20 cute goddess braids hairstyles

20 cute goddess braids hairstyles

What do goddess braids look like? Well, they are thicker and larger versions of beautiful cornrow braids. Your hairdresser will braid them close to your scalp so that they can protect the style, which can serve you for a number of weeks. Here we will share with you a collection of different styled goddess braids from the like shades of a bun, a faux hawk, as well as crown braid; the possibilities can only be described as endless. Keep scrolling the 20 goddess braids styles 2017 that will give you that chic, modish, as well as cute look. We will also share with you paramount ways on how you can maintain the goddess braids to avoid that dull look.

Goddess braids
Source: hairstyleslife.com

Goddess hairstyles

Here is a list of cute goddess braids designs that you should definitely try

1. Royal 3 goddess braids bun

3 goddess braids
Source: fashionisers.com

These goddess braids are beautiful if they are voluminous. They run from the front all the way to the back, make sure they come together to form a cute bun at the very end. We bet that the trendy hairstyle will give you an unforgettable look. The thick cornrows should be straight and with a perfect outfit, you will be able to earn attention from people that appreciate beautiful looks.

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2. Parted sides bun goddess braids

Are you looking for a chic style that is out of this world? Well, you can try out the side-parted braids. Note that the bun at the back is the one that will give you that excellent look because it highlights the cute style. You can add beads to the cornrows if you are not attending a formal function. Apply perfect make up if desired and be ready to rock with the beautiful flair created by the bun.

3. Parted at the center two goddess braids bun

This braid style is very simple though it will give you an admirable elegant look. Most teenagers love it because it enables them to flaunt. What your stylist will do to create this look on you, he or she will make two thick goddess braids at the side and two or more thin cornrows at the center of your head. The hairdresser should be a guru in making these goddess braids so that you can have a neat look.

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4. S bun quick goddess braids

Goddess braids pictures
Source: styleinterest.com

The S bun goddess braids hairstyle can be created with either the kanekalon hair extension or your natural hair. You can attend functions such as weddings, birthdays, or even cocktail parties with this simple as well as amazing hairstyle that is capable of earning you positive compliments. You can also refer to this style as single goddess braiding hairstyle. It should end with a low bun that mostly lies at your neck nape that is if you have a long hair or you used long braiding extension.

5. Tomb raider single goddess braid

Goddess braids updo
Source: deskgram.org

This goddess braid style is just as simple as the S-bun hairstyle. To accomplish this beautiful look, you have to braid them in a way that a huge bun is created at the top. The single braid should run to the back. Slay with this style at any informal function.

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6. Crowned fishtail cute goddess braid with bun

Goddess braids styles pictures
Source: pinterst@coogu

Have you ever had a saying that quotes ‘less is more’? Well, this beautiful goddess braid style expound the saying meaning. To achieve the look, you have to create the crown at the front and the then the low bun fishtail to be at the back. It will definitely make you look like a goddess you are, you are beautiful, and your hairstyle should crown you. Blend the trendy hairstyle with modish wears and you will have an unforgettable look.

7. Under-braid black goddess braids

Goddess hairstyles
Source: modernhairstyle2018.com

To create this beautiful look, you have to make the 2 goddess braids from the back of your head to the center. You can put any curly goddess braids with weave ponytail or create curls on your natural hair. The under-braid style is so beautiful and unique. How do you maintain the curls? Well, all you have to do is moisture the curls, apply your preferred curls activator product, and detangle it using a wide-tooth comb, the tail of your comb, or your figures.

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8. Ballerina goddess braids updo

Goddess braids pictures
Source: mambee.com

If you have a coming up ballet recital, then you can try out this beautiful ballerina goddess style. There is no harm if you make more thick cornrows because you will come out perfect in either way. All that you should make sure is that the cornrows are originating around your head so that they can converge at the middle to form the updo. You can add beads if desired to the braids so that you can come out as a goddess you are. What most ladies do, is that they use an elastic band to secure the updo.

9. Crown goddess braid bun

Goddess braids styles pictures
Source: pinterest@curlcentric

There some people who tend to think that only head full styles are referred to as protective hairstyles. If you are among them, you can consider this beautiful goddess style. If you want to have a unique look, you can create a single goddess braid that runs round the crown of your head and then tie the rest of the hair at the center into a loose ponytail that runs at the back of your head. Here is cute goddess braids pictures of this hairstyle to inspire you.

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10. Goddess ponytail fishtail

Half up braided hairstyles
Source: therighthairstyles.com

This ponytail goddess style is perfect for those girls in love with a warrior princess look. Why warrior princess? Well, it is because it is a fishtail style. Achieving this look is very simple. All you have to do is to create a thick cornrow goddess braid at the middle of you head and thin ones at the sides. Gather your hair to form a ponytail and you will look absolutely amazing for that informal function. Below is goddess braids styles pictures of this hairstyle, we hope that it will inspire you to make it your next hairstyle.

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11. Straight goddess braids

If you don’t need a complicated hairstyle, you can go for the straight thick cornrows, they are very simple and they will give you a perfect look. You can create this hairstyle all by yourself; they are among the goddess braids easy to create meaning that you don’t need a hairdresser. Try it out and enjoy a new amazing look that fits well in any function from the like shades of weddings, parties, or even church.

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12. Half up braided hairstyles for black hair

Half up braided hairstyles
Source: pinterest.com@Rayann410

Goddess braids with kanekalon hair will forever be fashionable for black women. They come with tone colors both bold and non-shouting for you to rock with. Before you buy that kanekalon extension, you have to make sure that your choice of color blends perfectly with your skin tone. The half up and half down style will not allow you to have moments of regret; you will have an incredible look.

13. Fauxhawk goddess braids

bBack goddess
Source: YouTube@nellz lioness

Are you in love with Mohawk styles? If yes, then try out the fauxhawk goddess braids. You don’t have to shave the sides of your head to look amazing because this style gives a solution to the back as well as the sides hair. You can either create curls to your natural hair if you want to achieve that goddess braids on natural hair look. If your natural hair is small, you can purchase an extension and you will also have that perfect look.

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14. Coiled spiral goddess braids

Goddess braids updo
Source: cenarestgabon.org

Do you believe that you are a goddess? If yes, then try out this amazing goddess braiding hairstyle that define your beauty. You can only achieve this beautiful style if you coil a single thick cornrow around your head. Most ladies embrace this style during summers because they allow their scalp to relax and get fresh air. If you sweat a lot, there is no need of having your hair undone while this simple stunning style exist. It will definitely keep your hair off your neck as well as your face as you rock in that occasion. Below are images for the hairstyles to inspire you

15. Pigtails goddess braids

Goddess braids
Source: hairdrome.com

The pigtail hairstyles are not meant to be embraced by school kids alone. This is because they look perfect in adults and teenagers as well. Most prefer two goddess braids that run straight to the back and they come out just perfect for the day.

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16. Mixed goddess & cornrow braids

If you are in love with a unique style, then try out the mixed cornrows & goddess braids. You can add creativity while doing them or let them run straight backwards. To achieve that unique beautiful look, ensure that the cornrows are spiraling in the goddess braids. We bet that you will admire your new outstanding look and be the attention to detail everywhere you step in.

17. Undercut single goddess braid

Goddess braids with kanekalon hair
Source: styleinterest.com

Thanks to this goddess hairstyle, because it enabled ladies to have a Mohawk style without necessary shaving their side hairs. The single thick cornrow should run at one side of your head so that you can cut the rest into pixie. Note that the pixie should be short.

18. 3D-bun goddess braids

Goddess hairstyles
Source: africanamericanhairstyling.com

The 3D-bun hairstyles are incredible intricate styles. To achieve this look you have to make sure that the bun has curly hair so that you can have that sophisticated style that you are yarning for. The front hair should have that crown look.

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19. Swirly- bun goddess braids

Goddess braids styles 2017
Source: sunglasses.kuehlam.com

To have this impressive look, you have to ensure that the thin and the thick goddess braids swirls are perfectly alternating so that they can form a low bun. Try it out and you will absolutely have that gorgeous look.

20. Goddess braids ponytail

Black goddess
Source: pinterest@addictivestyles

This style is simple to create and most athletes prefer it. They should start from the hairline and run all the way to the center to form a converge ponytail. The good bit about this hairstyle is that you can easily maintain it.

How do you make the goddess hairstyles?

If you want to look like a goddess, then you should try out the amazing hairstyle that is easy to make and maintain. What you need is a tail comb (rat), braiding extension, section clips, hot water, and hair gel. Follow the following few and simple steps to achieve that cute look that you have always yarned for.

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Step 1 – Wash your hair using shampoo, condition it so that you can comb it without breaking it, and treat it if desired. Note that when you condition your hair, you will be prepping it for easy braiding.

Step 2 - Remove the hair tangles as well as knots using a comb with wide tooth. The wide tooth will not break your hair.

Step 3 – Use the rat tail comb to do the dividing as well as the partitioning of your hair. Make sure that you leave out the hair section that you will first braid and use bobby pins to clip the rest of the section. Note that you should partition you hair according to the goddess style that you find is appealing to you.

Step 4 – Open up the braiding hair extension, pick a chunk with your preferred thickness, and commence with the braiding.

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Step 5 - How do you braid it? Well, it is very simple. All you have to do is to rub hair gel in the middle of your figures so that you can easily braid your hair as it will sleek down and divide the extension chunk into 3 equal sections. Put the divided chunk just at the center of your hairline, divide your hair perfectly into 3 latter sections, combine them, and start off with the braiding.

Step 6 – The goddess hair braids styles are thick meaning that you have to use 2 stitches, then add more braid as you stitch. Keep in mind that for you to have that impressive look, you should add the stitch consecutively until you ran out of additional hair, which will force you to braid it until the end.

Step 7 – Dunk the braid end into boiling water to seal it. Do the same to all the remaining sections. You can also use your natural hair to braid the goddess braids. Straight cornrow styles for natural hair are very beautiful as well.

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Goddess braids are very beautiful and easy to make. What style did you love most? Well, we hope that you found an appealing one that qualified to be your next hairstyle. We will also appreciate if you share with us that style that made you look like a real goddess using our comment section. Cover your hair while sleeping with satin headscarf or stockings, oil your hair daily, and wash it after a week or two. Maintain you hair so that you can rock with the trendy hairstyle that will never go out of fashion.

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