100+ names that mean death and darkness for boys and girls

100+ names that mean death and darkness for boys and girls

Many tribes and communities consider death to be a taboo subject. As a result, many people are unsure about the issue and are afraid of it. But did you know that some people prefer to give death names to their children? Learn about 100+ children names that mean death or darkness.

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names that mean death
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What exactly is a name? It is the identity that is given to a person at birth. Therefore, positively naming your children is thought to bring good luck. However, people name their children after taboo titles.

Names that mean death

Names that mean death and destruction may sound dark and scary. However, some parents have opted to name their children these names regardless. This is because the names are mysterious and bring out fear when mentioned. Here are some of these names and the meanings they have.

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Boy names that mean death and darkness

Death and darkness are not usually mentioned when people look for their newborn names. However, if you want to name your baby boy something that means death or darkness for whatever reason, here are some excellent boy names to consider.

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  • Abdulbaith – Servant of one who brings forth sorrow
  • Achmetha – Brother of grief
  • Ahimoth – Brother of demise
  • Ajal – Dying hour, fate or destiny
  • Amara – Immortal being with no beginning or end.
  • Anpu – God of demise and destruction
  • Arius – Without an end
  • Athanasius – Immortal or defies the inevitable
  • Azrail – Angel of sorrow and suffering
  • Azvameth – Strong and powerful destruction
  • Baladan – Son of the grim reaper
  • Berodach – Son of death
  • Cain – Father of murder
  • Claeg – One who is subjected to the demise
  • Clay – A mortal dommed to fail
  • Dearil – Call of demise
  • Ernesh – Battle of life
  • Erysichthon – Cursed, greedy and doomed to demise
  • Hades – Dark god of the underworld
  • Hazarmaveth – Means dwelling of the end
  • Janardan – Liberator of the cycle of life and extinction
  • Javaraya – god of suffering and demise
  • Jeevak – Period from the present until the end
  • Jeremoth – One that fears extinction
  • Jerimoth – One that fears or rejects demise
  • Kalabhiti – Long-lived, immortal and everlasting
  • Kalakuta – Potion of death
  • Kalaraja – Lord of extinction
  • Kalayavan – Dreadful as death itself
  • Kaliya – The end of time
  • Kek – Egyptian god of darkness
  • Kenelm – Man of the elmwood
  • Kritanta – Indian god of extinction
  • Mabuz – Ruler of the non-living castle
  • Menahem – One who consoles
  • Meremoth – Bitterness myrrh of death
  • Methusael – He demands his demise
  • Methuselah – To bring the end
  • Morte – Dead
  • Mot – Extinction in Ugaritic
  • Mrithun – Made of Earth, lord of demise
  • Mritunjay – Who can conquer the grim reaper
  • Mritunjoy – One who wins over the demise
  • Mrityuanjaya – Victorious over the inevitable
  • Mrityunjai – One who has never been defeated by death
  • Nirnasha – One who can never die or immortal
  • Osiris – Egyptian god of the non-living and the judge of the underworld
  • Rashn – Judged of the souls of the unliving
  • Runihara – Destroyer
  • Samael – Fallen angel
  • Sephtis – Eternal death
  • Than – The end
  • Thanatos – He who brings extinction
  • Tuwile – Demise is invincible
  • Wolfe – Means wolf or a deadly beast
  • Yama – Hindu god of demise
  • Yamajit – Conqueror of the end

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What are girls names that mean death?

names that mean death
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What female names mean death and darkness? What's a girl name that means death? You will be surprised to know that some popular names do. However, some of these names given to children are due to religious or cultural reasons.

So, if you are curious to find out if your name is on the list, confirm it below. Here are some girl names that mean death or darkness.

  • Abiba – First child born after the death of a grandmother
  • Achlys – Darkness
  • Adaliah – Poverty and cloud of demise
  • Adrienne – The dark one
  • Angerona – Roman goddess of fear, extinction, and silence
  • Bashemath – Confusion of death
  • Chiwa – Eternal rest, demise
  • Clotho – Spinner of the thread of life
  • Dabria – Angel of demise and sorrow
  • Darci, Darcia, Darcie – The stubborn dark one
  • Desdemona – From the devil
  • Deyanira – Man destroyer
  • Ereshkigal – Sumerian goddess of the non-living and the underworld
  • Ernaline – Means battle to the end
  • Freyja – Lady of love, beauty, and demise
  • Hecate – Greek goddess of evil, crossroads, tombs, demons, and the underworld
  • Ilamatecuhtil – Aztec goddess of fertility and demise
  • Keket – Egyptian goddess of darkness
  • Khaalida – Deathless or immortal
  • Kritanta – Indian god of fatality
  • Libitina – Roman goddess of funerals and extinction
  • Loralai – Lurer of deaths
  • Loreley – Demise of a man
  • Louhi – Death goddess
  • Mara – Bitterness or sorrow
  • Marah – Defeat and sorrow
  • Marama – Moon and death goddess
  • Morana – Goddess of winter and extinction
  • Morrigan – Goddess of suffering and war
  • Naenia – Roman goddess of funerals
  • Nephthys – Egyptian goddess of the air, non-living, and mourning
  • Omisha – Spirit of birth and demise
  • Persefoni – Bringer of extinciton
  • Tamasvi – One who has darkness inside
  • Tamela – Dark in a sweet way
  • Tamisra – Full of darkness
  • Tanda – Seer of life and death
  • Thana – The end of life
  • Valdis – The dead

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What name means the angel of death?

names that mean death
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Most people prefer to name their children angelic names. However, some opt for the dark and mysterious angel names. These names mean angle of death:

  • Azrael
  • Dabria
  • Munkar
  • Nakir
  • Samael

Names that mean misfortune

Misfortune could mean bad luck or an unfortunate condition or event. However, it is safe to assume that these aren't used a lot because of their obvious connotations.

  • Acheros – A river of sorrow
  • Mallory – Ill-fated luck
  • Ahlai – Sorrowing experience
  • Bronach – Sorrow
  • Brona – Sorrowful
  • Dierdre – Sorrowful
  • Dolores – Sorrow
  • Drystan – Full of sorrow
  • Jabez – Hebrew for sorrow
  • Nekane – Sorrow
  • Ares – Means ruin
  • Bora – Means storm in Turkish
  • Corentin – Hurricane
  • Devland – Misfortune
  • Tavarious – Misfortune
  • Tempest – Violent storm
  • Volkan – Volcano

Japanese names that mean death

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The Japanese firmly believe that a child's name will drastically affect their future. Thus, most baby names have meanings that are the opposite of death and darkness. Therefore, finding Japanese boy names that mean death may be difficult.

Some may frown upon names that mean death and darkness, but others have embraced them. These names are one-of-a-kind and have cultural or religious significance. As a result, you'll better understand what they mean whenever you come across such names.

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