How to check original iPhone

How to check original iPhone

Are you wondering what iPhone model to purchase and you are scared of getting a fake one?Do not worry. This content is a reliable guide that will provide information on how to differentiate an original iPhone from a fake iPhone. There are some cases of people purchasing a counterfeit iPhone unknowingly. To avoid this, it’s recommendable to first read through this guide before rushing to the iPhone store to buy your dream model of an iPhone.

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How to check original iPhone

1. On your iPhone, find the settings App icon, and open

2. Scroll downwards, and tap on general

3. Select ‘about’ section option

4. A serial number will appear. Copy it.

5. After copying the serial number, open the link to check on your service and the support coverage

6. Enter the serial number and check whether it’s displaying the iPhone details.

7. If the details of your iPhone displays, you’re lucky. Your iPhone is real. If otherwise, you lost it! You bought a counterfeit iPhone.

How to tell if your iPhone is fake

1. Basic appearance: basically, an original iPhone consists of;

  • A ‘wake/ sleep’ button located on its top right corner or at its upper right side.
  • Has a home button located at its screen center
  • An original iPhone also has an Apple logo stamped on its backside
  • It has a visible volume button located on its left side
  • For more details on the external appearance, visit the Apple official website

2. Memory card slot: surprisingly, an original iPhone does not support an external memory card, therefore, no memory card slot.

3. For your information, an original iPhone has a fixed memory capacity of; 32GB, 62GB or 128GB. The feature is easy and quick to check.

4. Simcard slot: The apple company does not manufacture any iPhone with more than a single Simcard slot.

5. Siri intelligent navigator: Siri is the IOS software that comes with a new iPhone. It also includes an IOS 12. This software enables the user to make some inquiries regarding the product using your voice. Interestingly, the user’s questions are replied to instantly. Any iPhone with a Siri software that doesn’t operate as above, it’s a fake iPhone.

6. Check your iPhone IMEI and serial number: Every iPhone has an IMEI and serial number just like any other phones. These details differentiate between an original and a counter fake iPhone. If you’re wondering about how to acquire an IPhone serial number checker, you can find the serial number, either on your device or check it on this link.

How to check your iPhone serial number

  • Open your iPhone settings app
  • Tap on general
  • Under the general, tap on about
  • After that, scroll down to check on the IMEI
  • To check on your iPhone serial number, scroll downwards

7. Check the inbuilt applications

An original iPhone comes with some inbuilt applications that include; messages, calendar, photos, camera, weather, clock, maps, videos, notes, reminders, stocks, Game center, newsstand, iTunes store, app store, passbooks, compass, settings, phone, mails, safari, and music. If you find any of the named in-built applications missing, your iPhone might be a counterfeit. You can always confirm this by restoring the original firmware. Unfortunately, some mobile phone dealers sell refurbished, jailbroken or fake iPhone. However, you should be very cautious while purchasing an iPhone to avoid the above cases. For your information, you can restore the latest version of the IOS in your iPhone using iTunes.

8. Synchronizing to iTunes

ITunes is a unique application found on the iPhone that recognizes any genuine iPhone. You can syncs all applications on your device, for instance; photos, TV show, movies, music among others, with the help of the iTunes application. If synchronizing your iPhone isn’t possible, then it’s not genuine.

How to synchronize your iPhone to iTunes

  • On your laptop or PC, open the iTunes application
  • Link your laptop or PC to your iPhone using a USB cable
  • On the iTunes, find your iPhone and click/tap on it
  • Go to the summary tab and click or tap on the ‘sync’ button
  • Finally, click or tap on the ‘apply’ button

IPhone 6 real vs.Fake

check iphone imei
iphone serial number checker
how to tell if your iphone is fake
iphone 6 real vs fake
how to figure out what iphone you have

Interestingly, both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus have been in the market since the year 2014. However, before they released the original iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus their counterfeits were already in the market. Both fake and original iPhone 6 models have very similar features which make them differentiation. In case you want to purchase an original iPhone 6, the below features will help you differentiate them.

1. The original iPhone 6 box is plain white and blank while the fake iPhone 6 box has a printed black image at the back. Secondly, an original IPhone 6 does not have its picture at the top of the box, and therefore if you find an iPhone 6 in a box with its picture displayed on its top, it’s definitely fake. Finally, the embossed iPhone outline found on a real box is distinctly raised, and of excellent quality.

2. The original iPhone 6 is a bit thinner than the fake iPhone 6. Though the two are almost identical on all sides; the fake iPhone 6 possesses darker designing lines on its backside than the original one.

3. The angle and the cut of the original iPhone 6 logo are not visible but can be felt by touching. On the other side, the logo of the fake iPhone 6 looks more obvious. The look of the eyes can easily identify its cut.

4.The LED flashlight found on the original iPhone 6 is well circled compared to that of the fake one. Secondly, the same feature on a fake iPhone 6 is made on an equal level with the iPhone back while the camera circle of the original iPhone 6 is drawn slightly out from the iPhone 6 plane’s back.

5. On your iPhone settings, tap on the general option and finally the about section to get access to its serial number. If you get the serial number, log in to and key in the serial number for the iPhone identification. If your serial number is recognized, your iPhone is original, if otherwise, it’s fake.

6. If you carefully check the counterfeit device at its back, the display of their lettering is slightly higher.

7. Regarding the camera height, the real iPhone 6 has a more substantial camera profile (back camera) compared to that of the fake iPhone 6

8. Press the power button; if it clicks distinctively, the iPhone 6 is original. If it doesn’t click or clicks faintly, it’s a fake one.

9. About the screen lock, the original iPhone 6 possesses an animated ‘slide to unlock’ feature and highlights from left to right. On the contrary, a majority of the fake devices have a solid white ‘slide to unlock’ feature. You should be extra conservative while finding an original iPhone 6.

10. The display of the percentage charge in a real iPhone 6 device is white in color while the show on the fake one is mostly in blue.

11. Observe the keyboard of the iPhone closely, if the space-bar is indicated ‘space,’ its original. A fake one has a blank space-bar and a comma button.

12. On the charger port, a fake iPhone has a plastic-like border around it, while the original one doesn’t have.

13. If you connect your iPhone to iTunes and you receive an error message or nothing at all, implies that your iPhone wasn’t recognized hence fake. A real iPhone will always display an IMEI and a serial number when connected to iTunes.

14. Finally, open your iPhone6 settings then select general and tap on the ‘about’ option to access your serial number. Afterward, login to the official Apple website by clicking on the link; to confirm its serial number. If it displays an error or nothing, the iPhone 6 isn’t genuine.

How to check your iPhone model

check iphone imei
iphone serial number checker
how to tell if your iphone is fake
iphone 6 real vs fake
how to figure out what iphone you have

If you already possess an iPhone, and you are wondering about how to figure out what iPhone you have? Obviously, you have a general idea on the iPhone you own. For instance; iPhone SE, X, 4s, and 6 among others. Besides the marketing names, each device configuration has its unique model number which is not that important to you but useful if you want to know more technical details of your device. However, the iPhone manufacturer (Apple) applies two numbering systems for its devices. These are;

  • ‘A’ number: This is a 5-digit string that consists of an alphanumeric string which always starts with letter ‘A’ followed by four other numbers. This number generally describes the iPhone model family. For instance; 13-inch Mac Book Air or iPad Air 2 with LTE
  • The second iPhone models also consist of a 5-digit alphanumeric string which in several occasions starts with letter M. M is subject to change to LL/A or other similar letters at the end, depending on the device. This number describes the specific model of the iPhone. For instance; 13-inch Mac Book Air with storage of 256 GB. Below are the steps to identify your phone’s model (older iPhone models);
  • Check for ‘A’ number from the back of your iPhone. Its fine print is located below the label ‘IPhone.’
  • To find out the other identifier, tap on the general under ‘settings,’ then tap on ‘about’. Display of your phone’s specification will appear. On the list, scroll downwards, until your reach ‘model.’ Note it down.

To find the models of iPhone 8 or iPhone x: Contrary to the older models, you cannot see the ‘A’ number stamped at the back of the device. All the device details and specifications are located in the operating system.

To find these details: under your iPhone setting app, tap on the general settings, then about. The general specifications of your iPhone will be displayed. After that, scroll downwards until you reach the model specification. The alphanumeric figure shown is the model identifier. If you tap on it, the display will change to a number that represents A. After finding out the model identifier of your iPhone, you can search it in Bing or Google to see more details.

For more information about the iPhone details and specifications, you can log in to the website.

Generally, if you have a dream of purchasing an iPhone, use the above ways to confirm whether it’s authentic. You can also check its external features closely as explained, check its, its IMEI and serial number and also read the above differences to ensure that, you home with your dream device. Similarly, it is very unfair to spend your year’s savings on a fake iPhone. Considering the expensive cost of an iPhone, you deserve the real one. However, if you own the device, and on applying the above guide you realize it was fake, do not be disappointed. Take it positively and focus. Next time you will be keener while purchasing such devices.

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