Exclusive: 51 Year Old Stunner Shares How She Keeps Herself Forever 21

Exclusive: 51 Year Old Stunner Shares How She Keeps Herself Forever 21

- A local lady has left Mzansi shook after sharing pictures of her 51-year-old self looking all sorts of amazing

- In an exclusive interview dedicated to fitness, the woman shares how she has put many hours in the gym to look as fabulous as she does

- Many people could not believe that the woman was 51 years old, many of them expressing shock at her youthful appearance

Dawn Storom is one flaming hot 51-year-old and she definitely knows it. The beautiful woman recently shared pictures of her super fit self and Mzansi went absolutely crazy, not even believing that she was really 51.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with YEN.com.gh news, Storom reveals that she had started working out shortly after her 50th birthday after she made the decision to do something for herself having taken care of her household and family for many years before that.

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"When I decided to start, I said to myself, 'All my life I've taken care of other people. My kids are grown. This is my opportunity to take care of myself, and only me'. That was my attitude. I suppose that's why I had failed before and now I'm succeeding. Because this time it's all about me," says a clearly very confident Storom.
Exclusive: 51 Year Old Stunner Shares How She Keeps Herself Forever 21
Many locals cannot believe Dawn Storom is 51-years-old. Images: Dawn Storom
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She also adds that she made the best decision for herself after making the decision to hire a personal trainer right at the start of her wellness journey and has never looked back because her trainer helped her stay consistent.

The fit and fabulous South African mother also shared some advice for getting rid of stubborn belly fat - the bane of many ladies' existence (spoiler alert - it won't be easy):

"My personal trainer tells me that if there's any part of your body that exposes your eating habits, it's your belly fat. Even if you work out but don't eat clean, it will persist. Clean and healthy eating is not easy but it's the biggest contributor to getting rid of that.

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"It's important that we exercise, eat healthily, cut out sugars, manage your food portions and regulate alcohol intake," she says.

When Storom is not smashing her fitness goals and leaving social media users drooling over her pics and wishing for her physique, she winds down in front of a good book or TV show.

"I'm a TV and book junkie. Netflix is my haven. My newest passion is cooking. That's how I unwind from books and Netflix. Other than that, I go out for meals and in the evenings, I'm mostly watching different You-Tube videos. There's a wealth of information out there," she ends the interview.

In other inspiring YEN.com.gh news, it's the beginning of the year and so as they do, many people have committed to starting healthier lifestyles. This has also started an influx in posts by locals who have embarked on health journeys using the hashtag, #FetchYourBody.

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Under the hashtag, thousands of posts have popped up either of people's running stats, their new bodies versus their old bodies and even the food that they have been eating to help them fetch their figures.

Briefly.co.za has compiled a few of the tweets that South Africans have made using the hashtag since the start of the day. We also took a look at some of the comments they received.

Source: YEN.com.gh

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