, blogger, nurse

Another one of the top female models in Ghana is Laurie Frempong. Laurie is one of a kind as she manages her career as a model and a Ghanaian fashion blogger. She gets her jobs, negotiates her payments, and is her own PR. This is not easy as she has to multitask all of those things. She, however, loves the challenge and loves being her own boss.

The individual has incorporated her natural hair into her signature, which has given her a uniqueness that most people want in the industry. She loves her job and believes that one can achieve anything one wants with hard work.

4. Maxwell Annor

  • Full name: Maxwell Annor
  • Place of birth: Accra, Ghana
  • Occupation: Model

When any Ghanaian is asked about the top models in their country, one of the names that they will effortlessly mention is Maxwell Annor. Maxwell is a talented individual with the looks and charisma required to make it in this industry. Annor has been in the industry for quite some time and, in that time, has been the first Ghanaian on several runways.

He has had gigs with several iconic names like Burberry and even Bottega Veneta. He has also been featured in Replica magazine and has worked for Givenchy.

5. Julee Djoulde Bocom

Julee Bocom
Julee Djoulde Bocom leaning on a wall. Photo: @misjulee
Source: Instagram
  • Full name: Julee Djoulde Bocom
  • Date of birth: 3rd May
  • Occupation: Ghanaian professional model

Julee is another well-known face in the industry. Her Instagram is expertly curated, making her one of the most famous Ghana Instagram models.

6. Sakora

Richard Sakora
Richard Sakora Awuni posing for the camera on the road. Photo: @iam_sakora
Source: Instagram
  • Full name: Richard Sakora Awuni
  • Age: 25 years old (as of 2022)
  • Occupation: Ghanaian model

Sakora, born Richard Sakora Awuni is another individual that most people may not know is Ghanaian since he is based in Mexico. He, however, is Ghanaian and has put Ghana on the global fashion scene. He has been featured in a lot of commercials over the years for big companies like Nike, Calvin Klein, and many others.

7. Gina Akala

  • Full name: Georgina Akalanyabah
  • Nickname: Gina Akala
  • Origin: Accra, Ghana
  • Occupation: Fashion designer and a model

Gina is a beast when it comes to her work, and every fashion enthusiast in Ghana knows about her. She is both a fashion designer and a model, two skills going hand in hand and complement each other extremely well. She has worked runways in both Ghana and other countries abroad and has been in very many commercials and music videos.

8. Kermit Oduro

Kermit Oduro
Kermit Oduro posing for the camera. Photo: @kermit.oduro
Source: Instagram
  • Full name: Kermit Oduro
  • Origin: Accra, Ghana
  • Occupation: Underwear, swimsuit, commercial and fashion model

Kermit is another Ghanaian model who has worked with Yafan Models, although another company currently represents him. He is one of the more recognizable faces among fashion models in Ghana, with many fans swooning over his amazing jawline.

9. Roselyn Ashkar

Roselyn Ashkar
Roselyn Ashkar posing for the camera. Photo: @roselyn_ashkar
Source: Instagram
  • Full name: Roselyn Ashkar
  • Date of birth: 1992
  • Age: 30 years old (as of 2022)
  • Occupation: Ghanaian model, TV and radio personality

Roselyn is one of the female Ghanaian models that was born and raised in Accra. She got into the modelling industry in 2009 and has grown tremendously since then.

She has been featured in many magazine editorials, and her style never ceases to amaze. She was also part of the reality TV show Africa's Next Top Model in which she was one of the finalists.

10. Fiifi Annan

Fiifi Annan
Model Fiifi Annan Sarpong posing for the camera. Photo: @fiifiannan
Source: Instagram
  • Full name: Fiifi Annan Sarpong
  • Origin: Accra, Ghana
  • Occupation: Ghanaian-born, South African model

Fiifi is a Ghanaian model based in South Africa. His charming good looks have held everyone's attention since he got into the modelling industry. He is also very talented and has a bright future ahead of him.

Quick facts

  1. How much do Ghanaian models make? At the start of their careers, they earn between GH₵432 and GH₵1,061 per net month.
  2. Who is the prettiest model ever? According to a study made by Julian Silva, Bella Hadid is ranked the prettiest person ever.
  3. Who are the top international models? Some leading global people include Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Barbara Palvin.
  4. What country has the most models in Africa? Somalia produces the most models coming from a single country in Africa.
  5. How do I find a modelling agent? A shared connection is a great way to find and sign with a modelling agent.
  6. What size do models have to be? Typically, a model's height should be between 5'9″ and 6', the bust should be between 32″ and 36″, the waist should be between 22″ and 26″, and hips should be between 33″and 35″
  7. What kind of hair do modelling agencies look for? Agencies look for individuals with all hair types, including blonde, brown, straight, curly, and Afro.

These top 10 models in Ghana are the creme de la creme of the modelling in the industry. The names were not listed in any particular order, as they all are good at what they do. They are an inspiration to anyone who wants to get into the industry.

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