10 most controversial Reverend George Lutterodt statements

10 most controversial Reverend George Lutterodt statements

Without a doubt, religion in Africa is multifaceted, enshrined in deep belief systems, spirituality and faith. And now, people have developed strong affiliation to Abrahamic religions like Islam and Christianity. This strong belief system has seen the emergency of profound religious communities, led by, in most cases, self-professed (or ordained) spiritual leaders. Reverend George Lutterodt is among this clique of controversial pastors that are making bizarre and rarely understood statements about contemporary affairs in society. He has been criticized for some of his statements that he describes a result of poor media coverage. How many of his utterances do you know?

Reverend George Lutterodt
Controversial Ghanian Reverend George Lutterodt (left) and a church member. Photo: @ProphetBaduKobi
Source: Facebook

Many would agree that religion, more so Christianity, has numerous interpretations. People's attachment to such religions has seen the establishment of various churches and the emergence of religious leaders. And oh boy are such pastors controversial. It is no surprise for a Ghanaian pastor to make a controversial religious declaration and counsellor George Lutterodt has become one of the most contentious.

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He has been making headlines for the oddest statements that attract massive reactions from social media and influential celebrities. However, regardless of the backlash, Reverend George always keeps his stance, giving a different perspective and interpretation of his wild disclosures.

Contentious Reverend George Lutterodt utterances

Reverend George Lutterodt
Controversial Ghanaian Reverend George Lutterodt. Photo: @luv99.5fm
Source: Facebook

Although not all, self-proclaimed Reverend George Lutterodt statements mostly come out the wrong way. Numerous people and even government institutions find them bizarre and unprofessional and have been condemned in many ways.

What are these counsellor Lutterodt quotes that are creating a great backlash among society and the online community? Although counsellor Lutterodt and wife have recently welcomed a baby, he is not trending for it, but his random wild utterances.

1. It is not offensive for a fan to say Sally Galley is ugly and barren

Who doesn’t recall Sally Galley’s reaction to a fan that abused her? She was trending after raining curses on a female fan that called her barren and ugly. The fan’s statement attracted massive backlash from other social media users and celebrities, making the lady apologize for her abusive remarks.

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George Lutterodt from Ghana joined Sally Galley's fan controversies by making a provocative statement hitting fans the wrong way. According to the pastor and counsellor, there is no problem at all for a fan to call her barren and ugly, and she shouldn't have taken offence.

The pastor stated that Sally should have taken the comment lightly as it is the fan's opinion. The counsellor said that Sally would have given a cool reply instead of responding with anger. Lutterodt even went further to assert that Sally ought to have requested her followers to pray for the fan.

2. Victims of rape end up enjoying the act

There are so many Counsellor Lutterodt quotes, but his remarks about rape victims made many people react and take action. He made the derogatory utterance during a panel session on Adom TV to the surprise of other panellists that didn't take the utterance gently.

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He stated:

People who are undergoing rape don’t endure the pain throughout the whole period because it always gets to a time when they start to enjoy themselves in the act.

Counsellor George Lutterodt, who is also a controversial marriage advisor, supported the claim by quoting some unsubstantiated research. He claimed that according to research, most rape victims end up in a relationship with the culprit.

This statement didn’t go well with the online community and other influential personalities that expressed their resentment online. For instance, video vixen Efia Odo shared the following on her Twitter page:

Counsellor Lutterodt is a fucking idiot. How can you say every rape victim enjoys the act? A 4-year-old boy unergoing rape enjoys the act? Or a girl being drugged and exposed to rape enjoys it? You’re a poor excuse of a human being.

3. Statement about five categories of women in men’s life

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Reverend George Lutterodt
Controversial Ghanaian Reverend George Lutterodt. Photo: @Nacee AlltunezGh
Source: Facebook

Counsellor George added to Kumawood actress Tracey Boakye and musician Mzbel, stating that the two women are behaving like prostitutes. He used this incident to enforce his claim about prostitution among celebrities. He maintained that even though people mostly misunderstand him, the drama certifies his claim.

This situation led him to give another contentious remark about categories of women in men's life. These are a wife, sex mate, girlfriend, baby mama and side chicks. Reverend George Lutterodt classified Tracey and Mzbel in these categories and blamed them for exposing their trade secrets in public.

4. It is disrespectful for a man living in a single room to think of marriage

George Lutterodt from Ghana created a public stir when he pronounced that men living in single rooms shouldn't marry. According to the provocative pastor, any woman that considers marrying such a man is not serious. He also revealed that it was disrespectful for such men to go for marriage as they cannot take care of themselves.

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5. Marrying in the church is not in the Bible

Even after being warned by the relevant Ghanaian authorities about his unsubstantiated declarations that bring great controversy, the self-declared counsellor was at it again. This time, George Lutterodt from Ghana claimed that the Bible doesn’t state that people ought to marry in church.

The Psychological Council has already warned the counsellor against offering services on television and radio. In the television submission, the contentious counsellor asserted that a pastor shouldn't urge their congregants to marry in the church as it is unbiblical advice.

6. No man can satisfy any woman sexually on earth

Reverend George Lutterodt statements have always been strange. In 2016, he made a fascinating rant about sexual satisfaction. In an interview with Abusua FM's Drive, Ike-Da Un-predictable, the counsellor openly talked about fake orgasmic reactions.

No man can satisfy any woman sexually on this earth, the thankyou they say is an appreciation for your time wasted. She is fanning your ego to let you know that you are counted among the lot.

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He went further to state that the majority of women's moans are lies and are just a way for them to fan a man's ego.

7. Failure to satisfy your wife will land you in hellfire

If you were wondering about the criteria for going to heaven, then Reverend George has added one to the list. And it is something that you probably never thought about – satisfying your wife in bed.

In 2018, he stated that any man that doesn't satisfy their women would burn forever in hell. The pastor made this controversial statement while setting the stage at the in-worship concert at the House of Miracles Ministries in Madina.

8. I am the reason for Ghana's prosperity

Reverend George Lutterodt
Controversial Ghanaian Reverend George Lutterodt. Photo: @Hitz1039
Source: Facebook

A video surfaced on Facebook of Reverend George stating that all the prosperity and status that Ghana has achieved so far is because of his capabilities. According to him, he has saved numerous marriages of people who have been adhering to his advice.

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9. Be happy when your wife cheats on you

The pastor made this astonishing revelation on the Ghanaian television show Badwam. According to him, husbands out to be happy and learn when their wife cheats on them. He insisted that men shouldn't blame their wives for cheating as they are the ones that let them engage in extramarital affairs.

The controversial pastor even made another shocking remark that men who find their wives cheating ought to watch and learn from the act. This is among the wildest Reverend George Lutterodt statements he has ever made.

10. Most men hate virgins because virginity is a burden

Reverend George Lutterodt, who is a self-declared marriage counsellor, has stated that virgins are a burden to men.

Virginity is a burden. Look, if you gather 10 men in Ghana, eight of them don’t want to have virgins because virgins are burdens. Virginity doesn’t add anything to the fun.

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The pastor supported his statement by claiming that the Bible is not against prostitution. He made this wild remark when speaking on e.TV.

Indeed, Reverend George Lutterodt has made numerous shocking utterances over the years, many hitting people the wrong way. He has even been singled out by certain government institutions like the Psychological Council of Ghana that want radio and television companies to stop hosting him for counselling and advice sessions.

Yen.com.gh on November 21 highlighted the controversial Prophet Odumuje’s controversial actions during actress, Destiny Etiko’s father burial. The pastor splashed a lot of money during the burial ceremony.

From recent events, it is evident that the pastor likes public attention and wouldn’t waste an opportunity for people to talk about him. Prophet Odumuje attracts people’s attention because of his interesting preaching style.

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