10 fuel filling stations that are making fool of you

10 fuel filling stations that are making fool of you

Fuel is one of the most significant resources in the world. Many people expect that they will get the exact amount of fuel for their pay. However, in Ghana, the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) discovered that some filling stations were robbing their clients of the right quantities of fuel. Due to this, they decided to conduct an impromptu inspection.

10 fuel filling stations

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Upon the inspection, the GSA discovered some filling stations that were fooling customers and giving them the wrong fuel quantities. Not only does this break the trust of the clients to these stations, but it is also illegal by law.

Inspections were conducted by the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA), to identify the top ten fuel filling stations that were under-delivering. The unannounced inspection was held in the Greater Accra, the Eastern and Central regions. The filling stations that were found to be fooling clients due to their under delivery include:

  1. Shell station at the Motorway Extension
  2. Total at McCarthyHill in Accra
  3. GOIL at Mile 11
  4. Frimps Oil at Tetegu junction
  5. GOIL at Galilea
  6. Frimps Oil on Spintex Road
  7. Glory Oil on the Spintex Road
  8. Allied Oil at Sakaman
  9. Shell at Amanfrom West
  10. Goodness Energy at Kasoa

Statements made by the GSA after the inspections

A report that was released by the Ghana Standards Authority and given to the Ghana News Agency acknowledged that besides the ten companies at fault, two companies, which are Galaxy Oil, Spintex Road, and Agapet, Spintex Road had broken the GSA seal without permission. It is expected that the two companies will be brought to justice for this.

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Although most fuel dealers felt bombarded with the abrupt exercise, GSA was quick to note out the relevance of the exercise. Another statement that was issued by the Ghana Standards Authority on Wednesday indicated that the routine checks were part of the Authority’s mandate in enforcing the provisions of the Weights and Measures Act 1975, NRCD 326.

ghana fuel filling stations

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The GSA also said the inspection was primarily carried out to verify the accuracy of the fuel dispensing pumps in the specified filling stations, and also to inspect and document if the fuel stations had the 10 L visugauges. Other reasons why the inspection was conducted was to check and ensure that the GSA plastic seals on dispensing pumps had not been tampered with, to lock the nozzles of the dispensing pumps that were under-delivering, and to issue out notices of failure to filling stations that had pumps that failed the test for a penalty.

10 fuel filling stations

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After the exercise was done, the GSA released a statement to the press indicating the number of visited stations as follows; Shell (11), Star oil (2), Total (15), Fraga Oil (1), Galaxy Oil ( (1), Lucky Oil (1), Puma (2), Engen (1), Glory Oil (1), Frimps (2), Top Oil (2), Goodness (1), Petrosol (3), Semanhyia (1), Universal (1), Nick Petroleum (2), Radiances (1), Agapet (1), Allied (1), GOIL (12), EVl (1), Power Fuel (1), and Compass Oleum (1).

GSA also revealed that out of 65 stations the authority body visited, 55 of them delivered right quantities, while 10, which are listed above under-delivered.

Actions to be taken by the GSA to prevent under-delivery

The Ghana Standards Authority assured the Ghanaians that it would continue to implement its legal mandate of protecting the consumers and enhancing the trade operations. This was through a collaboration with the National Petroleum Authority, other statutory bodies, and the Oil Marketing Companies that had the interest of the consumers and the state at heart.

Since fuel is one of the most crucial resources in a nation, it is essential to conduct inspections one in a while to ensure the filling stations are not taking advantage of their customers. When the Ghana Standards Authority did a random review in 65 filling stations, they discovered that 55 of the stations were offering the right quantities, while the remaining ten stations were under-delivering.

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