Who is Kojo Antwi? His story and best songs

Who is Kojo Antwi? His story and best songs

Kojo Antwi is a well-known Ghanaian musician, who keeps making Ghana proud with his marvelous and amazing songs. He was born in Accra, Ghana. Kojo Antwi is one of the growing Ghanaian musicians revolving around reggae. He has always treated music as his first wife.

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Kojo Antwi profile

  • Born: Accra-Ghana
  • Origin: Ghana
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Occupation: Musician
  • Famous for: For his legendary music.
  • Facebook: Kojo Antwi facebook profile
  • Twitter: Kojo Antwi twitter profile
  • Telephone: +233208206616 / +233244538920 / 0302 777 518
  • E-mail: musicman@kojoantwi.com
  • Address: Freedom Family Entertainement LTD (GHANA), 29 Aviation Road, Airport Residential
  • Website: kojoantwi.net

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Kojo Antwi biography

Kojo Antwi, popularly known as “Mr. Music Man” is a Ghanaian music artist of Afro-pop, reggae, and highlife. He is one of the finest musicians in Africa. The birth name of Kojo Antwi is Julius Kojo Antwi. He was born into a family of thirteen siblings and was brought up in the Darkuman suburb of Accra. Kojo Antwi age has still been kept hidden from the public. Under his credit, he has twenty-two albums. One of his victorious singles in Africa and Ghana is “Tom & Jerry”.

"I live music. I love music. It is like the air that I breathe. I am highly appreciative of different aspects of music from different cultures. In my culture music plays a very prominent role. We welcome the new-born child with singing, we steep the child in their parents’ religion with music, we celebrate birthday anniversaries with music, we welcome long lost family and friends with music, in places with power failures cheerful people sit together under the moonlight, make music and dance like there is no tomorrow. Music fills the heart of the faithful and the faithless with so much joy. And when the time comes for us to depart to join our ancestors, family, friends, and well-wishers send us off with music. It is an honor to be called "Mr. Music Man""

This statement was said by Kojo Antwi and he considers these words as a philosophy of his life. Kojo Antwi said these terms in a manner by which you can almost touch and see the music in him.

Kojo Antwi career

kojo antwi biography

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Kojo Antwi, commonly known as “Mr. Musician Man” started his career in music immediately after leaving school by joining the band called “Boomtalents”. Afterwards, he became a Classique Vibes’s front-man, which is popularly called Classique Handles. Ultimately, Kojo went solo. His first album named “All I Need is You”was released in the year 1986 and this album became Ghanaian chart-buster. He sings in the dominant language of Ghana. With a successful career in the music industry, he established himself as a consummate vocalist who is an enigmatic performer, a producer, a prolific songwriter, and arranger. These qualities are what makes him perhaps the best Musso of Ghana alive. If you have any question in your mind about is Kojo Antwi dead or not, then I hope your doubt is clear now. To make the best music, he takes only a few days maybe, but when the songs are released they last for generations. You would love his old songs just like you love any today’s contemporary music. He is also the chairman of GHAMRO (Ghana Music Rights Organization).

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Kojo Antwi family


Highlife legend of Ghana, Kojo Antwi has revealed that he has 2 wives in his life. He said that music is his first wife. The name of Kojo Antwi wife is Rocklyn Antwi. Kojo Antwi said that

“Nothing stops me from responding to the call from music whenever she needs me”.

Mr. Musician Man considered music as his first wife. He said that whenever music (his first wife) calls, he abandons other things or any work and heads directly towards the call.


Kojo Antwi has not revealed alot about his children. He has kept his family life private and away from the limelight. Here is a photo of his children.

kojo antwi wife

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Kojo Antwi albums

Kojo Antwi music is considered as one of the legendary music in Ghana.

Here is the list of Kojo Antwi albums.

1. Album- Groovy (1994)

  • Kojo Antwi - Me Ni Wu Ara
  • Kojo Antwi - Say a little prayer for the world
  • Kojo Antwi - Makuma Doctor
  • Kojo Antwi - Ponko Abo Dam; this song is one of the best songs of Kojo Antwi.
  • Kojo Antwi - Best Shot
  • Kojo Antwi – Adinkra
  • Kojo Antwi – Groovy
  • Kojo Antwi - I’m Coming Home
  • Kojo Antwi - Odofopa Hu Yena
  • Kojo Antwi – Sunkwa

2. Album- Love Classics (2013)

  • Kojo Antwi - Odo Maayea
  • Kojo Antwi - Me Nko Meda
  • Kojo Antwi - Me Nya Ntaban
  • Kojo Antwi - Hini Me
  • Kojo Antwi – Afofanto
  • Kojo Antwi – Akonoba
  • Kojo Antwi - Medofo Pa
  • Kojo Antwi - Makoma Doctor
  • Kojo Antwi - Bomi Nkomo De
  • Kojo Antwi - Baa Sumo Mi
  • Kojo Antwi - Ma Ndaada Me
  • Kojo Antwi – Rochlyn

3. Album- Mwaah! (2009)

  • Kojo Antwi - Eye Candy (Mpompo)
  • Kojo Antwi - Happy Anniversary
  • Kojo Antwi – Adiepena
  • Kojo Antwi - Mesan Aba
  • Kojo Antwi – Dofa
  • Kojo Antwi - Sho ‘Naa
  • Kojo Antwi - Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! (Akwaaba)
  • Kojo Antwi – Anansewaa
  • Kojo Antwi - Ice Cold
  • Kojo Antwi – Hammer
  • Kojo Antwi - Me Mmo
  • Kojo Antwi - So Wonderful
  • Kojo Antwi - We De Kan Ko a

4. Album- Mr. Music Man (1995)

  • Kojo Antwi Odo Maayea
  • Kojo Antwi - Odasani (Eni Yen Enne)
  • Kojo Antwi - Mr. Music Man
  • Kojo Antwi - Nice and Show
  • Kojo Antwi – Atentrohuo
  • Kojo Antwi – Rocklyn
  • Kojo Antwi - Me-Enaada Me
  • Kojo Antwi - Time Can’t Heal My Pain

5. Album- Densu (2002)

  • Kojo Antwi – Densu
  • Kojo Antwi - Odo Ano Wappi
  • Kojo Antwi – Ammrika
  • Kojo Antwi - Bi Adamfo
  • Kojo Antwi - How Long
  • Kojo Antwi - Mfa Me Nkoho
  • Kojo Antwi - Spread His love
  • Kojo Antwi Odo Nsa Ano Wappi
  • Kojo Antwi - Oni Nyankonton
  • Kojo Antwi – Kakayi

6. Album- Afrafra (1998)

  • Kojo Antwi – Ababio
  • Kojo Antwi Odo Ye de Sin Sika
  • Kojo Antwi - Dadie Anoma
  • Kojo Antwi - Pour Some Sugar
  • Kojo Antwi - Emeri Bi Bebe
  • Kojo Antwi - Bome Nkomo De
  • Kojo Antwi - Besa Adowa
  • Kojo Antwi - Hini Me
  • Kojo Antwi - Abofra Bo Ngwa
  • Kojo Antwi - Fa No Saa
  • Kojo Antwi - Odo Ye De
  • Kojo Antwi - Asem Bisa
  • Kojo Antwi - Me Ne Woa
  • Kojo Antwi - Dadie Anoma

7. Album- Don’t Stop the Music (2000)

  • Kojo Antwi - Good Morning
  • Kojo Antwi - Momma Yendodo Yeho
  • Kojo Antwi - My Shinning Star
  • Kojo Antwi - Babylon the Great Shall Fall
  • Kojo Antwi – Asaboni
  • Kojo Antwi - Bomi Nkomo De
  • Kojo Antwi - Momma Yendodo Yeho
  • Kojo Antwi - Rise And Shine

8. Album- Anokye (1989)

  • Kojo Antwi - Dadie Anoma: This is among the nice Kojo Antwi old songs.
  • Kojo Antwi - Ye Gumu Nsa: This is one of the good songs from the album “Anokya”.
  • Kojo Antwi – Abofra Bo Nwa
  • Kojo Antwi - Baa Sumo mi
  • Kojo Antwi – Sunkwa

Your search for 'kojo antwi all songs' ends right here. If you are aware about the album names listed above, then having a glance at the song names mentioned will serve the purpose.

Kojo Antwi latest songs

If you are searching for Kojo Antwi songs, here is a list for you, just scroll down -

1. Kojo Antwi – Ateteakoma (2018)

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One of the new releases of Kojo Antwi is Ateteakoma. He has again taken up a challenge by trying something innovative and pleasing his audience. Ateteakoma is a piece of music you would love to hear over and over again. Kojo Antwi or Mr Music man delivers this brand new piece of music which basically portrays the meaning of heart breaker. It is one of those music pieces which all of us can relate to and get into the flow of it.

2. Kojo Antwi – Supremo (2017)

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This can be defined as a classic masterpiece by the Maestro Kojo Antwi “Supremo” has set forth a mark in the music industry with its groovy music. Kojo Antwi was playing as a silent one for some time, and then bounced back with this classic highlife masterpiece. This significant piece of music is a combination of legendary style music along with a pinch of modern flavor of music.

3. Kojo Antwi - Meribebeba (2017)

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This is one of his latest songs, released under the album name "Jockey Club, Music for Dreams". The song will definitely make you stand up on your feet and dance to its beats. Electronic version of music is highly in trend, and preferred by all youngsters. Kojo Antwi has attempted to mix the electronic genre and this shall certainly make you rejuvenated. Such Kojo Antwi videos well portray his passion for music.

4. Kojo Antwi – Nyoo (2016)

The official video of this song is unavailable. However, this song has established its own trade mark as the debut single of Kojo Antwi. This exclusive masterpiece was released in the year 2016 and produced by Kaywa. It is still represented as one of those kinds which embraces a sweet melody to capture attention of audience and retain its existence within their minds and hearts.

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Kojo Antwi awards

Kojo Antwi has won numerous International awards in the field of music and Ghana music awards. The awards won by Kojo Antwi include Our Music Award, Best Male Artist from West Africa, Kora Award, West Africa Tourism award, All Africa Music Awards 2009 and many more.

Kojo Antwi best photos

Check out the best and latest pictures of Kojo Antwi.

kojo antwi music

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Kojo Antwi latest news

Here are few latest news in regard to Kojo Antwi. The legendary artiste Kojo Antwi delivered a passionate performance during the final rites of Ebony reigns. The ceremony was organized at the State House in Accra. Mr. Music Man tried to entertain all fans and well-wishers who were lost mourning for the good soul. He performed 'Afe de3 may3 Osaman' during funeral ceremony.

Kojo Antwi, the legendary Ghanaian musician was featured in Anas Aremeyaw Anas's latest undercover. The background music of this investigative piece features "Me To Nko" by Kojo Antwi. This was a breakthrough in the music career of Kojo Antwi, where he was found executing a role in the corruption expose.

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