DSTV Ghana packages and prices (2020)

DSTV Ghana packages and prices (2020)

DStv Ghana packages can be accessed with ease today thanks to the competition brought about by digital migration. Technological advancement and globalization all across Africa and the world at large has made it easier to access any information and every happening in the world. It is possible today to sit back and watch English Premier League in your sitting room from all boarders of Ghana and the length of Africa. You can also watch fantastic movies and programs from your house or office. The world has become a better place to live in.

Dstv Ghana packages and prices 2018


DStv in Ghana has multiple packages loaded with interesting channels which air the diverse political, social and economic information of the world in every second. This helps Ghanaians to keep in touch with the world all through. This article will navigate around all the DStv Ghana packages and prices for 2020. It could be what you need to decide if you are going to join the band wagon and subscribe to DStv.

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DStv Ghana packages and channels

DStv has various packages with unique channels that offer different information in Ghana and beyond. The prices of the packages are not fixed and often determined by the multichoice Ghana. Understanding the DStv Ghana subscription packages is crucial. Here are some of the common packages in Ghana:

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1. Premium package

DStv premium is considered to be the best DStv package in Ghana. It offers variety of entertainment from all corners of the world. It offers about 100 television channels with great programs, news, entertainment and advertisements which make the world more lively and interesting. Its menu also consists of more than 30 audio channels with variety of interesting stories, entertainment and lots of breaking news all across the borders of sub-Saharan Africa, West Africa, and the varsity land of black man. It also covers channels airing sports news from all prominent leagues of the world such as the English premier league. In general, the premium package has about 187 channels. They including the following:

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Dstv Ghana packages and prices 2018


A. Culture and lifestyle channels

This category has six channels. They include: BBC life style, food network, spice TV, Fashion one, discovery TLC E and discovery IDX.

B. Audio channels

DSTV premium offers around 48 different audio channels which air both local and international news, music, advertisements among other diverse information. Some of these channels include the following: DMX today’s hits, DMX familiar favorites, DMX Y2K Hits, DMX soft hits, DMX love songs among others.

C. News and commerce channels

This category consists of around 13 channels. These channels mainly offer diverse news on politics, social and economic arenas of the world. They are exclusively popular among great numbers of people in Ghana and beyond. Some of these channels include the following: BBC World news, CNN international, Al Jazeera, Sky news, CNC among others.

D. Premium sports channels

This category consists of channels which offer exclusively live sport from different prominent leagues in the world. Some of these channels include the following: superspot2 , super spot 3 , super sport 6, super sport 7, supersport8, super Sport 9, super Sport 10 among others.

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Dstv Ghana packages and prices 2018


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E. Music premium channels

There are about 7 channels on DStv premium which offer both local and international music. They include: MTV base, Hip TV ,Trace Niaja, Trace Muziki, Sound City, Afro Music English and Planet Radio TV.

F. Local channels

DStv is available in 12 different local channels of Ghana. Most of these channels air local news, entertainment and other top stories. Some of these prominent channels in Ghana include, Joy new, Joy price ,K24 , NTA1 among others.

2. DStv compact plus

This is featured as one common DSTV packages in Ghana. Compact plus is ranked among the best packages because of how exciting it is. It offers more than 150 channels which mostly air local entertainment, movies alongside top stories. There are also multiple games especially football from different top leagues of the world. Channels from this package are also divided into several categories some of which resemble those of premium package. Most of these channels address local and international entertainment, news and top stories.

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Dstv Ghana packages and prices 2018


3. DStv family

DStv family package in Ghana has close to 140 channels. These channels offer variety of entertainment, news, trending stories and so on which are home based. They have interestingly friendly programs and a lot of top stories with children channels. It addresses many diverse issues from different regions of the globe.

Dstv Ghana packages and prices 2018


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I. Lifestyle and culture

This category has 4 channels. They mainly offer fantastic time stories, entertainment and news in Ghana and Africa at large. Some of the channels offered in this category include the following: BBC lifestyle, Fashion one, food network and spice TV.

II. DSTV family sport channels

Family package also contain 6 remarkable sport channels with air most of the prominent leagues in Africa and the world. Some of these channels include: sport Blitz, super Sport 4, super sport 7, super sport 9 and super sport 10.

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4. DStv access

Package of entertainment. This is what most people from Ghana would call it. It’s a small package which has amazing music, stories, and documentaries. It acts as the introductory package item in DStv family package. It offers 127 channels from categories ranging from social lifestyle, sports, music to local content from Ghana.

5. DStv compact

This package offers a wide variety of information and is very friendly to the users. If you want to find a place where you can get your kid entertained, lots of jokes, sports live, and those political topics, compact package is the best for you. It has around 166 channels.

DSTV Ghana packages and prices

Dstv Ghana packages and prices 2018


DStv packages in Ghana have not always been considered affordable for most considering that most of the DStv Ghana bouquet prices have been on an all time high. However, this saddening scenario was reversed on August 2017 when the prices of all the five major packages were reduced. A reduction of DStv Ghana packages prices must have been prompted by the reported tough economic times in Ghana. The company adjusted the prices of DStv packages to make them more affordable to most Ghanaian citizens and adding more value on it.” We recognize that our customers are living in tough economic times and want to reward them for their ongoing loyalty and support by providing them with the best local and international entertainment at lower rates”. Though there have been rumors around that prices of DStv packages will shoot in 2018, they are still operating on last year’s prices. Multichoice Ghana DStv packages prices are as follow.

Latest MTN promotions in Ghana

Package Price

Premium GHS 330

Compact plus GHS 195

Compact GHS 125

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Access GHS 35

Family GHS 65

These prices have highly been reduced compared to what they were in 2015 and 2016. This has encouraged more customers to purchase the packages. DStv Ghana packages 2018 are expected to fetch more customers across the country's borders if the prevailing prices remain constant.

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DStv Subscription packages in Ghana

Multichoice Ghana encourage its customers to subscribe to its packages on a monthly basis . This will enable them to constantly enjoy its services from any package that one has paid for. The most expensive package is premium DStv package which is currently sold at GHS 330. The Access package is the cheapest in Ghana and is available to customers at GHS 25. It is very simple to subscribe to any of these packages, all you need to do is to pay your fees on the DStv account and access your channel in whatever package you choose. Payment can be done through, ATM, credit card, at a DStv kiosk, internet payments, multichoice agencies or branches, supermarkets or self-service at DStv.com. DStv Ghana subscription packages offer the most interesting channels which make the world look more live and close to our life than how it is in reality.

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DSTV Ghana family bouquet channels

When you are looking for a DStv bouquet which you can sit and watch with your wife, kids, mum and many more members of the family, DStv family is the best for you. It has amazing channels which are cheap and are subscribed on monthly basis. Some of these channels include the following:

  1. It has 10 local channels as follows-metro TV, GTV, silver bird, NTA1,Joy prime, Mi TV, K24 and TV3.
  2. 4 Lifestyle and culture channels. They include: BBC lifestyle, food network, Fashion one and spice TV.
  3. 5 music channels as follows: trace naija, Hip TV, sound city and planet radio TV
  4. 1 interactive channel, the people whether.
  5. 10 news and commerce channels. Offers exclusively news and business related issues. They include: CNBC Africa, BBC world news, Al-Jazeera, Etv Africa, CGTN, SABC news, Bloomberg television, CNC world and Euro news Germany.
  6. 25 entertainment channels. They offer both local and international entertainment to the people of Ghana. Some of these channels are as follows: Zee world, Eva, African magic, African magic epic movies , maisha magic bongo, vox Africa ,Televista , Tybe, Iroko plus, Africa magic east, African magic Igbo e.t.c These and many other channels found in DStv family bouquet make it an interesting package.
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