List of Strong decoder channels

List of Strong decoder channels

Strong is a leading multinational company that offers Television receivers, cables, antennas, amplifiers and other television transmission appliances. The company was established in 1996 being part of Strong & CO ltd. which is based in Japan. This decoder can be used in many countries including Ghana and it has many different channels that make its customers love it more.

List of strong decoder channels

In this article we are going to focus on Strong decoder channels and how you can scan for the best channels from anywhere in Ghana. Below are some of the channels on Strong decoder.

Channels on Strong decoder in Ghana

Probably one of the questions you are asking yourself is, how many channels does Strong decoder have?

Well, Strong decoder has over 85 channels that are receivable in Africa, and all are free to view, free to view means you don’t have to pay to view the channels. For some transmission companies like MYTV, DSTV and FTA you have to pay subscription fees to keep viewing your favorite channels. But with Strong decoder free to air channels you only have to pay once and that’s it, no subscription fees after you’ve bought the decoder.

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Here is a list of Strong decoder channels in Ghana

  • Gabriele TV Africa
  • AMI TV 12522
  • ABDN
  • ABN
  • Believe TV
  • BETV
  • KICC TV 12562
  • PBN
  • RAK TV
  • HC International
  • ACBN 12682
  • ACNN 12682
  • Chosen TV
  • CVV
  • ITVN
  • OMEGA 12682
  • Yadah TV

You can check out on the Strong website to view the full list of Strong decoder free channels. Now that you have your Strong decoder let’s take a look how you can scan for channels from the decoder.

How to scan Strong decoder channels

List of strong decoder channels

Before doing the scan, you should ensure that your dish is in the right position to ensure successful synchronization with all the channels available. Watch this video to guide you for the set up for your dish. You can still use the video for satellite decoders. Then follow the below steps to scan your decoder for the channels

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  • Step 1- Press Menu on your remote.
  • Step 2- Then go to dish installation. You’ll be asked for a pin. Enter the default pin which is 0000 unless you had modified your decoders pin.
  • Step 3- Go to dish settings. From the settings select the dish you are using.
  • Step 4- Set the parameters as they are required just below for your decoder. You’ll know that you have inserted the correct values after the lights on the settings interface turn green. After the green lights have shown, exit and save the changes.
  • Step 5- The next thing is to scan the channels. There are three options for scanning. You can auto scan blind scan or manual scan. Manual scan is much preferred because you might end up with too many channels that are not well available in your area with the other scan options.
  • Step 6- Select manual scan. Then enter the parameters as required then turn network search on. By now it will be scanning the TV and radio channels available and after the process is complete select exit.
  • Step 7- From the Strong decoder channel settings click on the channels as they are displayed on the screen and select the channel of your choice.

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How to unlock channels on Strong decoder

One thing you might notice is that some of the channels there have a dollar sign. This simply means that they are locked. So you’ll need to learn how to unlock channels on Strong decoder.

To unlock the channels you’ll need to have a smart card for pairing. So how do you pair your smart card with your Strong decoder? Quite simple, using your remote control go to the menu. Choose the system settings and then security settings. Remember the default password which is 0000. Your Strong decoder channel codes channels will appear at the bottom of the screen. The remaining part is just to pair the smart card with your decoder. For example if you are having a MYTV smart card you’ll just click the MYTVPAIR option which will automatically pair with your card. Pairing with MYTV will allow you to watch Strong decoder channels from MYTV.

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However you need to note even without having to pair the decoder with the smart card there are plenty of free channels on Strong decoder that you can watch. For sports lovers here are some of the Strong decoder sport channels you can watch:

  • GTV – airs English Premier league , mostly on Saturdays
  • Mbc3- Wednesday for FA cup and Saturday for EPL
  • ORIOMA TV- for the champions league English premier league and Europa league.
  • RDV- here you’ll get almost all live games
  • TV5 Monde- mostly on Saturday for French leagues.

You can also visit this website and Browse for other Strong HD decoder channels.

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Where to get Strong decoders in Ghana

You can get Strong decoders in Ghana by visiting Strong Digital Technologies Ltd for latest Strong decoder channels


  • Physical address: Accra, House 1, 3rd Circular Road.
  • Tel: 233 302 771 382/233 302 786-502.

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Get your Strong decoder today to enjoy Strong decoder channels absolutely for free.

Be entertained, in your office or at home without paying a single coin to watch TV. You just need to purchase the Strong decoder and you will enjoy the Strong decoder channels for free without any interruption. Don't be left behind, many people are enjoying it and so can you.


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