Aviation Schools in Ghana: A comprehensive list

Aviation Schools in Ghana: A comprehensive list

Ghana is a country that values education. This is evident from the report published by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) which placed Ghana’s literacy levels at 79.3%. Male literacy was at a high percentage of 84.7% while the females stood at 71.4%.

List of Aviation Schools in Ghana

This is a clear indicator of the amount of work put into building literacy levels and the equivalent success that followed.

Aviation is one of the many fields the people of Ghana value. In a country with very many youths who are talented, you cannot fail to find someone with an interest in the aviation industry. Some of the factors that motivate people to the aviation industry are;

  • It’s a source of income – people in the aviation industry enjoy a very handsome paycheck for their services. It is a very lucrative field to most people.
  • Some are passionate – it is very common to find people looking to venture into fields they have a passion for. If such people are given a chance, they go ahead to provide quality services as they love what they do.
  • Some are motivated by the benefits that can be accrued from the field – benefits here do not refer to monetary compensation. It is that thing apart from money that you get from practicing a certain profession. For example, some just want to travel the world and some just want to serve their country.
List of Aviation Schools in Ghana

For Aviation Schools in Ghana to operate smoothly, they must be accredited by the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority.

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Aviation schools in Ghana.

Some of the aviation schools in Ghana are;

  • Ghana Civil Aviation Training Academy
  • Mish Aviation School
  • APTECH Aviation and Hospitality Ghana
  • The Institute of Aviation and Professional Studies in Accra
List of Aviation Schools in Ghana

How to Choose an Aviation School

Looking through the options of aviation schools and trying to find one that is suitable for you is not as easy as it may seem. A lot of effort should be put into looking at the different options available and finding one that best suits you. For you to decide on a good aviation school, you should look at different factors.

Firstly, it is imperative that you choose an aviation school based on your needs. Look for aviation schools that offer what you would want to do. Look for schools that offer a wide array of courses related to the one you want to do. Let the aviation schools’ selection of courses answer the question, why should I choose this college and not the others?

Then, look for an aviation school that covers for your future. Apart from looking at the one that covers your needs in relation to the courses; look for one that offers services that help you advance as a professional. For example, some aviation schools have international links, this would be well suited for someone whose long-term plan is to work in a different world or fly planes that are not available in your country. This would be helpful especially when you are looking at networking as one of the ways to advance in your career.

List of Aviation Schools in Ghana

Once you are satisfied that the aviation college you have chosen suits you, go ahead and register. Then start your journey in the aviation industry as a professional.

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