Michelle Attoh biography: Age, Siblings, Ex-Husband, Photos and Movies

Michelle Attoh biography: Age, Siblings, Ex-Husband, Photos and Movies

Michelle Attoh is a gorgeous Ghanaian model and television personality. She is considered as one of the most beautiful TV stars ever since her debut in the television series "Ultimate Paradise." She is also known for her different shows such as "Home with Michelle Attoh" (2013) and "40 and Single (2018) among other current projects.

Michelle Attoh

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Michelle Attoh is a beauty with brains that has never ceased to amaze the Ghanaian audience with her sizzling looks, fashion style, acting career, and television shows. The bubbly beauty makes an epic comeback in the Ghana movie industry, and the fans cannot get enough of her. This article talks about all her latest movie roles and other biography information that will put you in the know concerning the beautiful Ghanaian celebrity.

Michelle Attoh biography

Did you know that the beautiful hour-glass shaped Ghanaian television personality Michelle Attoh grew up as a tomboy? Ayes! The vivacious beauty reminisced on how she grew up climbing trees and playing a boys game called "Chaskele." In the interview with Kofi Okyere Darko of 360Live, she said that most of her childhood life, she grew alongside her male cousins who were very many compared to female cousins.

At a tender age of 5 years, the actress moved with her mother to Italy where she was raised until the age of 12. She came back in Abidjan at the age of 13 years. While there, she did her secondary education; hence she learned French as her second language. She only spoke Italian and had to learn how to speak English. She attended Laboni secondary School.

As a young girl, Attoh was quite a shy girl in front of the camera. Her childhood dream was not to become an actress but instead a lawyer. This was through her argumentative nature as a teen that made her engage in numerous discussions and debates with fellow friends as a tomboy.


Attoh was raised by her mother Rama Brew and her Italian stepfather. When she returned to Ghana at the age of 13 years, she wanted to get close with his Ghanaian biological father. This enabled her to know French. At only two years of age, her mother and father had separated.


The beauty was the only child of her mother. On the other hand, his biological father, who had separated from her mother went ahead to remarry. When she came back to reunite with his father, she stayed with him and his step-siblings.

Rama Brew role in the actress life

Rama Brew, the mother to Michelle Attoh, greatly influenced her daughter's longtime career in showbiz. Rama is celebrated as one of the veteran Ghanaian actresses of all time. She also doubled up as a television personality, and in the music scenario, she was a talented jazz musician. Her daughter Attoh is proof that "the fruit does not fall far away from its tree." She learned and imitated her mothers acting role hence becoming one of the most successful Ghanaian celebrities of our century.

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As an actress, Michelle Attoh happens to be the niece of Chris Attoh, who is also one of the greatest television celebrities and actors in Ghana.

In the film Ultimate Paradise, Michelle made her first acting debut. She acted as the daughter of her mother "Rama Brew" who was also an actress in the television series. Five years later, she became the first presenter for South Africa for Ghana working with M-net. She also featured in one of the first South African soap opera named as Egoli: Place of Gold. This significantly contributed to her African popularity as the soap was broadcasted to the massive Pan-African audience through the DSTV.

Bad Luck Joe Ghana movie

Image: instagram.com, @michelle_attoh
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The beautiful actress celebrates her two children as one of her greatest blessings. Through her 2018 Celebrity Fanzone interview, she mentions how proud her then 23 and 19-year-old children make her feel. She disappeared from the movie scene as she became a wife, a mother, and hence changes in roles.


Michelle is known for her private lifestyle especially when it comes to personal information. Information concerning her birthday or age is not provided as her fans are only left but to speculate her age. She is also private concerning her children's names and whereabouts. The beauty only speaks about her personal life concerning her acting career.

Michelle Attoh ex-husband

In her marriage life, she was blessed to have two children the first born being a girl while the second born is a boy. Michelle met her ex-husband way back after the end of her acting role in Hotel Paradise. Due to her multilingual skills, she was working as the secretary of her ex-husband. She got married to him at an early age of 21 years. According to her interview with The Standpoint that was published on YouTube on 1st July 2016, she confessed to having got married at such an early age as she needed having a "father figure" in her life. Her marriage lasted for 11 years before deciding to divorce. Her husband also remarried.

Michelle Attoh Instagram photos

For you to see some of the beautiful photos of Attoh, you simply have to search and follow the gorgeous actress through her numerous social media platform. By her Instagram handle “michelle_attoh,” you will fall in love with the numerous beautiful photos. Her fashion style is an inspiration to all the trendy ladies to copy.


Just last year, 2018, Michelle Attoh made a significant comeback in the Ghana movie industry. Millions of Ghanaian movie enthusiast welcomed Michelle's comeback as she starred in the 2018 movie Bad luck Joe. If you are a keen follower or fan of Ghana productions films and television shows, I bet you might have noticed that for quite some years, Michelle Attoh has been missing from the limelight.

Bad Luck Joe Ghana movie

Bad luck Joe happens to be the latest project written and directed by the professional movie producer Ramesh Jai. The hilarious drama-comedy movie has made it one of the most successful and current movies to hit the Ghanaian movie scene. The film was officially released seven months ago, on 5th October 2018, through Silverbird Cinemas all over Accra. Michelle acts as one of the two widows who fight over their husband riches.

Due to her professionalism and great movie acting talent, Michelle works with some of the big names in the film industry that include Chriss Attoh, singer Adomaa, and Sika Osei. She is also known for being a cast in the legendary Ghanaian television series known as Ultimate Paradise. The series aired from the early 1990s to 2000.

Michelle versus Ghanaian movie producers

So you might have been wondering, why did Attoh disappear from the Ghana movie scenario? She explains that most Ghanaian producers focus on producing low-quality content movies. As a professional actress, she saw it wise to stay away from poor quality while investing in how to build her own shows.

The "Ultimate Paradise" actress insisted that most African and Ghana producers are limited in film production knowledge. She terms this to be the reason why Africa is mostly termed as one of the darkest continents in terms of information and knowledge access.

Through an exclusive interview with the paparazzi at the launch of her latest film "Bad Luck Joe," she explained that African producers are known of depicting Africa as a greedy and cursed people through their films. That was her main reason for leaving the film industry. She, however, comes back in "Bad Luck Joe" to showcase the other producers and actors what an entertaining African movie should appear.

Michelle went ahead to describe most African producers as limited minded. She complained about the misconception that local producers tend to uphold of only displaying the negativity of our cultures to the entire world. She generally said that most African film producers have a limited mindset.

At Home with Michelle Attoh television series

The beauty also came up wither her show known as "At Home with Michelle Attoh" that featured guest celebrities and top Ghana personalities. She interviewed them by inviting them at the comfort of his lavish house; hence the shows name "at home." The show gained great popularity making Attoh gain numerous likes and following through her social media platforms. The bubbly beauty also featured in the movie "40 and Single."

Michelle Attoh is one of the beautiful Ghanaian television personalities. As an actress, she is famous for her roles in classic Ghana series like “Ultimate Paradise” and her current featured movie known as “Bad Luck Joe” (2018). The beauty is fluent in French and currently has two children. After her divorce with her ex-husband, the curvy celebrity continues to make significant steps in the Ghanaian movie scenario.

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