Farewell message to colleagues

Farewell message to colleagues

Throughout our lives, we meet some amazing people who give us a feeling of comfort even at extreme work situations that could take a toll on us. Now, that the special person is finally leaving the office, it is high time for you to give him all the support that he needs and what can be better than these amazing farewell messages?

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We have brought for you some of the best farewell messages which you may send to your colleagues who are leaving the office. You can accompany these messages with the quotes as well.

Work colleague farewell messages

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Separation is tough and it gets hard for us humans to move on from our closest people. This work farewell message is perfect for your colleague who is leaving in a few days. It is a myth that you cannot be friends with your co-workers. Go ahead; make them feel special. After all, not everyone is lucky enough to have a friendly coworker.

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This message is for you if you had a good time with your colleague. Some of them become so close to us that they define friendship in a totally different way. Work sometimes becomes hectic and when you get some help from your co-worker sitting next to you it is amazing. I know a lot of you people can relate to it. Life sure is unfair, but there is not much we can do about situations like this. Add a quote from below and make your good bye messages even more powerful.

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What would work be if there are no amazing colleagues? It would be very boring and not interesting at all. We become friends with some of our colleagues. For some, it may be just friendship for work-related purpose, but there are some who take a place in our hearts that saying goodbye just breaks us apart. Send this goodbye message to that colleague who is now a buddy of yours. Wish them all the success in their lives.

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It seems so difficult for us to adjust when we first join a new job. There are a lot of thoughts and feelings that just keep revolving all the time, but we manage to adjust. Slowly what happens is we become inseparable from a few of the amazing colleagues and it just hurts a lot when they leave. If you can relate to this and you are looking for a farewell note to send to that colleague of yours who is leaving then you have just got to send him this message accompanied with a quote from below.

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It is definitely a very good thing to make friends at work because it keeps our spirits elevated even with busy schedules and work headaches. Some of them get so close to us that they take up a special place in our heart. What hurts the most is when it is time to say farewell to them. Send this message to your coworker to make him realize that this friendship was true. After all, everyone deserves farewell wishes.

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Office parties have their own spark too. They allow us to get along with that coworker whom we never knew existed. Slowly through conversations and hangouts, a connection is built and it gets so much harder when they decide to shift to a different work environment. Send this best goodbye message to that colleague of yours who has been an amazing friend too. Let them know that goodbyes are temporary.

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How boring would work be without him or her? We keep thinking about this whenever we have a good time with that coworker who has managed to take up a special place in our hearts. Time freezes when they are about to leave. There is nothing we can do to make them stay, but at least we can let them know how amazing they were. This message is perfect for you if you can relate. Add a quote to this going away message and it will be just perfect.

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Work is never interesting. However, what makes work fun is the amazing colleagues who continuously crack hilarious jokes and make us laugh. Now that it is time for that person to go away there is not much we can do about it. Everyone has dreams to become successful and earn good money. Send this message to that special co-worker who has managed to get into your Whatsapp from work mail. Wish him the best for the future; arrange some going away gifts for coworkers if possible

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Remember why you started having fun at work? When all you did was get mad at your boss for giving you that extra load all the time. Then your colleague one day forwarded you that message that was so funny that you just could not stop laughing. Now that he is leaving you to want to make him smile, but not with a funny text, rather a goodbye message to work colleague that will make him remember you wherever he goes.

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Coworkers have an amazing way of taking a special place in our hearts. They are like the friend who just comes into our lives and make us love our work life a little bit more. However, it is very heartbreaking when they leave. Especially if they sat beside you making memes and cracking jokes all the time, which is just something that we will always remember. If you had someone like that who is now about to leave, you should send this farewell message to staff right away. Inspire them to do better.

Farewell quotes for colleagues

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This quote by Theodore Rosevelt is very inspiring. If you are trying to figure out a quote to send to your colleague who is just about to leave, this is probably the best one. Think no more. Add such amazing goodbye quotes to your message. After all, it feels good when someone we care about decides to choose a better life.

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Here we have another farewell quote that you can send your colleague who has decided to shift to a different workplace. Friendship needs to be cherished even if there is a distance now. Help motivate your colleague for his new job and make his life more amazing. We guarantee you that he will thank you for this.

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It is hard to say goodbye. Especially to someone who has been guiding you throughout your work life and now they are leaving. Go ahead and send this quote to that special senior coworker who has helped you out through thick and thin by being more than just a coworker to you because it is high time to say goodbye quotes. Inspire him to succeed throughout his career.

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Remember when you were all messed up with the projects assigned to you and your coworker helped you through every single time, even though he had to leave early. Such people are amazing and shine throughout their career. Now that he or she is leaving, you should tell him how he inspired you to be a better and helpful employee. You can also view such lines as retirement quotes for coworkers and you can send them to your seniors who are done with their tenure.

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Such short farewell quotes are perfect for the coworker who became a very good friend of yours. If he was not happy with the present job and he has now given up looking for a better opportunity, this quote will make him realize that it does not matter if one is not having a mainstream job. Motivate him to do what he loves to do in such a manner that he even gets a much better pay scale.

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Some more farewell messages

  1. I have always believed in you. I know that you will be among the most successful people one day. Never stop the hustle. Farewell, my dear friend.
  2. What can I say? You have been so much helpful. I still remember the day when nothing felt right and you came and spoke to me. Since that day you have been among the most supportive colleagues I have ever worked with. You always supported me through thick and think. Thank you for everything.
  3. You know I would happily travel with you to your new job, but they will not hire me because I can never be as good as you are. You have been so amazing, helping us and guiding us all the time. Such kinds of coworkers do not exist anymore. Farewell and Thank you.
  4. All the best for your new job. I have prayed to the Lord to bless you throughout your future endeavors. I hope I will see you soon. Take care and farewell.
  5. I am lucky to have been sitting beside your desk. You were always entertaining. Take care.
  6. You will always be my friend, even though you are no longer my coworker. Farewell, my dear friend.
  7. We shared jokes, happiness and lots of food but I am afraid I will not be able to have my share of fun anymore. This is a journey you must take alone. All the best for the future, my friend.
  8. We wish you all the best and may you get all the success you deserve. You have been amazing. Take care and be in touch. We are sorry for you that you will not have entertaining colleagues like us over there. Take care, buddy.
  9. You have not only been a colleague, but also a brother, a mentor and a friend. I will always treasure our memories and tell everyone how awesome you were all the time. Everyone here will miss you. We wish you all the success.
  10. I have never met a coworker as funny as you. You have entertained us throughout the year. Even in the most serious situations, you could make us laugh. That’s something we will always treasure forever. Farewell, my friend.

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  1. Why did you leave this company? You think it is that easy to escape from your colleagues? We will wait to see how much fun you have at your new workplace.
  2. Be very careful in your new workplace. Just do not end up doing something stupid that you end up with us again. I will not be there to save you anymore. Farewell, my dear friend.
  3. Have you raised the bar to high my friend? How will I look for someone as amazing as you? I will miss you here.
  4. Hey! I heard that you are leaving already. So, I packed my bags and I have done my tickets as well. I am coming with you. Just kidding. Missing you already.
  5. Finally that you are leaving, we all can relax and chill and work less hard. Thank you for this opportunity. Stay blessed and farewell my friend. My goodbye wishes to you.

There you go, a complete article of the best farewell messages or farewell sayings you can find. Some of the messages and quotes mentioned here are so powerful that they might just bring tears to the eyes of your colleague or coworker who is leaving. Remind them that they were awesome and wish them the best for their bright career.

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