Who is Gifty Anti husband? Biography and pictures

Who is Gifty Anti husband? Biography and pictures

Gifty Anti is greatly loved by many Ghanaians who listen to her . She has thousands of Ghanian female fans who use her as a reference and for good reason. She is largely known as a feminist . Her beginnings were very humble and now she has made it a proof that every woman can achieve their their dreams .Read on and get to know more about Gifty Anti's husband and family .

Who is Gifty Anti?

Ghanian journalist Gifty Anti is a well loved and respected woman in Ghana’s broadcasting scene. She is a role model and a highly regarded feminist in Ghana.

Speaking to local media, Gifty Anti revealed that her older brother had a huge role to play in encouraging her towards journalism. She said that in spite of her not being able to join the loved Nkrumah university of technology, she was encouraged greatly by her brother to join GIJ, Ghana Institute of Technology.

Before her rise to success, Gifty knows of humble beginnings. She says that before landing her first job, she worked as a hawker selling a variety of different items. She also speaks of having word as a carpenter. Yes, the whole hammering, sawing as well as sanding wood are part of Gifty’s humble beginning. Landing her first job in Ghana television did not just happen to Gifty. She got her first job as a floor level manager for Ghana TV. In Gifty Anti biography we see her life from a very different light where she tells her story from a young age as a girl living with her father and onwards to her success and her broadcasting on Ghana TV’s the standpoint.

Now the reigning host of the Standpoint on Ghana Television, Gifty Anti is a well respected broadcaster on the Ghana scene. Her well loved show the standpoint is seen dealing with issues of a wide range regarding women. She has spoken of discrimination, marriage, raising children, adoption and step parenting among several other issues. She is seen as a pillar of hope for women in Ghana and she is celebrated as an iron woman.

It is said that there was some controversy among a small group of Ghana’s men. They were seen to deny their wives the right to watch the standpoint as well as prevented their wives from taking Gifty Anti's advice. They sited this on the claims that first she did not have any biological children of her own and that she liked to dwell on the sensitive gender issues. They very well got feedback from antis ever adoring and very feminist fans. This just goes to show that even great women like Gifty Anti in their lives get criticized.

None of this altered her place nor her relevance in the industry. Instead she continues to use her voice and her wisdom to deal with real issues affecting real women and real homes across Ghana. One of her more notable achievements is her work with girl in need foundation. This profound foundation is set on helping street girls by rehabilitating them as well as giving them a head start in life by providing basic needs and an education. Her efforts in liberating not just the girl child but the entire womanhood is one of the main reasons she was able to be awarded as one of Ghana’s most influential women. This goes without saying that she is very deserving of the title and she continues to challenge women across Ghana and empower even more across Africa.

Gifty Anti wedding

The long awaited Gifty Anti wedding was met with a lot of joy and celebration from her fans across Ghana. Gifty was always the one giving wonderful advice to her fellow women but it always felt not complete for she herself could not visit some topics from experience. It was therefore inevitable for Gifty Anti's fans to be very happy for her to finally find love.

Her wedding ceremony was one to be reckoned with. Gifty Anti wedding pictures are a show of love, customs, class and sophistication. Her wedding ceremony was beautiful and the occasion was graced by some of Ghana’s biggest names. Needless to say, an entire episode of the standpoint was dedicated to showing her gorgeous wedding ceremony.

Graced in traditional kente clothing, Gifty Anti and Nana Ansah Kwao Gifty’s husband are seen happily following the tradition of their traditional wedding. For her first dress, Gifty is seen in a well tailored number that embraced sophistication and the air of royalty surrounding the wedding. The Iron Lady of Ghana go is seen having a wonderful time and even blushing at the elders comments. She is a delight to watch and everything about her energy showed a bride in love and a groom that was happy to have found her.

The wedding ceremony was graced by beautiful drum music that had people on their feet and dancing and the guests ware looking fabulous too in their kente traditional wear. The decor was a combination of beautifully laid tables, huge cascading crystal center pieces and colorful yet subtle flower arrangements as well as hanging crystals. It was impossible for any guest not to look around and have their breath taken away for a moment.

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The bride and groom’s sitting area was dazzling in gold and it was only God for royals. Gifty Anti husband Nana Ansah Kwao IV is after all a chief. With an air of royalty and love Gifty and Nana said their vows. Nana got so emotional during the exchange she is seen shedding a few tears and we love that she has found love too.

Of course her wedding came attracting a few critics. She was the advocate for and against marriage and the excitement surrounding it. She is also seen on several occasions saying there’s no big deal surrounding the concept of marriage and it should be taken with less seriousness. This led to her being vulnerable in the eyes of her critics. They shed light on her then age of fourth five siting her excitement and extensive media coverage of her wedding and the even surrounding it.

Some of her critics go to claim that for Gifty Anti to be so openly excited about her new found love and her wedding, it is clear that she is contradicting herself from previous claims in her show the standpoint. Apparently you can never do anything right by your critiques. All these claims went unnoticed to Gifty and she enjoyed her ceremony and love with Nana.

Speaking on a Ghanian radio station, Gifty Anti husband Nana Ansah Kwao spoke fondly of her. He claims that his marriage to Gifty Anti is a blessing and she has added value to his life as a man and as a professional. He also spoke of her as a wonderful woman and also a respectable woman and wife.

Gifty Anti husband

Nana Ansah Kwao of Joy FM and Gifty Anti got married in the eastern region of Ghana at Aburi. Gifty Anti who looked gorgeous getting married to the chief seemed overjoyed of the fact that she was finally getting married. Happening in 2015 and with Gifty at the age of forty five, many people speculated about her marriage and even more said it was impossible for Gifty to bear any children.

It came as a pleasant surprise for most of Ghana when their star of the standpoint announced a little while later that she and Nana Ansah Kwao were expecting their first child. Gifty Anti baby was highly anticipated by her many fans across Ghana and naturally Gifty Anti pregnancy became the talk of the town.

On a radio interview, Nana Ansah Kwao spoke of his wife lovingly citing that she had been a blessing to his life and that Gifty Anti baby had been a blessing to her life. He said that there was something special that had occurred on the coming of their baby that he could not put his finger on. Gifty later called the radio station and spoke to her husband telling him that she too loves and appreciates who he is in her life and the blessings he too has brought upon her life.

Gifty Anti husband age is forty six years old not too big a difference from her own age. Gifty’s husband is the chief and even during their wedding, it was clear that it was not just a wedding but also the coronation of the First Lady of Adumasa. His marriage to Gifty Anti as he stated was a great thing for Adumasa which latched on to her glory as a household name in Ghana.

When Gifty Anti daughter was conceived, it came with mixed reactions considering Gifty’s fame. Many saw it as a miracle and a big surprise and were overjoyed for Gifty. Her story not only inspired Ghanian women over forty and still hoping to have children of their own. Gifty says that it was all Gods plan as she always loved kids and had many non biological ones before she got her little girl. Gifty Anti and daughter graced Ghana TV as the Mother’s Day guests and we can all attest that she is glad to be a mother. Gifty Anti son and daughter of Ghana TV who view their boss as a mother figure sent special lovely messages to her and we can understand why because Gifty is truly a hero and an African woman to be reckoned with.

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