Tema International School fees, facilities, address

Tema International School fees, facilities, address

Tema International School is a boarding school found in Tema. The school was established in 2003, and offers IB diploma and IGCSE programs. Subjects in this school are aimed at helping the students gain entry to a higher institution-learning center of their choice. Upon its inception, 67 students registered to join the school Out of the number, 27 students with 13 being female and 14 male students were admitted into the 9th grade. 6 females and 10 males were admitted into the 7th grade and now, Tema International school is very popular among the private schools in Tema

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After successfully obtaining the Cambridge International Examinations, CIE stringent criteria and International Baccalaureate (IB), TIS had the go ahead to start offering IGCSE system of learning in 2003 and 2005 respectively. Tema International school is arguably one of the best and affordable international schools in Ghana.

Tema International school fees

Before enrolling a child into any school, it is important to know how much money one will part with annually. Parents will never want to put themselves in a position where they cannot afford to maintain their child in any school as most of them want to enroll their children in the best secondary schools in Ghana. Below is the TIS school fees

Application fee

Below is the 2018/2019 application fee

  • When you complete the application by 31/12/2017 you are charged GHc 400
  • Completing the application by 28/2/2018 costs you GHc 500
  • An application that is completed by 31/3/2018 goes for GHc 600
  • Completing application by 30/4/2018 goes for GHc 700

All the application fees may be paid using Expresspay using their website

Admission fee

Below is the admission fee 2018/2019

Grades 7-10 admission fees costs $ 5500, although the following discounted rates do apply:

  • Paying admission fee by 28/2/2018 you paid fees for $4750
  • Paying admission fee by 30/4/2018 costs you school fees of $5000
  • Clearing the admission fees by 31/5/2018 you pay school fees of $5250

Grade 11-12 pay $ 6500 admission fees, however discounted rates apply for early payment as below:

  • Paying admission fee by 28/2/2018 you only pay fees of $5750
  • Paying the required admission amount by 30/4/2018 you pay an amount of $ 6000
  • Paying the admission fee by 31/5/2018 you only pay $ 6250

All admission fee is payable either through a direct bank deposit or by bank draft

After being admitted to the school, one needs to pay the Tuition and boarding fee

Tuition and boarding fee

The tuition and boarding fee can be paid Annually (which is payable by 10 August)$US 15000 or can be paid per Semester (Payable by 10 August and 4 January) $US 7500. There are other fees that needs to be paid which includes;

  • School uniforms for 3 sets: $US150
  • Sports uniform $US 50
  • Bed linen: $US 50
  • Scientific calculator (IGCSE): $US 30 Scientific calculator (IB DP): $US 150

Tema International School Ghana contacts

If you are looking forward to enroll your child in this school, you can reach the administration through the below contacts and get to ask more on Tema International school vacancy.

  • Physical location: Off Tema – Akosombo road (opposite Afariwaa farms)
  • Tema International school address: P.O. Box CO 864, Tema, Ghana
  • Phone number: +233 303 30 5134|+233 303 30 8737|+233 50 3849 799
  • Email: info@tis.edu.gh
  • Website: Tema International School Ghana

Tema International school facilities

tema international school fees
tema international school ghana
international schools in ghana

Tema International School has pursued all avenues possible to ensure students learning here have all the necessary facilities, to help with a conducive learning environment. Among some of the most important things in the school are the multi-purpose hall, Ajavon library, infirmary, the security force, administration block, and girls and boys hostel. The hostels make is easier for the students to maneuver easily between classroom and recreational places.

Other facilities in the school include boys hostel common and reading room, music room, CAS kitchen, science laboratory, slider 1 and slider 2, Art room, black box, and sports complex. Teachers in this school have not been left out, as there is a staff residence with modern houses.

With a spacious basketball and volleyball court, the students can while there time away after school in the evening. With all these at their disposal, students in this school maintain the highest form of discipline.

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Tema International School admission

tema international school fees
tema international school ghana
international schools in ghana

Each new term, TIS invites application from students who wish to be part of their school, so as to get to learn in a conducive environment. The school offers their programs with grades 7 and 8 being the MYP candidate school, while grade 9 being a MYP candidate, with IGCSE exam being optional once at the end of grade 9. One can check out on the Tema International school calendar to see the school's programmes. Before being part of the school, the following are mandatory:

  • All prospective students are interviewed and tested before being admitted to the school. Those who prefer online testing, the exams are available annually from January to June. Students have to take the Tema international school entrance exam before admission.
  • Paying the application fee can be completed using Expresspay, to the school’s account, or at the school. All the account details are available on the bank details page
  • Prospective students must complete an online application form on their website
  • Depending on the number of vacancies available late entrance testing is sometimes conducted
  • For students who do not stay in Ghana and cannot sit for the exams, an arrangement is made for them to sit for exams from where they reside. Details are sent to the supervisor who later contacts the parents of the child to let them know if they qualified to join the school

Students are rarely accepted during the IGCSE final year, but they could be considered depending on the following conditions:

  • If there is a vacancy
  • If the school they are moving from offers the same subjects as TIS
  • When transferring from a school that offers the IGCSE program

Upon completion of the IGCSE programs, students are expected to complete the IB diploma course offered in grade 11 and 12.

The Tema International school seeks to create a supportive and safe environment where students can be honest, self-disciplined, and excellent in their learning, with so much integrity. Hence, the young graduates will have the ability to contribute to their communities meaningfully, while unlocking greater opportunities.

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