10 most controversial Bibi Bright photos

10 most controversial Bibi Bright photos

The entertainment and movie industry is full of crazy things especially when you scrutinize the lives of individual actors and actresses. Movie stars constantly post controversial photos. It is not surprising to find pics of half-naked celebrities online. Bibi Bright photos have been frequently described as being provocative to her fans which makes her a perfect example of the celebrities that go to extreme lengths just to stand out. As a national figure, the movie star and mother, Bibi Bright is expected to be self respecting which apparently is not the case. Bibi claims that she is comfortable in her wear and that is what matters.

bibi bright pictures
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Born in 1986 in Cape Coast, Ghana, Bibi Bright is a talented actress who was featured in many movies in Ghana. This article will describe some of her controversial photos that have appeared online. Dressing up for red carpets and special events has always been a priority for many celebrities. While some celebrities look extraordinarily good in decent dressing, some like going the extra mile with controversial dressing just to make it to the front pages of our dailies. One particular Ghanaian celebrity who seems to have mastered this well is our own Bibi Bright. Think we are kidding? You haven’t seen anything yet until you have come across the following 10 most controversial Bibi Bright pictures and photos.These pictures of Bibi Bright tell it all.

Best photos of Bibi

1. During the golden awards shows Ghana

During the 2016 golden awards event, Bibi amazed her fans. If you wonder who is Bibi Bright, then this introduction will give you an idea. Her long transparent wear raised a lot of questions following how revealing it was. It was among one of the most talked about dresses in the 2016 movie awards in Ghana, and not necessarily in a good light. Bibi Bright had probably copied this from Beyoncé who had worn a similar dress to a 2007 occasion. The photo has been on the social media and is still doing rounds to date.

2. Meet Bibi Bright the Vampire

Bibi Bright, in one of her acting shows, posted a photo resembling a vampire. An initial photo had her with a sharp knight after which she posted this controversial picture on Instagram. It is not clear if the reason behind that was to take away someone else's life since there was a man inside the room, but thankfully, it was all an act.

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3. Celebrating her 30th birth day

Bibi Bright went all out when celebrating her 30th birthday party. It is obvious that she is one of the most courageous actresses to pull this look. Her close to nude photo is evident. As she turns 30, her daughter was hitting 9. Bibi Bright gave birth to here first child when she was 21. Either way, she is definitely one of the stars in Ghana that oozes confidence to say the least.

4. If you got it, flaunt it

The known actress continues to command great attention in the media due to her mode of dressing. She recently released another photo from a photo shoot exposing almost half of her body. The provoking clothes left most of her fans dumbfounded. The media criticized her for that kind of dressing but she was quick to counter saying that she was comfortable with it since she was not the first person to put on such types of clothes. She pointed out other celebrities from other parts of the world that did the same.

5. Appointed to be creative

bibi bright photos 
bibi bright pictures
who is bibi bright


Bibi does not disappoint. Her dressing seems to scream made for the creatives. She keeps going and doing that which may not be easy on most people especially as far as dressing is concerned.This controversial dress may be a traditional one but its length makes it inappropriate and one would think that famous actress like herself would know better.

6. Bibi has a man but just who is he?

Bibi Bright has been spotted with a man close to her for quite a long time now yet she says that she is unmarried. According to a post on Instagram, Bibi has had a lover since 2001. It’s not clear if the man in question is her new boyfriend or Imera's father, her daughter. Her fans and followers on Instagram are blank on this matter since they do not know if Bibi Bright is married or not.

7. Birthday craze

pictures of bibi bright
actress bibi bright
bibi bright and nana akua addo
bibi bright ghana


This is another of Bibi's birthday photos showing just how crazy she is and how far she can go sometimes.This is definitely a photo that would easily raise eyebrows.Well, she seems to be comfortable in it. This was one of the photos she shared on her 30th birthday. Way to go in celebrating her big 30 in style.

8. Bibi welcomes Imera

Bibi Bright welcomed her second born in March 2018. What’s not clear on this is the father of the kid. Bibi had earlier confessed that she had proposed marriage to him in 2016 but the man declined. According to Bibi, the father of the kid is her former friend who ended up dating her for quite some time before she became pregnant. It is not clear though if the Imera's father will stay with the Bibi or not.

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9. Actress Bibi Bright never disappoints

Meet Bibi Bright Ghana movie star. Known for great taste and class that translates to a posh lifestyle, the actress's net worth has not been mentioned publicly. Most people in Ghana do not know her net worth. It is however said that she owns a precious car and a house. Even so, most details on Bibi Bright are not available but will be updated once the information comes around. However, how she dresses could be an indicator of just how much she earns considering that she has her clothes specially made and that would cost a good amount of money.

Bibi Bright and Nana Akua Addo

Bibi Bright and Nana Akua have been in the headlines due to their conflict in public. The fellow actress and producer Nana Akua remained silent after Bibi Bright actress insulted her in public. Bibi claimed that Nana has been badmouthing her and her other colleagues. She called her a husband snatcher and an actress who is always jealous when her friends prosper. These statements really shocked her followers. Bibi Bright had removed all photos and posts of Nana Akua from her Instagram page.

10. Bibi in birthday suit

actress bibi bright
bibi bright and nana akua addo
bibi bright ghana
bibi bright actress


Bibi Bright posted one of the most provoking photos that was almost unbelievable. Bibi Bright comfortably posted a photo in her birthday suit. Most fans in Ghana and other neighboring countries who were in touch with Ghanaian movies complained about this. Married men could not afford to view this a second time. This bathing suit is an example of just how far she can go.

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