100+ names that mean death and darkness for boys and girls

100+ names that mean death and darkness for boys and girls

One of the first gifts that a parent gives their child is a name. The child’s name will be used to identify them for the rest of their lives, and in some cases, may even affect their personality. One of the best features of a name is its uniqueness. Since most names have already been sampled, choosing a name that most people do not find appealing is a sure way of getting a unique name for your bundle of joy. Names that mean death and darkness are a great way to find something unique and cool.

names that mean death and darkness for boys and girls
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While names that mean darkness are not a mainstream choice, a determined parent can make it work. Being named after something as cool as an angel of death is bound to make your child feel badass in the future whenever their name is called out. However, it is important to exercise extreme caution when doing this. While most of the names are pretty cool, some of them are creepy names that your child could do without.

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Names with dark meanings

Names with dark meanings are popular among parents who wish to have something new for their kids. They are beautiful names with meanings that are still very impactful, although they aren’t what is socially acceptable as good. If you are about to have a baby and are looking for cool names, check these out.

Boy names that mean death and darkness

Death and darkness are not what you normally hear when people are searching for names for their newborn. However, if for whatever reason you want to name your baby boy something that means death or darkness, here are some excellent boy names that you can use.

  • Abdulbaith - Servant of one who raises death
  • Ajal – Hour of death
  • Anpu – God of death
  • Arius – Deathless
  • Claeg – One who is subjected to death(mortal)
  • Clay - One who is subjected to death(mortal)
  • Dearil - Call of death
  • Erysichthon – someone cursed with an insatiable hunger that leads to his death
  • Javaraya – God of death
  • Kalabhiti – immortal, of whom death is afraid
  • Kalakuta – potion of death
  • Kalaraja – Lord of death
  • Kalayavan – as horrible as death
  • Kaliya – of death
  • Kritanta – God of death
  • Methuselah – to bring death
  • Mrithun – Lord of death
  • Mritunjoy – one who wins over death
  • Mrityuanjaya – one who is victorious over death
  • Mrityunjai – one who wins over death
  • Nirnasha – one who can never die
  • Thanatos – he who brings death
  • Tuwile – death is invincible
  • Yamajit – conqueror of death

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Girl names that mean death or darkness

names that mean death and darkness for boys and girls
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Most female names that mean either death and darkness are mighty and beautiful names. Your child will definitely thank you for giving her one of these beautiful names once they are grown.

  • Achlys – Darkness
  • Chiwa – eternal rest, death
  • Darci, Darcia, Darcie – the stubborn dark one
  • Ernaline – capable of battling to the death
  • Freyja – lady of love, beauty and death
  • Ilamatecuhtli – Aztec goddess of fertility and death
  • Keket – Egyptian Goddess of Darkness
  • Khalida – deathless, immortal
  • Libitina – Roman goddess of death and funerals
  • Loralai, Lorelai, Loreley – A siren who sings and lures men to their death
  • Morana – Goddess of winter and death
  • Morrigan – Goddess of death and war
  • Omisha – the spirit of birth and death
  • Persefoni – Bringer of death
  • Thana – eternal rest, death
  • Tanda – Seer of life and death
  • Tamasvi – one who has darkness inside
  • Tamela – Dark in a sweet way
  • Tamisra – full of darkness

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Names that mean angel of death

The only thing that is better than being named after an angel is being named after an angel of death. These names are the perfect balance between mystery and beauty, and the names are sure to command attention wherever your child goes. Especially if they are around religious people, these are very memorable names that everyone will have a hard time forgetting.

  • Azrael
  • Dabria
  • Munkar – Angel of Death in Islam
  • Nakir - Angel of Death in Islam
  • Samael - Angel of Death in Christianity/ Judaism

Names that mean misfortune

names that mean death and darkness for boys and girls
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Misfortune could mean bad luck or an unfortunate condition or event. It is safe to assume that these aren’t used a lot because of their obvious connotations.

  • Acheros – a river of sorrow
  • Mallory – ill-fated luck
  • Ahlai – sorrowing experience
  • Bronach – sorrow
  • Brona – Sorrowful
  • Dierdre – sorrowful
  • Dolores – Sorrow
  • Drystan – full of sorrow
  • Jabez – Hebrew for sorrow
  • Nekane – sorrow
  • Ares – means ruin
  • Bora – means storm in Turkish
  • Corentin – Hurricane
  • Devland – Misfortune
  • Tavarious – misfortune
  • Tempest – violent storm
  • Volkan - Volcano

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Japanese names that mean death

The Japanese firmly believe that a child's name will drastically affect their future. Thus, most baby names have meanings that are the opposite of death and darkness. Therefore, finding a Japanese name that means death for your newborn may be a difficult task.

These names that mean death and darkness for boys and girls are the perfect names for your newborn baby if you crave mysterious names. These names are unique and very meaningful, making them the perfect names for your baby.

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