Marriage romance, trust and faith quotes

Marriage romance, trust and faith quotes

Marriage is defined as a legal or formal union that entails two people as partners in a rather personal relationship usually between a man and a woman, however, there are exceptions. Romance is a feeling of excitement, anticipation and mystery which is commonly associated with love. Trust is the state in where one feels secure and comfortable with another person who they probably connect intimately and deeply on certain if not most issues. Faith is a strong conviction, a sense of belief or having trust in somebody or something regardless of whatever situation they may be. There are quite a number of trust and faith quotes that can be used by couples, both married and unmarried to express their respective sentiments to each other. A combination of marriage, romance trust and faith results to a very healthy relationship. We take a look at some of the trust and faith quotes.

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Marriage, romance, trust and faith

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Marriage romance, trust and faith

Some of the quotes on trust and faith applicable in marriage include:

Wrong nobody, trust only a few and love all

Trust involves a series of character while love only entails a feeling that may or may not last. Trust is more built on friendship and overcoming the hard times together. Love is usually important at the beginning of the relationship since it creates a romantic atmosphere. When the times get tough, it is a usual trend to see that love becomes less and this is where trust and faithfulness chips in.

You are the pillar of my life, and I trust that you won’t let me fall.

The ability to withstand certain situations tends to lean on character and this usually proves that love is a lesser compliment than trust. So, you should probably up your game if you feel like you love more than you trust. It’s a good I love you message.

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Loving someone is empowering them to break your heart, but trusting them not to:

This quote is simply about the importance of giving somebody your trust even when you are not sure about it. This is the beauty of trust, when you give somebody the power to hurt you and they don’t, then they prove themselves worthy of being trusted.

Trust and faith quotes

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I trust you more than I trust myself, I don’t trust you because I have to, but it’s because I want to. I love you.

Marriage is often based on this attribute as your partner gets to mingle with many others and the only thing that will make you feel safe is the mere thought that you trust your partner. This is a very relaxing feeling as it proves that you are on a higher emotional level. This is relevant to both people who are loyal and those who are disloyal. It also depends on people being faithful to their spouse in order to have a happy marriage romance.

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Having faith is like trusting yourself in water. When you swim, you grab not the water, because if you do so, you will sink and drown. Just relax and float.

This is a deep trust quotes for her that touches on the fluidity of water and how we should be while dealing with water. A relationship or marriage is equated to water and the individuals involved are the body staying afloat. In any relationship, as long as you are forcing to stay afloat, you are sure to drown, but flowing with the currents which are actually the challenges, makes you adapt to the situation.

Trust is not based on how you think but how you feel. Trust is the ability to know and feel that I cannot betray you no matter what.

The same quote can resemble how trust works; it basically shows that for you to be able to know if you can trust someone, you have to commit to them, no matter how much hurtful the end result will be. This is one of the many essentials that keep a marriage that has trust, love and faith going. These are good love words to my wife

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Marriage and romance


It is even harder to know whom to trust than learning to trust alone.

This quote is one that focuses on trust and shows how difficult, yet easy it is to trust somebody else. This quote shows that it is possible to trust almost anyone but having a genuine sense of trust is just something deeper. For married couples, the feeling of trust is usually at its fullest during the point where they get married in many cases. However, this deteriorates when one of the partners feels like they lack faith in the other probably because of infidelity. When it comes to a young couple, it is usually the opposite as they are still getting to know each other, so the trust keeps on building up with the actions and the more commitment they show from time to time. Use this quote for a romantic marriage, trust and faith.

The fruit that is bred out of a relationship in which you know that you are loved is trust.
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Many at times there are quotes that describe trust on a rather hidden context, however, this quote blatantly spells out the simple definition of trust. For any marriage or relationship, it requires a blend of love and commitment in order to achieve trust. The basic product of love is trust and there are a number of encounters that help promote trust.

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You are one in a million, and that means that I only see you and I only love you.

The love is usually a gateway to your partner’s heart and it gives them a chance to bond with you and feel open and have a reason to trust you. It also creates a chance for honesty which can heal broken trust and make the couple stronger after any sort of challenge. This quote is relevant to couples that are focused towards building trust in their relationship. This is one of the best love and trust messages.

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Trust and faith marriage romance


When your lover is a liar, you and he are both birds of the same feather; you are both lying to you.

This quote is relevant to trust issues and the various matters that may show whether there is trust or not in a relationship or marriage. In any relationship, whenever lies start chipping in, it means that there is probably one party that will tend to feel insecure, thereby affecting the trust that was supposed to be between them. However, when one of the people in the relationship decide to believe that they are being told the truth even when they have a feeling that they are being lied to, then, they are as well lying to themselves and reducing their self esteem at the expense of somebody else.

We don’t know what will happen tomorrow or the day after, but we still move forward, because we believe in us, and we trust each other and that’s what loves’ about.
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This quote holds relevance to a couple that relies and depends only on love without considering trust. The future is never guaranteed and the present is also a blessing. Couples should always learn to keep the fire burning by loving each other no matter the circumstances. This quote must not miss out in one of the trust and faith letters.

Trust that is broken is the same as a broken mirror. Even if the mirror is fixed, the cracks still remain.

This quote is quite relevant for the young couples. Staying loyal in marriage requires a lot of sacrifice and also time. All couples should always do their best to make sure that they don’t break the trust of their partner because once it’s gone, it cannot b repaired again. Marriage is not easy, but with effort and understanding, everything is possible.

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Trust is not rocket science, the only way to trust a person is to simply trust them.
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People wonder how you can trust someone and it’s very simple. You can know if you do by doing it. Trust is earned and it may take some time, but once it does, you feel safe and secure in your partner’s presence.

If you learn how to trust your instincts, and make judgments on what your heart tells you then, it will not betray you.

This is the type of quote that invokes the use of gut feelings and the attribute of trust. This mostly insists on matters that involve love. When you are in love with somebody, it is mainly from the heart. This is due to most feelings being related to the heart; instincts are usually based on thoughts too and the past experiences in order to be able to judge a particular situation. This is what leads to people falling in love and trusting. This is basically relevant to those who feel unsettled or have doubts within their conscience. Trust and faith in a relationship comes through sacrifice and understanding.

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Love starts when someone is willing to love the other with their imperfections. Love does not change the other person instead it builds them to be better people.

You cannot claim to love soon and still want to change them. Love does not work that way. Two people must be in a position to love each other unconditionally.

Trust and faith Marriage romance simply go together. You cannot love someone unconditionally if you don't trust them. Trust directly affects the romance. To keep the fire burning in your relationship use one of this quotes to keep up the trust and faith. Assurance is very important in building a healthy relationship. Marriage romance are also deeply related.

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