10 biggest churches in Ghana with largest congregation 2021

10 biggest churches in Ghana with largest congregation 2021

The church is an important pillar in almost every community as it is a place that the locals of every area always frequent. The church is more than just a meeting that takes place every week. It is a community of people there for each other in good times and bad times. It is common to find people looking for the best churches to join that will fulfill their needs. So, are you looking for the biggest churches in Ghana?

10 biggest churches in Ghana
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Although bigger is not always better, there are several advantages to being part of a large congregation. In a large church, you are sure to find programs for all ages, and it is easy to find other people with like interests. It is also easy to find high quality and a great variety of ministers from the large pool there is to draw from.

10 biggest churches in Ghana

In Ghana, there are several big churches with large congregations that you could choose from. This list contains ten of the biggest church with the largest population in Ghana. Look for one that is located near you and start worshipping as soon as possible.

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1. The Church of Pentecost

The Church of Pentecost is a Ghanaian Pentecostal denomination that spread and is now present in more than 105 countries. The church was founded in 1962, and as of 2021, it has over 3 million members. When it was founded, it was a singular entity.

However, through foreign missionary work and establishing relationships with other churches, it grew into a worldwide movement. This church has the highest church population in Ghana, and it is a perfect choice if you are looking for a great church to join.

2. Catholic Church of Ghana

The Catholic Church is one of the most widespread denominations globally, and this is the case even in Ghana. There are over three million Catholics in Ghana, and the country is divided into 20 dioceses. this means that you can find one of their branches regardless of which part of the country you live in.

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3. Presbyterian Church Ghana

The Presbyterian Church is a mainline protestant church in Ghana. It is the oldest Christian church in Ghana since it was established in December 1828. When missionaries arrived on the Gold Coast to spread Christianity, they set up the church, and it has only grown since then. The church now has over one million members making it one of the largest churches in Ghana.

4. Methodist Church Ghana

The Methodist church is another church that was established in Ghana in the 19th century. It was established in 1835, and since then, it has amassed quite a following. The church has provided formal education for Ghanaians through schooling, and this has positively impacted many generations.

It is also a big medical care provider in the area. Generally, any worshipper who decides to join this church is part of a great family.

5. Christ Apostolic Church

The CAC is a Pentecostal Evangelical church whose existence is traced to the ministry of the late Apostle Peter Anim. Apostle Anim is the originator of Ghanaian Pentecostalism, and the church had a humble beginning.

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Peter Anim Newman started a healing ministry in 1917 called the Faith Tabernacle. Since then, his church got affiliated with several ministries, and together they grew and evolved into the church as we know it today.

6. Assemblies of God

10 biggest churches in Ghana
Loretto Chapel. Photo: @Bruce Yuanyue Bi
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The Assemblies of God (AG) is part of a group of churches all over the world that come together to form the world’s largest Pentecostal denomination. All the churches are independent and autonomous but are united by their shared beliefs. The AG expanded into a worldwide movement through foreign missionary work and establishing relationships with other Pentecostal churches.

The main AG branch in Ghana is one of the biggest church buildings in Ghana, and it has one of the largest congregations in the country.

7. Deeper Christian Life Ministry

This church is another giant when it comes to church congregation sizes. It has been around for a long time and has a head office in Accra plus several branches in other regions. The church is a large family that is there for each other.

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Although the huge population may be daunting for someone thinking of worshipping there for the first time, everyone is very welcoming, and the church will feel like home in a short time.

8. International Central Gospel Church

The International Central Gospel Church is one of the best churches to worship on every Sabbath day. ICGC is an evangelical Christian church officially inaugurated as a church on the 26th of February 1984 in Accra, Ghana. The first meeting only had twenty people. However, this number has since exploded and made the church one of the biggest church auditoriums in Ghana.

9. Lighthouse Chapel International

Dag Heward-Mills founded lighthouse Chapel International in 1987. Its headquarters are located in Accra, Ghana. It is one of the largest churches in Ghana and is considered one of the leading charismatic churches. It has over 27,000 members in Ghana alone, and members of this church have been heard saying that it is like a second home.

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Whatever you are looking for in a church, you are sure to find it at LCI. Its branch in Kumasi has been labeled the biggest church in Kumasi, and its congregation is made up of people from all walks of life.

10. Action Chapel International

Formerly known as Christian Action Faith Ministries, ACI is a charismatic church that was founded in Accra, Ghana, in 1979. It was founded by Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams. This church is one of the best places to worship in the whole country, and everyone works extra hard to make sure that a church of that size feels like home.

Which church has more branches in Ghana? This is one of the most commonly asked questions by people who are searching for a church to worship in. the church you choose could affect your faith significantly, so it is important to choose wisely. If you are looking for the biggest churches in Ghana, now you know them.

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