100+ names that mean innocent and pure heart for boys and girls

100+ names that mean innocent and pure heart for boys and girls

Naming is one of the oldest traditions. Even in the pre-civilization era and during the Stone Age, an identity, hence a name, was one of the most important things. How else would people discern one another and identify their status in the small communities they represent without a name? Today, as the practice continues, names are earning an even more immense significance. Not only is one enough, but it has to possess an integral meaning. And one of the most recent trends is names that mean innocent. If you are looking to give your child a name with such a pivotal significance, why don't you go for the best after doing in-depth research?

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When it comes to naming your little bundle of joy, you might have numerous options that can be cumbersome to choose one. The endeavor seems so simple at face value, but many hit a dead end when name-searching.

And it is not about the lack of a name, but the lack of proper insight to choose the most meaningful one. So, if you are looking for boy names that mean pure of heart, you ought to take your time to choose the best. Fortunately, you have a list that you can utilize as a reference.

Names that mean innocent

Purity has long been a social virtue, and it is no surprise that many boys’ and girls' names reflect the concept. Although different cultures and societies have various baby names, most of them have pure and innocent meanings.

It is all about choosing the most representative of the value and hoping that your child will live by that idea. You can browse the collection of male names meaning innocent or look at the girls’ list if you are blessed with a baby girl.

  • Adara: an Arabic name meaning noble or exalted.
  • Agatha: means pure, sensitive.
  • Akalush: an ancient name meaning eternal purity.
  • Amber: means a person pure and brutal.
  • Amena: mens utterly pure or honest.
  • Aneesha: female name meaning pure.
  • Cleanth: male neam with a Greek origin meaning clean and pure.
  • Concetta: female name meaning pure.
  • Kikyo: female name with a Japanese origin.
  • Juna: female name of Japanese origin.
  • Lucasta: unique female name with a Latin origin.
  • Navin: hails from the Hindu people and means new or novel.
  • Sachin: a famous male name with Sanskrit origin.
  • Zekia: female name with Arabic origin.
  • Visoth: male name meaning heavenly.
  • Tahira: means pure chaste.
  • Omna: male name with Welsh origin meaning sacred or holy.
  • Alana: the name has Gaelic origin and represents serenity.
  • Alanis: has a Celtic origin and means innocent and cheerful.
  • Amisha: Slavic origin and means they are pure.
  • Astraea: Greek origin and means purity, justice and innocence.
  • Baiza: Greek origin as well and means one who is pure.
  • Cristal: female name with Greek origin meaning pure-hearted person.
  • Ekaterine: female name of Turkish origin.
  • Jacinta: a native American name meaning one who is gentle and pure.
  • Keva: female Irish name meaning gentle, beautiful, and precious.
  • Maggie: female Hebrew name meaning one pure as water.

Japanese girl names meaning innocent

names that mean innocent
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If you are thinking of going the extra mile in naming your child and choosing a foreign yet meaningful name, Japanese names are among the best. Why not embrace a different culture when selecting girl names that mean pure of heart?

After all, today's world is a village, thanks to the fantastic connectivity facilitated by technology and ground-breaking infrastructure.

  • Jun: means pure little girl.
  • Kyomi: means beautiful and pure.
  • Mika: means pure fragrance and virtuous.
  • Junko: means obedience and purity.
  • Kasumi: popular Japanese name meaning flower blossom representing clear or pure.
  • Kiyoko: means clean and pure.
  • Aiko: means the little loved one or beloved child.

Baby boy names that mean pure of heart

Have you been blessed with a beautiful baby boy and are looking for a pure yet significant name for him? You cannot miss sweet innocent baby names from the massive collection of pure names out there for your new masculine family member.

  • Abrin: excellent name with an English origin.
  • Aden: Hebrew name meaning attractive and innocent.
  • Adem: Greek name meaning virtuous, fair, pure and moral.
  • Leen: means a pure person and has English origins.
  • Akris: of French origins and means unaltered or unpolluted.
  • Amal: means bright and clean.
  • Barri: meaningful name with English origins.
  • Beale: old English name meaning innocent man.
  • Casta: Greek and Latin name.
  • Cosmo: means a noble person and has Greek origins.
  • Eadelmarr: English name meaning noble person.
  • Haakim: Arabic name meaning healer and wise.
  • Hansroop: Indian name meaning pure person.
  • Jamal: Arabic name meaning pure beauty.
  • Kamilah: means flawless and has Arabic origins.
  • Kai: Arabic and Latin name meaning from the pure ocean.
  • Kavanaugh: ordinary Irish name meaning born innocent.
  • Keefe: Irish name meaning handsome.
  • Memphis: a Greek or Latin name meaning innocent enduring.
  • Bai: a Chinese name meaning white or pure.
  • Junpei: a Japanese male name meaning peaceful.
  • Finn: one of the most common boy names meaning innocent.
  • Sonu: of Indian origin meaning pure gold.
  • Usain: of Arabic origin meaning pure.
  • Yannick: a French name meaning good-hearted.
  • Zain/Zayn: has an Arabic origin and means graceful and innocent.
  • Zakai: Greek and Latin name meaning innocent.
  • Zaisha: Arabic name meaning pure.
  • Zacchaeus: Greek and Latin name meaning pure, clear, or free from blemishes.
  • Abdulquddus: Quddus stands for the perfect one, the holy one and the pure one.
  • Amariah: means promised by God.
  • Anagh: excellent boy name meaning sinless, pure, or flawless.
  • Andy: Persian name meaning little angel, which is a variant of the word India.
  • Ashlei: means pure and trustworthy.
  • Puttal: means one of a pure heart.
  • Riju: mean innocent, pure, flawless, and sinless.
  • Safet: means the best part or pure.
  • Visothirith: means heavenly and pure.

Innocent last names with significant meaning

names that mean innocent
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The naming endeavor requires deep thought from the parties responsible for coming up with the best. Whether you are looking for innocent sounding girl names or one for your boys, you must create sufficient time to think everything through. You might come up with impressive titles like the ones mentioned below.

  • Amorette: French baby girl name meaning little love.
  • Gerrwyn: Welsh name meaning fair love.
  • Neve: Irish, Italian or Portuguese name meaning snow.
  • Gwen: means white circle.
  • Cataline: Spanish variation of Catherine meaning pure.
  • Jennifer: means white shadow or white wave.
  • Arjun: Indian name meaning bright, shining or white.
  • Zuri: Kiswahili name meaning excellent or beautiful.
  • Ines: Spanish variation of Agnes meaning pure or virginal.
  • Blanche: French name meaning white.
  • Ivory: means pale white.
  • Candace: Latin name meaning white, pure or sincere.
  • Bronwen: Welsh name meaning white breast.
  • Neville: French name meaning new town.
  • Signe: Scandinavian name meaning new victory.
  • Adara: Hebrew name meaning virgin, noble or exalted.

Names that mean naive

names that mean innocent
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If you have not found a suitable name among the numerous that means innocent, perhaps it is about time you tweaked your search a little bit. Maybe going for naïve names would sound better for you. You will be surprised by the numerous names that you will come across in this category.

  • Laloo: means innocent or childlike.
  • Masum: means a man who is innocent of character.
  • Nagy: means innocent or harmless or benign or nonviolent.
  • Pappu: means an innocent or sweet-natured person.
  • Puneet: means a clean, flawless, sinless, and faultless individual.
  • Taher: mean morally uncontaminated.
  • Rael: comes from the name Raele meaning someone as innocent as a lamb.

Among the collection of names that mean innocent, which one attracts your attention? Instead of racking your brain trying to create a new name with a good meaning, why not check out the above and choose the most suitable.

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Most parents tread carefully when naming their children and wouldn't like to settle on names that don't have a significant meaning. Therefore, it is a good idea to browse extensively for possible meaningful names for your bundle of joy, and fearless names are among the best.

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