Happy birthday to my love - the birthday wishes and quotes

Happy birthday to my love - the birthday wishes and quotes

'Happy birthday to my love' messages are meant to be unique if they are to communicate the message that you intend. Remembering to wish the person you love a happy birthday is one of the easiest ways to show that you truly care about them and appreciate that they are alive. There is no better and easy way to show that you are walking the path of life with the one you love as they turn a year older than to show it in a well thought out message. Here are examples of how to write a good heartwarming message that your partner will truly appreciate over time.

Happy birthday to my love
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Happy birthday my love- write a romantic message that your partner will never forget

It is common belief that the fire in any relationship needs to be rekindled every time. When left out to become ordinary and normal, the excitement dies down and two people that were so in love in the beginning can turn out bored with each other. It is even possible that they may imagine themselves as being out of love when that is not the case. Fortunately the situation can always be salvaged by doing simple but thoughtful actions. You do not have to spend so much money treating your partner in an attempt to try and save your marriage. Sometimes it is the simplest actions that prove that indeed he or she is in your mind. The secret is to find an opportunity to surprise.

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One opportunity you can take advantage of is a birthday. If you have not done anything special for the person you love an upcoming birthday celebration is your chance to redeem yourself. Take time to plan out a surprise and be very careful not to be discovered.

Do not make it fancy but ensure that it is deep. Alternatively, you can touch the heart of the person you love the most by showing them that they are in your heart and mind always. Consider the following suggestions when looking for happy birthday to my love messages that are timeless and true.

1. Do a unique and customized card

While birthday cards from the stores are great and beautiful, they are mostly generic and a sure way to show your spouse or partner that you thought of them as a last minute rush. Surprise them with something different this year. Take some time to come up with a crafted customized card that he or she will not see coming. Make sure you add a personal touch to the card as this is what will make it endearing and more memorable.

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Happy birthday to my love - birthday wishes and quotes
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2. Personalize the message

You may capture his or her attention with the card but that is not where it stops. The happy birthday to my love quotes you choose will be very crucial as it is a representation of how much value you put to the relationship. This is where one needs to exercise a lot of caution in their choice of words and phrases. Keep in mind that the aim is to ensure that your lover notices that you appreciate their presence in their life.

Show them that you are willing to stay with them and grow with them as they take the next step in their life’s growth. The message needs to warm and reassuring in a way that the fears for the future are made easy to bear because there will be someone to share the burden with. This is the beauty of a birthday message when properly crafted. It is meant to celebrate love and growth and at the same time give comfort that you made the right choice. As such make sure your birthday message does not disappoint you.

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3. Make the message unique

Resists the temptation of copying and pasting happy birthday to my love poems and quotes. Only use this as an inspiration to send a unique message to your lover. Remember that this is a person that knows you too well that they can tell if you have written something or not. Mention something that only you can know about them and make sure you put your own version of romantic gesture into the message. This way your partner will identify with the fact that you took time and made effort just to appreciate them. You can never tell how such a small and priceless act will boost your relationship for the best.

Happy birthday to my love - birthday wishes and quotes
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Examples of birthday messages to your lover

Once you know what is expected of you in the birthday message, a few samples will better put this into perspective. Checkout these happy birthday wishes to my lover examples. You can always model your own as you feel inspired. Remember to put a personal touch to it.

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  • If there is a right decision I have made in my life love, it is to love you. It is simple to love you. You are everything I have ever wished and prayed for. Though you have a way of annoying me, it is this very fact that I cannot change for anything else. As you turn a New Year today babe, I want to let you know that you are the partner I still choose to grow grey hairs with. Warmest birthday wished for my love.

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  • I thought I had known what love is until I met you. I discovered that I had not lived before, at least not with all the spice that is our marriage today. I adore every bit that is you my love. As you turn a year older i know in you is a strong defender, provider and companion for life. I love our team. May the unbreakable bonds that we share as a family grow stronger as you become wiser. Age gracefully dear one. We love and cherish you. Happy birthday my husband.
  • Every moment with you has been epic. The embarrassing escapades in public, the sad moments when all I could do was cry, the rib cracking laughter I have enjoyed because of you and the silences, especially the silences, deep, thoughtful, meaningful and yet so comforting have been a blast. If I am to make a choice again I know that it will still be you love. There is no one I would rather do life with. This is why I take this chance to wish you the very best that life has to offer. Blessings, abundance and fulfillment of all your heart desires. May God continue to bless your big, beautiful heart so that the world can meet and enjoy the great man that you truly are. Love you baby. Happiest birthday my munchkin.

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These examples of how deep a birthday message to the one you love should be like. Make sure that they truly understand how you feel about them. This may be the key to rekindling that love life you once had. Make it count.

Happy birthday to my lovely sister

Your sister is the one person that will always be there for you. Family has a way of looking out for each other. As such, if you are blessed to have a sweet loving and caring sister, remembering her birthday would be a nice. Just like the message to your lover, make your sister’s birthday message personal. This is your chance to tease her about your childhood experiences. Show her that inasmuch as life has changed and that you have both moved your separate ways, she still remains an important part of your life. The following are great examples of birthday messages to your sister.

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  • Our childhood memories are my favorite life experience. Running around Pa’s orchard, climbing trees like monkeys and leading the neighborhood children’s pack are some of the memories I will tell my grand kids about. I am grateful to you is for showing me show to have fun. Thanks to you I have an adventurous spirit that will never die down. As you turn a year older I know that your family is lucky to have the best caring, harsh but loving person in the whole world. Happy birthday big sis, love you much.

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  • You know little lass that I will always be at your service. I miss showing up unannounced to scare the unruly boys that would disturb you. I enjoyed dropping you off at your friend’s for sleep overs and most importantly being shown off to your age mates as the big brother that would teach anyone a lesson if they dared mess up with you. Each passing year I struggle with the fact that soon you will replace me with your husband, ouch. Haha. But I love you little sis. As you grow older, wiser and even more refined just know I will always have your back. Eat that cake slowly….ooooh. We do not want you getting all fat before we get the bride price. Haha! Happy birthday to my favorite sister.

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Happy birthday to my boyfriend - Happy birthday my love quotes for him

Sadly most ladies do not take their time to appreciate their boyfriends. For some reason society has it that girls should always be on the receiving end and boys should accept it and move on. Fortunately this narrative is changing. For a relationship to be healthy and balanced, both parties have to be appreciated. Show him that you love him and you will definitely notice a difference in how he treats you from today. Start with his upcoming birthday. Here are ideas on how to make him feel valued.

  • Write a romantic poem for him. Mention a few things he does that you would never change no matter how old he gets. Eg. Your infectious smile and humor are some of the things that I pray remain with you as you turn a year younger my love. I appreciate that you go out of your way to make me happy even when you do not have to. I pray that all good things and favor follow you this New Year. Happiest birthday love
  • Get him a framed poem that you have written specially for him.
  • Get him a pendant with a lovely birthday message
  • Buy him a watch with an engraved birthday message just from you

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You can be sure that your boyfriend will be smiling when he looks back at the trouble you went to for him.

Birthday love quotes for her

Women love to be validated and complimented. A good boyfriend would take advantage of this and come up with creative. Do something different. Write her a happy birthday my love letter or if you can compile happy birthday my love poems and frame them. Add this to a well thought out gift and you will have your girlfriend dancing to your tune since you have touched her core and shown her that you really care about her feelings. The following quotes will help get you started.

  • If it were up to me, I would make everything stop tonight to recognize the special day a queen was born. Even so I intend to make your day special and unforgettable. Happy birthday my sweetheart.

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  • I do not want to imagine what life would have been like without you. You have given me focus, dedication and happiness that I have never experienced before. I want to keep doing this for I think we have finally gotten it. Happy birthday sweetness. Forever young.
  • Babe I know you think your last birthday was the best, take notes. Today will outdo the last one. All because I love you. I will do anything to put a smile on that beautiful face of yours. Happy birthday mi Amore.
  • In the end birthday messages that are personalized tend to resonate with the recipient. It can be anything you want to say as long as it is sincere. It does not matter how long or short the message is, it is the thought and willingness to do it that counts.

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