African print styles: discover 2020 trends (photos)

African print styles: discover 2020 trends (photos)

African material is quickly taking over the fashion industry. This is due to the immense love of culture that Africans have. In Ghana however, the love for African print styles is even greater. With materials such as kaba, kente, Ankara, smock and many more, people have gained more interest in owning African print clothing.

Trendy African print styles 2019

We will look at different latest African prints styles in Ghana that are gorgeous and stylish at the same time. Different people have different preferences and that’s why we will look at a variety of styles. This gives an individual an idea about the kind of dresses they want to buy.

African print styles for guys

Men have been left out a bit in fashion because means clothing is more expensive. However, the African print can also be made for men. First a man needs to know their body shapes. This helps in understanding what works best for you. For example, if a man is well built, wearing baggy shirts makes him look weird and unattractive.

Trending African wear designs for mens shirts

Also men need to know that horizontal lines make someone look bigger so the slim men can wear shirts with horizontal lines. Also, vertical lines make an individual look taller. The short men need to wear clothes with such lines to enhance their looks. Now let’s get to the African print;

1. African print shirt styles

African print is made of a very strong material. This means that means of all sizes can have a shirt done for them using the material. Some shirts that are booming in the fashion industry are those with the African print on the collar, cuffs and the button lines. The rest of the shirt is made of plain fabric. Many men have appeared in several evens with such shirts and they simply look elegant. The beauty of these shirts is pairing your African print shirt with a trouser of the same colour as the plain colour in the shirt or looking for a trouser that has a dull colour. For men who have bigger upper bodies, go for dull colours on the top and brighter colours on the waist downwards. This is because, bright colours increase the attention. If you have a bigger lower body then do the vice versa. A general message to all men, make sure that your belt matches your shoes. This is a very good fashion tip that works very well for all outfits.

Look smashing in the latest fashion dresses
Trendy African print styles 2019

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2. African print coats

Currently, the African print is not confined. There are coats that have emerged in the fashion industry that are made of African print. The good thing about the coats is the versatility. They can be worn for social events and also official. It just depends on the colours and design. Some coats are completely made of African print and some just have a hint of African print on the collars. This is very fashionable and all men are welcome to try them. A small tip for all men, if you must wear a tie just makes sure that the colour you chose does not overcrowd your looks. For example a white shirt would go well with a black tie, on any other tie with a bold colour. This goes to coats too. If you must wear a coat of a different colour with your trouser then make sure that the colours do not clash.

Top trending African print styles for office
Trendy African print styles 2019

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3. African print trousers

African print trousers are out and men out there are wearing them and they feel very confident in them. The trousers should not be baggy or too tight. Just have your tailor measure you very well before you have it made. The African print trousers come in a wide variety of colours. The many colours can work well with a plain shirt or an African print shirt that is not entirely African print. A man needs to look serious and self confident and these trousers help with that. People will always judge you by the way look so be careful what you wear.

Trendy African print styles for ladies

Women are known to be fashion cautious and African women love their African print. We have compiled a list of the latest African print styles that every woman should have i their wardrobe.

4. Peplum dresses

Currently there is an obsession with peplum. Since before, the Ankara has been widely used in many parts of Ghana. The peplum has solved many problems for women, especially mothers. The peplum is a flared part at the waist area and it is part of a dress or even a top. There are several benefits of peplum. The first is that it makes the waist appear smaller and hence brings out the figure of a lady. The design also helps to hide any excess belly fat that is common in most women. Beautiful designs have been formed from the dresses. The long dresses have a peplum design along the waist area and also from the knees onward. Such dresses are very popular in Ghana. It’s one of the African print kaba styles.

Matching African print styles for couples to try in 2019

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Trendy African print styles 2019

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5. Flared dresses

These kinds of dresses are trending vigorously. A dress is made such that it has prints from the waist area and it is flared up to the knee length. The advantages of these dresses is that they suit all body types and they can be paired with any type of shoe may it be open or closed or even ankle boots. These dresses can be worn to all occasions including weddings, night outs, and official meetings. For the official meetings, just make sure that the African print dress is made of dull colours.

Trendy African print styles 2019

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6. High low dresses

Just as they are named, they are indeed high on the front part and a bit low on the back area. These dresses are basically made with print. The reason why most ladies love them is because they bring out a sense of fashion and also class. These kinds of African print dress styles can be paired with any type e of shoes whether open or closed. The benefits of these kinds of dresses are they can be worn by anyone regardless of their body shape. Get your high-low dress today and you will not be disappointed.

Nice African print styles in Ghana
Trendy African print styles 2019

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7. Long sleeved dresses

Did you know that you can make yourself a long sleeved dress whether long or short and look amazing? Yes you can. Go to your tailor or designer and have your African print done including long sleeves. Long sleeved dresses are very stylish especially for the ladies who do not want to expose their hands. The sleeves can also be short and a pattern can be made at the cuff area to make your outfit more elegant. This is a very nice African print straight dress styles.

Trendy African print styles 2019

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8. Short sleeved dresses

Short sleeved dresses can be made from different styles of African print dresses. For example you can have your dress in the following patterns;

  • Off shoulder dress

This kind of dress has the short sleeves at the mid upper arm. This kind of design is also applicable for African print tops. This design is very stylish and pairing it with a nice set of earring and necklace can do the magic. Move with class and get yourself an African print off-shoulder dress.

Latest African dresses for ladies 2020
Trendy African print styles 2019

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  • One sleeved dress

Currently, dresses don’t have to have both sleeves. A sleeveless dress is simply amazing and also very attractive. Spice up your look by having one today. It is never too late to update your closet.

  • sleeveless dress

You surely don’t have to have all sleeves on your dress. Such dresses are very common in wedding gowns but fashion is continually growing. A dress that is sleeveless is very gorgeous especially for ladies who are blessed on their upper bodies. It brings out a nice cleavage that can be paired with a nice necklace for an amazing look. A dress of this kind can be long, short, or even flared. Ladies need to note that if you expose a lot of skin on the upper body, just tone it down on the lower parts. For example a sleeveless dress can be long or flared or even straight and of decent height. Exposing too much is also not good because it looks skimpy. Fashion is all about expression and people will always treat you by the way you are dressed. This is one of the African print styles 20.

Top African print styles ladies need in 2020
Trendy African print styles 2019

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African print skirt styles.

A skirt is a must have for any lady. Ad a skirt is always incomplete without a top. African print skirt styles are of a wide variety. Skirts can be straight, flared, balloon, long or short depending on the taste of a lady. Skirts can be won to any occasion so observing the blend of colours is very important. For a casual occasion, put on a flared skirt but for an official occasion make it straight. A straight skirt always does well with a nice African print shirt or even a top. African print skirt styles are continually increasing with growing fashion.

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9. African Print maxi skirt

This can be worn on any occasion. Mostly women prefer to wear it with a pair of flat shoes. You can accessorize with a pair of long round earrings and a clutch bag

Latest African styles for ladies 2020
Trendy African print styles 2019

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10. African Print short skirt

This can be worn on a social event as sometimes the skirt might be too short. You can wear to a friends party or even when going out on a date.This can be worn with a pair of high heals and accessorize with earrings

Trendy African print styles 2019

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11. Jumpsuits

Ladies are basically not limited to what they can wear. Jumpsuits are also very fashionable. An African print Jumpsuit does the magic. A jumpsuit is a complete outfit made from a top and a trouser all sewn together. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This depends on the body type of an individual. Currently jumpsuits can be made with a peplum waist line. The designs are of a wide variety. When getting yourself a jumpsuit just make sure that it fits you well and that you feel comfortable in it. Jumpsuits can be worn to weddings and social events. Currently the jumpsuits are made of shorts on the lower parts instead of trousers. African print has done the magic.

Latest Ghana fashion styles 2020: How to look like a diva in 2020
Trendy African print styles 2019

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When wearing any outfit, consider the weather, the occasion and also the dress code. For example, a cold day will need extra clothing as compared to a normal sunny day. An official meeting will require bold colours. Always dress for the occasion and make sure you stand out with any of the African print styles for ladies.

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