Stonebwoy - everything you want to know

Stonebwoy - everything you want to know

Stonebwoy has for years entertained Ghanaians with his exceptional musical talent. The fame he acquired has robbed him of most of his privacy but there is still a lot of information about the star that is little known to the rest of the world. It is for this reason that we are taking a kind of deep dive to find you answers to some of the most popular questions about the life of the Stonebwoy.

Stonebwoy biography
Who is Stonebwoy?
What is the real name of Stonebwoy?
What is Stonebwoy real name?
When was Stonebwoy born?

Stonebwoy biography and life

The best place to start is the beginning, an introduction to who Stonebwoy is and where he comes from and his family.

1. Who is Stonebwoy?

Stonebwoy is an award-winning Ghanaian musician with a focus on Afropop, reggae, and dancehall. Stonebwoy is also the Chief Executive Officer of Burniton Music Group. Aside from his corporate exploits, he is a songwriter and an entrepreneur too. Stonebwoy has worked with various labels including Samini Music, Burniton Music Group and Zylofon Media.

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2. What is the real name of Stonebwoy?

Always wondering what is Stonebwoy’s real name? He was born Livingstone Etse Satekla. If you have a keen eye then you already know what might have been the inspiration behind his stage name. Stonebwoy, his first name, Livingstone.

3. When was Stonebwoy born? How old is Stonebwoy?

Livingstone Etse Satekla “Stonebwoy” was born on the 5th of March 1988. Stonebwoy is 30-years-old this year.

4. Where does Stonebwoy come from?

What country is Stonebwoy from? Stonebwoy is from Ghana. Where was Stonebwoy born? He was born in Ashaiman, the headquarters of the Ashaiman Municipal District of the Greater Accra Region in Southern Ghana. He has however spent much of his time in Alakple-Anloga, Ghana.

From his name, one can say he is an Ewe but there is no reliable source for Stonebwoy’s tribe at the moment so you have to keep speculating about that part of his life. We have everything else covered.

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6. Which SHS did Stonebwoy attend? Where did Stonebwoy attend SHS?

Stonebwoy attended the Tema Methodist Day Secondary School in the Greater Accra region, the same school Sarkodie went to and in the same years as well. Here Stonebwoy earned his High School Certificate and began his venture into music.

7. Which university did Stonebwoy attend?

Stonebwoy attended the University of Professional Studies. He graduated with a degree in Marketing in 2013, exactly 5 years ago. He attended university even after his popularity as a rapper kept growing.

8. Who is Stonebwoy wife?

Many people ask who Stonebwoy’s girlfriend is, those with more accurate information ask: who is Stonebwoy married to? Stonebwoy is married to Dr. Louisa Kwakye Ansong, a practicing dentist at the 37 Military Hospital. She graduated from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology in 2016.

9. How Stonebwoy met his wife? How old is Stonebwoy’s wife?

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In an interview, Stonebwoy revealed that he met his wife Louisa in KNUST. He had gone to perform at a show which she had attended and that was where he spotted her after the show. Dr. Louisa is currently 27-years-old. It is not known for how long the two have been dating as the details of their relationship were only revealed during the announcement of their upcoming wedding.

10. When did Stonebwoy get married?

Stonebwoy and Louisa got married on the 16th of June 2017. The colorful ceremony, held on a Friday, was graced by dozens of high-profile celebrities from Ghana from football sensation Emmanuel Adebayor to musician Becca and fashion designer Elikem.

How old is Stonebwoy?
Where does Stonebwoy come from?
Where was Stonebwoy born, what country is Stonebwoy from?

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11. When did Stonebwoy’s wife give birth?

The two had their first child together in December 2017, meaning the good doctor was already expectant during their nuptials. Their daughter, Catherine-Jidula Tumin Satekla is named after Stonebwoy’s mother. She will be a year old in December.

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12. Who is Stonebwoy’s father?

Typical of his ability to keep his private life well away from the limelight, there is very little known about Stonebwoy’s father. He has spoken more publicly about his mother more often than his dad. He only ever mentioned him once publicly during the celebration of his 72nd birthday on a twitter post wishing him a happy birthday alongside a photo of his dad.

13. Who is Stonebwoy’s mother?

Stonebwoy has spoken of his affection for his mother more. Her name was Catherine Satekla. She died on July 29th, 2015 at the 37 Military Hospital. She was evidently an instrumental part in making Stonebwoy the man he is today.

14. Does Stonebwoy have any siblings?

Yes. Stonebwoy comes from a very large family of 7. He has unfortunately lost his twin brother. There is little known about his siblings with each careful to keep their private life away from the limelight. Stonebwoy has also been good at keeping them away from the masses, something that allows them to live their lives more freely.

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15. How to contact Stonebwoy

The only way to get to Stonebwoy is via his social media handles. There is no guarantee of reply on all these platforms, however. You can also only book him for performances and event appearances through his manager.

16. What happened to Stonebwoy? Where is Stonebwoy now?

Stonebwoy is currently in Ghana. Whether he is working on a new album is a matter of speculation. He has however been making appearances at various events and performances. He has also been at the center of a social media “battle of the richest” if you may, between him and Shatta Wale. This is mostly driven by fans of the two artists.

Stonebwoy songs, music and career

Moving onto the next aspect of Stonebwoy’s life, let us have a look at his work, his management and awards won.

17. How many songs has Stonebwoy released?

We will consider the songs on his 5 albums so far for this list. Features in other artists songs will not be included as they are not his songs.

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  • Grade 1 (2012) – 17 songs
  • Necessary Evil EP (2013) – 8 songs
  • Livingstone (2015) – 6 songs
  • Epistles of Mama (2017) – 23 songs
  • Stonebwoy (2018) – 15 songs

This is a total of 69 songs over a period of 6 years.

18. What are Stonebwoy’s top songs?

Some of his best songs in 2018 include:

  • Stonebwoy – My name
  • Stonebwoy – Hero
  • Stonebwoy – Falling again
  • Stonebwoy – Come from far
  • Stonebwoy – One thing
  • Stonebwoy – People dey
  • Stonebwoy – Mightyele
  • Stonebwoy – Say it
  • Stonebwoy – Enku Lenu

19. What is the name of Stonebwoy’s latest song?

His latest masterpiece is a video of the hit song Top Shanka released in early September this year. The song and its video were released under his label Zylofon Music.

20. How many albums does Stonebwoy have?

Stonebwoy has so far released 5 studio albums. He is yet to release a mixtape or an LP. His albums are indicative of some aspect of his life and part of his journey. An example is the 2017-album “Epistles of Mama” which talks about his mother and his relationship with her.

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Stonebwoy songs
How many songs has Stonebwoy released?
What are Stonebwoy top songs?
What is the name of Stonebwoy's latest song?
How many albums does Stonebwoy have?

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21. What is Stonebwoy’s latest album?

His latest album is his fifth studio EP, Stonebwoy. It is a 50-minute-long collection of 15 songs, his best work in the past year. It is a revealing view of his personal and professional life.

22. How many awards has Stonebwoy won?

Stonebwoy, like many other artists, has been nominated for multiple awards and gone on to win some. So, how many awards has Stonebwoy got? He has been nominated for over 20 awards. Of all these, he has won only seven accolades including the 2016 Most Promising Act – IRAWMA.

23. Who is Stonebwoy's manager?

Stonebwoy’s current manager is Blakk Cedi. Cedi has the ability to easily spot talent from afar and the best example of this is the fact that he manages Stonebwoy.

24. How much did Zylofon sign Stonebwoy?

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According to, Stonebwoy was signed to Zylofon Music for a reported $1.5 million. A pretty neat sum along with other perks the record label has the money to provide.

25. Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy – who is the best? Is Shatte Wale better than Stonebwoy?

The comparison between these two artists is not easy to make on the basis of how good their music is. This is because opinions on music are subject to varying personal biases. The best method then would be to check who is the most decorated of the two artists. Shatta Wale has an incredible 60 awards while Stonebwoy has only won 7 so far.

26. What brought a conflict between Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy?

The beef started off as a sly comment by Shatta Wale after Stonebwoy celebrated his birthday by settling patients’ hospital bills. The management of Stonebwoy later stated publicly that no rebuttal will be offered. The next jab came from Shatta Wale again when rumors of Stonebwoy’s exits from Zylofon Music were in the news. The back and forth then began from there and took a nasty turn when Shatta Wale took a jab at Stonebwoy’s mother. A topic very sensitive to the artist.

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Stonebwoy net worth money and business

Now we look at the money and how his wallet does against those of his fellow stars.

27. How much is Stonebwoy worth?

So, how rich is Stonebwoy? His musical exploits have no doubt been very fruitful over the years and his net worth is the best show of this. What is Stonebwoy's net worth? Stonebwoy is worth an impressive $5.5 million. This means he is way wealthier than many Ghanaians.

28. How much does Stonebwoy charge for a show?

Stonebwoy earns a reported GHC 120000 per show. Taking this into account and the fact that he has performed at many high grossing events his net worth is no surprise.

29. Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale – who is rich?

The two artists are both extremely rich individuals. However, of the two Shatta Wale is richer with an estimated net worth of $6.2 million. Stonebwoy is close at $5.5 million.

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Stonebwoy house and cars

Stonebwoy house and cars
Where does Stonebwoy live?
Stonebwoy house
How many cars does Stonebwoy have"
Stonebwoy cars

In the last section of this article, you get to find out how the Stonebwoy spends his massive earnings.

30. Where does Stonebwoy live?

After getting married last year, starting a family was the next step for the dancehall star. He recently bought a mansion at Trassaco. Stonebwoy house at Trassaca is worth $500000. He was also given a brand-new mansion by Zylofon Media after signing with them.

31. How many cars does Stonebwoy have?

All of Stonebwoy’s cars are exceptionally expensive, indicative of his expensive taste. The high-rolling artist’s garage has a customized Hyundai Sonata, a Range Rover Sport SUV and to top it all off, a Porsche Panamera.

Stonebwoy is a highly intelligent individual, you can tell by listening to any of his interviews. This means he will keep his star bright and his celebrity status is here to stay. As he continues to release more music and more and more events unfold in his life, there will be more to know and learn about Stonebwoy and his family.

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