Districts in the Eastern Region of Ghana and their capitals

Districts in the Eastern Region of Ghana and their capitals

The Eastern Region of Ghana is one of 16 administrative regions of the country. It is bordered to the east by Lake Volta, to the west by Ashanti Region, and the north by Bono East Region. The districts in the Eastern Region are predominantly occupied by the Akans although there are other smaller native groups as well.

Districts in the Eastern Region

Somanya town the capital of Yilo Krobo District. Photo: @GhDistricts
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The Eastern Region of Ghana is known for the Akosombo dam. Koforidua is the capital town of the region and the major languages spoken are Akan, Krobo, Ewe, Hausa and English. How many districts are in the Eastern Region of Ghana? The region used to have a total of 21 districts, but in 2019, changes were made, and the number increased to 26.

A list of districts in the Eastern Region of Ghana and their capitals

The Eastern Region of Ghana has a total of 26 districts. Some of them have several settlements while others don't. Here is the list of these districts, their capitals and settlements.

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1. Akuapim North Municipal - Akropong

Akuapim North Municipal district's capital is Akropong. The district's settlements are:

  • Abiriw
  • Adawso
  • Adukrom
  • Akropong
  • Amanfro
  • Amanokrom
  • New Mangoasem
  • Obosomase
  • Okorase
  • Okra Kwadwo
  • Tinkong
  • Tutu

2. Akuapim South - Aburi

Nsawam is the capital of the Akuapim South Municipal District of the Eastern Region, Ghana. The district used to be an ordinary one until February 2008 when it was upgraded to a municipality.

It is found in the southwestern part of the Eastern Region bordering Suhum-Kraboa Coaltar in the northwest. Akuapim South has a total of 23 settlement areas which include:

  • Aburi
  • Adoagyiri
  • Adamorobe
  • Adeiso
  • Ahwerase
  • Ahwerease
  • Amanfrom
  • Ankwa Dobro
  • Anoff, Berekuso
  • Dago
  • Darmang
  • Fotobi
  • Konkonuru
  • Kitase

3. Akyemansa - Ofoase

Akyemansa District is found in the Ashanti Akim South Municipal and is located in one of the Eastern region counties. Its capital is a small town called Akyem Ofoase. It sits among three major commercial towns, namely Oda, Nkwakaw, and New Abirem. Birim North District borders the district to the north and Kwaebibirem districts to the east.

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4. Asuogyaman - Atimpoku

Districts in the Eastern Region

An aerial view of Volta hotel in Akosombo port in Atimpoku. Photo: @GhDistricts
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Asuogyaman capital is Atimpoku. Some of the tourist attraction sites in the district include Akosombo port, Dodi Island and Dodi Princess. The district is bordered by the Afram Plains South district to the north and the upper and lower Manya districts to the South and west.

On the east side, the district borders the Volta Region and shares its border with Kpando, North Dayi, Ho and the North Tongu Districts. Asuogyaman has 19 major settlement areas which are:

  • Aboasa
  • Anyansu
  • Abomanyaw
  • Akosombo
  • Akwamufie
  • Anum
  • Apeguso
  • Asikuma
  • Atimpoku
  • Boso
  • Frankadua

5. Atiwa - Kwabeng

Atiwa is one of the 26 districts of the Eastern Region of south Ghana, and its capital is Kwabeng. The district was carved out of the East Akim Municipal District in 2004. It is surrounded by Kwahu West and Kwahu South Districts to the north.

The district has the following settlement:

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  • Abomosu
  • Adasawase
  • Akim Sekyere
  • Akrofufu
  • Akwabooso
  • Anyinam
  • Asamama
  • Asunafo
  • Awemare
  • Banso

6. Ayensuano - Coaltar

Ayensuano District was inaugurated on the 28th of June, 2012 making it one of the new districts in Eastern Region. It was carved out of the then Suhum Kraboa Coaltar District Assembly. The district shares its boundary with Suhum Municipality to the North and Nsawam Adoagyiri Municipality to the South.

The largest settlements in the district are:

  • Anum Apapam
  • Amanase
  • Asuboi
  • Teacher Mante
  • Coaltar
  • Docrochiwa
  • Otoase
  • Kofi Pare
  • Kuano
  • Akyeansa
  • Kwaboanta
  • Obuoho
  • Sowatey
  • Krabokese

7. Birim Central Municipal - Akim Oda

Districts in the Eastern Region

Inauguration of Takrowase Community Day SHS. Photo: @GhDistricts
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The Birim Central Municipal District was established in 2008, and its capital is Akim Oda. The district is located in the southwestern part of the Eastern Region. It shares its border with Birim North and Kwaebibirem Districts to the North.

The Birim Central Municipal District is famous for Big Tree. The tourist attraction is believed to be the tallest tree in West Africa. The circumference of the tree is 12 meters, and it stands at 66.5 meters tall. It is found in the Esen Epan Forest Reserve.

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8. Birim North - New Abirem

The Birim River which flows through the Birim North District is a major source of diamonds in the area. It makes the district one of the points of interest in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The neighbours are Kwahu West District to the north, Asante Akyem South and Adansi South District to the west.

Birim North has a total of 78 settlements, some of which include:

  • Abenase
  • Adjobue
  • Adubiase
  • Adwafo
  • Afosu
  • Akoase
  • Akokoaseo
  • Amuana Praso
  • Anyinase
  • Ayirebi
  • Brenase
  • Chia
  • Kotokuom
  • Mamanso

9. Birim South - Akim Swedru

Birim was created in 2008 but was again split in 2020 to form Achiase District and Birim South District. Its capital is Akim Swedru. Most of the other towns in the former Birim South District like Achiase, Akenkasu and Aperadi became part of the newly created Achiase District.

The new district shares its boundary with Birim Central Municipal District to the northeast and Agona West Districts to the South. Some of the settlements in the district are:

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  • Adiembra
  • Aduasa
  • Aggreykrom
  • Akim Swedru
  • Akortekrom
  • Akyem Swedru
  • Anamase
  • Awisa
  • Bieni
  • Bomoden
  • Kokobeng
  • Duakon
  • Nyankomase
  • Osorase

10. Denkyembour - Akwatia

The administrative capital of Denkyembour District is Akwatia town. The district was formed in 2012 and shared its boundary with Kwaebibirem Municipal and Akyemansa District to the north.

11. East Akim Municipal - Kibi

East Akim achieved its municipality status in 2008. It shares its border with Kwahu South District to the north, Kwaebibirem District to the southwest and Suhum-Kraboa-Coaltar Districts to the South.

The list of settlements here includes:

  • Akim Apapam
  • Akim Tafo
  • Apedwa
  • Asafo
  • Asiakwa
  • Bunso
  • Maase
  • New Tafo
  • Nkronso
  • Old Tafo
  • Osiem
  • Kibi
  • Kukurantumi

12. Fanteakwa - Begoro

Fanteakwa was split from old East Akyem in 1988 and Begoro became its capital. The district shares its boundary with Kwahu South to the west, Kwahu East to the north and Atiwa district to the southwest.

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Some of the biggest settlements in the district include:

  • Abompe
  • Adjeiikrom
  • Akwadum Dorse
  • Ahoniahoniaso
  • Akyem Hemang
  • Ayiensu
  • Begoro
  • Bepoase
  • Bososo
  • Bisibom
  • Dedesoworako
  • Dwenase
  • Ehiamankyene-Odumase
  • Juaso
  • Nsutam
  • Obooho
  • Osino
  • Saaman
  • Summer

13. Kwaebibirem - Kade

Kwaebibirem has its administrative capital at Kade. It is located to the southwestern part of the eastern region of south Ghana. It is surrounded to the east by Atiwa District and East Akim Municipal and Denyembour District to the South.

Apart from Kade which is the capital of the district, other settlements include:

  • Akim-Wenchi
  • Apinamang
  • Anweaso
  • Asempanaye
  • Afreseni – Camp
  • Afreseni
  • Aworokrom
  • Asibey-Nkwanta
  • Akwatia
  • Asibeykrom
  • Amakom
  • Asuokor
  • Attakrom
  • Aponaponso
  • Adugyama
  • Kumawu
  • Bonkrom
  • Nyehwee
  • Kunsu

14. Kwahu Afram Plains North - Donkorkrom

Districts in the Eastern Region

People being ferried at Kwahu Afram Plains. Photo: @GhDistricts
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The district's capital is Donkorkrom. Atebubu Districts surround it to the north and Asante-Akim to the west. The district has rich soils for agriculture and has many settlements such as:

  • Abomosarefo
  • Adiembra
  • Agya Atta
  • Amanfrom
  • Amankwakrom
  • Asanyansa
  • Brumben
  • Dedeso
  • Dodi
  • Donkorkrom
  • Ekye Tease
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15. Kwahu Afram Plains South - Tease

The district is found to the South of Kwahu Afram and has its administrative capital at Tease. Kwahu South bounds it to the South, the Afram River to the east, and Ashanti-Akim to the west.

Kwahu Afram Plains South is predominantly a rural district with settlements such as:

  • Tease
  • EkyeAmanfrom
  • Maame-Krobo
  • Dome
  • Nkwanta
  • Kwaekese
  • Agata
  • Forifori
  • Odomasua
  • Agya Atta
  • Kwasi Fante
  • Kwame Dwamena

16. Kwahu East - Abetifi

Kwahu East has its capital at Abetifi. The district was created in 2007 and inaugurated in 2008 by NPP John Kufuor. It is found to the northern part of the Eastern Region and shares its boundary with Kwahu North to the east, Kwahu South to the south and Fanteakwa district to the southeast.

The major settlements include:

  • Abene Dwerebease
  • Abetifi
  • Aduamoah
  • Akwasiho
  • Bokuruwa
  • Hweehwee
  • Nteso
  • Pepease
  • Suminakese

17. Kwahu South - Mpraeso

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Kwahu South was established in 1988 with Mpraeso as the capital. The district is quite popular because of the Kwahu Easter holiday. During this time, the district is usually overcrowded.

It is surrounded by Fanteakwa District to the East, East Akim District and Kwahu West Municipality to the South, and Kwahu East to the north. Some of the major settlements are:

  • Suminakese
  • Sempoah
  • Pepease
  • Obomeng
  • Oboo
  • Nketepa
  • New Oworobong
  • Kotoso
  • Bepong
  • Atibie
  • Asakraka
  • Akwaseho
  • Aduamoa

18. Kwahu West Municipal - Nkwakaw

Nkwakaw is the administrative capital of Kwahu West Municipal District. It shares boundaries with Kwahu South to the east, Atiwa to the South, and Asante Akim South district to the north.

Kwahu West Municipal has several settlements some of which are:

  • Wisiwisi
  • Oframase
  • Obomeng Odumase
  • Nkwanda
  • Mpraeso Amanfrom
  • Kwahu Nsaba
  • Atibie Amanfrom
  • Asuboni Rail
  • Asuboni
  • Asona

19. Lower Manya Krobo - Odumase Krobo

The Lower Manya Krobo used to be part of the former Manya Krobo District which was split in 2008 to form the new district. Its administrative capital is located at Odumase Krobo. The major towns found here are Odumase township Kpong and Akuse.

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This district shares boundaries with Upper Manya Krobo District to the north, Shai Osudoku District to the South and Yilo Krobo Municipal to the west.

20. New-Juaben Municipal - Koforidua

Districts in the Eastern Region

New Juaben Municipal Assembly Koforidua building. Photo: @GhDistricts
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Koforidua is not only the capital of the district but also the capital of the entire Eastern Region. It is home to the Obuo Tabri Mountain which is considered as sacred by the natives. The district shares its boundary with Akuapim North District to the east and South and Suhum Kraboa Coaltar to the west.

The district has some of the most populated settlements in the region such as:

  • Koforidua
  • Abotanso
  • Adom Ponsu Boampong
  • Akwadum
  • Effiduase
  • Asikasu Asuogya
  • Ketenkye
  • Kofikrom
  • Koforidua-Ada
  • Mpaem
  • Nyerede Okper
  • Oyoko

21. Nsawam Adoagyire Municipal - Nsawam

The Nsawam Adoagyiri Municipal district is only 23km from Accra, the national capital of Ghana. It shares its border with Suhum Municipal Assembly to the north, Ga West Municipal to the South, West Akim to the west and Akuapem South to the East.

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22. Suhum Municipal - Suhum

Suhum Municipal, sometimes referred to as the Suhum-Kraboa-Coaltar District has its capital at Suhum. Akuapim South Municipal District borders it to the South and Kwaebibirem District to the west.

The settlements of the district are found in:

  • Abenabu
  • Akorabo
  • Akyeansa
  • Amanase
  • Anum Apapam
  • Asuboi
  • Brong Densuso
  • Otoase
  • Sowatey
  • Suhum
  • Teacher Mante

23. Upper Manya Krobo - Asesewa

Upper Manya Krobo is one of the 26 districts in the Eastern Region of south Ghana. It has its capital at Asesewa, a historic trading post. The district was formed in 2008 after being split from the former Manya Krobo District. It shares boundaries with Afram Plains to the north and Fanteakwa to the west.

24. Upper West Akim - Adelso

The Upper West Akim district was inaugurated in 2012 and Adelso was set as its administrative capital. The district was carved from the West Akim Municipal Assembly. It shares its boundary with West Akim Municipality to the north, Ayensuano to the east and Awutu-Afutu Senya to the west.

25. West Akim Municipal - Asamankese

The West Akim Municipal is found 75km northwest of Accra city and has Asamankese as its capital. The neighbouring districts are Birim Central Municipal to the west, Denkyembour and East Akim to the north, and Ayensuoano and Upper West Akim to the eastern side.

26. Yilo Krobo - Somanya

Somanya is the capital of Yilo Krobo. This district borders Akuapimk North district to the South, Lower Manya Krobo district to the north and east, and Fanteakwa to the west. The district has about two hundred and thirty settlements.

The Eastern Region of Ghana is one of the most populous in the country. As a result, districts in the Eastern Region were increased to 26 to ensure effective service delivery to all people in the area.

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