GES posting shortlist 2020: explaining in details

GES posting shortlist 2020: explaining in details

The law states that every child has a right to education. Education helps a child to grow mentally, and also physically. A learned child can differentiate between what is right and wrong. Education is not only a necessity but also mandatory. The Ghanaian government set up the education service to ensure that every child acquires basic education and also he/she proceeds to secondary education. The service posts teachers that register to the respective schools. This eases the traffic of teachers without jobs. In this article, we have compiled the GES posting shortlisting of teachers.

GES posting shortlist 2018: Everything you should know

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The service is committed to ensuring excellence in the education sector and to ensure every child in school gets to be taught. Through the service, the teachers are evenly distributed. The Ghana education service creates a platform where the teachers can be promoted for their good work and it facilitates their salaries from the government.

GES posting shortlist 2020

For you to be registered to the Ghana education service, you have to fulfill the requirements. You have to have completed your tertiary education and you have to apply for different postings. You also have to be a Ghanaian citizen by law. One of the requirements is a valid national id and also a valid birth certificate. The Ghana education service also trains the teachers adequately and gets them ready for their careers. The GES posting shortlist has been of major concern to most teachers in Ghana.

GES posting shortlist 2018: Everything you should know

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For you to get in the GES posting shortlisted applicants list, you have to first register with the Ghana education service. Registering is a very easy process. All you need to do is apply as long as you have studied education in a university or college. Application is done both manually and also online. The manual forms are filled accordingly then they are taken back to any GES branch in Ghana. After applying the form for the postings, the teachers are well trained by the service. From the training, they learn communication skills, handling the students and also teaching ethics and many more.

After the training a teacher is well equipped to handle different students at the same time and it is here that the posting of newly trained teachers takes place.. A teacher is a leader, and Ghana education service nurtures their career and makes them professionals. The Ghana education service requires every individual that applies with the service to always stay alert and keep checking for postings. The service posts the names of the shortlisted candidates. If an individual is not shortlisted, they can always wait for the next time to apply again.

Benefits of being in the Ghana Education Service postings

Many benefits come with the service because teachers registered with the service are paid more than those who teach in private schools. Other benefits include free training, and the service is a platform that speaks for all the teachers in the country. It ensures that the teachers are well protected and also they are well paid. The service also offers ges promotion of the teachers

GES posting shortlist 2018: Everything you should know


When an individual is shortlisted and appears in the postings, then they have qualified to become certified teachers for public schools.

How to check GES posting 2020

If you have registered with ges, it means that you should expect to be in the postings list. The reason why some people fail to make it to the list is because in some occasions, the student has certain missing marks or he/she has not completed the classes fully. The education service takes that very seriously and you cannot be shortlisted if you do not have sufficient knowledge. A teacher is supposed to have knowledge to give to the students if not the students will fail. First before you register ensure that your transcript is complete. Another reason why people do not get shortlisted is when they have not followed the instructions.

When filling the GES posting forms it is very important to fill the mandatory fields. This information is very vital in getting you shortlisted. Also, if you get confused, you can ask for guidance. The Ghana education service website also has instructions on how to fill the forms. Currently biometric cards have been introduced. This has improved the process because with it, the teachers who have it are automatically entered into the system.

GES posting shortlist 2018: Everything you should know


After filling the forms well and submitting then the service takes some time but eventually it replies. It provides a list of all the shortlisted individuals and their allocated schools. Once you realise you have appeared in the GES posting list, you should take your biometric card and birth certificate with you to any of the various Ghana education service branches. Then you shall be informed on the training dates and also when to report. It is very important to keep checking the website for any updates once you apply. The website is

Limited recruitment into GES

The Ghana education service released some results of the GES limited recruitment postings exercise that took place last year. This took place in October last year and the service advertised for the vacant positions. This was done after a clearance letter was issued.

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GES postings update

To check GES postings 2018, all a person needs to do is buy an appointment voucher at GHS 10. The voucher is bought at or you can check postings at the GES website. The voucher can be bought with an MTN mobile money account. The voucher is used for the registration purposes. After filling the forms required, add your name and the telephone number. Then submit your form and after that a comprehensive list of all the qualified GES shortlisted applicants will appear. Ensure that all your three names are accurate. This is because the GES recruitment list might have individuals with similar names. Make sure that the name is adjacent to the telephone number that you submitted. The ministry of education in conjunction with the Ghana education service congratulates all those who made it. For those who did not, there is always a next time.

The Ghana education service is fair and conducts the choosing very well. All people who have any doubts should trust the system because they work to ensure that all teachers get shortlisted. Unfortunately not everyone makes it to the postings because of some few errors that come up during registration. The service offers teaching vacancy in GES Ghana.

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Currently, there have been some complaints about the service, because some people have not appeared in the postings. Not appearing does not mean that your career cannot go on. It only means that there is an opportunity to make it to the list next time. Also some people claim that the service is biased. Last year, money was disbursed to reinforce the teaching fraternity in Ghana. The money was meant to improve the teaching status and also to improve the teachers’ condition. This means that the teachers pay is expected to be better, since the word came from the president himself.

GES posting shortlist 2018: Everything you should know


The teachers in Ghana therefore have an obligation to register with the Ghana education service. More news on the postings is posted on the website. Another important thing about being a valid teacher is a sense of job security. This is because once you get posted; the government will let you work until you retire. This applies for all teachers that are registered unless if you would want an early retirement. As long as you adhere to the school rules, you are good to go. The service also provides.

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