Discovering the objectives and core values of the Ghana Health Service

Discovering the objectives and core values of the Ghana Health Service

Ensuring that all residents and citizens of a country access quality healthcare is a challenge. Many countries have established special agencies to help with the implementation of relevant policies and laws to ensure this. In Ghana, the Ghana Health Service (GHS) ensures health policies are implemented. Discover the mandate and core values of the Ghana Health Service today.

core values of the Ghana Health Service
Core values of the Ghana Health Service. Photo: @Ghana Health Service
Source: UGC

A healthy nation is a thriving nation. For a country to thrive, it must have appropriate health policies and systems. The GHS is in charge of passing and implementing policies that promote good health among citizens and residents. The functions and core values of the Ghana Health Service promote favourable policies.

The core values of the Ghana Health Service

Offering comprehensive and integrated health services that embrace primary care and public health functions as central pieces is challenging for most developing countries. Ghana set up the GHS to deal with all the emerging and current affairs in Ghana's health service.

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What is the Ghana Health Service?

The GHS is a public service body created under Act 525 of 1996 of Ghana's 1992 constitution, commonly called the Ghana Health Service Act. The Parliament passed the Ghana Health Service and Teaching Hospitals Act 1996, Act 525, to facilitate the establishment of the GHS.

The service implements national policies under the control of the Minister for Health through its governing council. The GHS was created as part of the Health Sector Reform process in the 1990s.

Its creation was aimed at promoting a more equitable, efficient, and accessible healthcare system. The GHS is mandated to ensure the provision of comprehensive and accessible health services at all levels according to the approved policies.

Vision of the GHS

The vision of the service is to ensure all communities in Ghana have access to timely, quality, and comprehensive healthcare services. Its motto is Your health, Our concern.

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Functions of the ghana health service
Functions of the Ghana Health Service. Photo:, @Ivan Samkov
Source: UGC


The GHS has three key objectives.

  • To implement approved national policies for health delivery in Ghana.
  • To increase access to high-quality health services for all citizens and residents of Ghana.
  • To efficiently manage the resources available for the provision of health services.

Core values

The Ghana Health Service code of ethics and core values are listed below.

  • Discipline
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • People-centred
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork

Functions of the Ghana Health Service

The GHS has over ten functions, as listed below.

  • It ensures Ghanaians access health services at the community, sub-district, district, and regional levels. It does this by providing health services or contracting out service provision to other recognised health care experts.
  • With the approval of the Minister of Health, it approves charges for health services rendered by the service.
  • It sets technical guidelines to achieve policy standards set by the Ministry of Health.
  • It plans, organises, and administers comprehensive health services with special emphasis on primary healthcare.
  • It manages the assets and properties of the service and ensures they are used effectively.
  • It promotes health, healthy living, and good health habits among Ghanaian citizens and residents.
  • It develops mechanisms for equitable distribution of health facilities in urban and rural areas.
  • It enters into contracts with teaching hospitals for the treatment of referred patients.
  • It promotes the efficiency and advancement of health workers through in-service and continuing education.
  • It establishes effective mechanisms for disease surveillance, prevention, and control.
  • It manages and administers health institutions within the service.
  • It performs any other functions relevant to the promotion, protection, and restoration of health.

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vision of the GHS
Vision of the GHS. Photo:, @Laura James
Source: UGC

Ghana Health Service contact details

If you wish to contact the GHS headquarters for further information, use the contact details below.

  • Physical address: Dodoo Lane, Osu, Accra; Behind Accra High Court Complex or Opposite Tema Station, Osu, Accra
  • Postal address: Ghana Health Service, PMB, Ministries, Accra
  • Email address:
  • Telephone numbers: + 233 302 682709/ + 233 302 687821
  • Facebook: @Ghana Health Service
  • Twitter: @_GHSofficial

Is there a Ghana Health Service portal?

No, the GHS has a website, not a portal. People looking for jobs in the Ministry of Health should use the Ministry of Health Recruitment Portal.

Is Ghana's healthcare system good?

Healthcare is variable throughout the country. Generally, urban centres are better-served than rural areas.

The core values of the Ghana Health Service include discipline, excellence, integrity, teamwork, and professionalism. The GHS ensures health policies are implemented in the country.

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