Ghana population census 2021: all the facts, dates and processes

Ghana population census 2021: all the facts, dates and processes

In 2021, the Ghana population census will start in June. People are excited to experience the first-ever digital national census in the country. Initially, the government was scheduled to carry out the exercise last year but rescheduled the process due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ghana population census
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When was the last population census held in Ghana? The previous census the Population and Housing Census carried out in Ghana in 2010. The exercise happened in six districts among six Ghanaian regions and was the fifth time counting of the population was taking place since the country's natives started ruling themselves.

Ghana population census in 2021

What is the population of Ghana in 2021? The country's population was approximately 24.6 million in 2010. However, it has increased rapidly over the years to around 31.40 million in January 2021. Therefore, the government needs to count the people to establish the actual population of Ghana in 2021.

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The exercise helps the government to know how many people are living in it. Who will be counted? Everyone should be counted regardless of age, religion, race, gender, and more factors. The disabled, homeless, immigrants (legal and illegal) and everyone else will be counted.

Why is census important? The government can forecast how many representatives each region should have in government in the next ten years. It will also determine how much funds each region needs for public amenities and services like roads, free medical insurance, hospitals and more.

Ghana population census date

What date is the 2021 census in Ghana? The exercise will start on the 28th of June 2021. GSS will work with the hired Data Field Officer, the volunteering Complete Count Champions (CCC), and other relevant parties.

The Population and Housing Census is vetting and recruiting 75,000 Data Field Officers to undergo a mandatory 10-day full-time training. Each data field staff will be assigned to count people within specific regions in the upcoming population census in Ghana.

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How long will the 2021 Census take in Ghana? The Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) will carry out the process for 28 to 30 days in all regions in Ghana. The information you provide to the data field officials is private and confidential.

Ghana population census
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The officials and the government do not give your census information to other government agencies and departments, including immigration authorities. The data collecting staff won't pry into irrelevant issues about your life, such as your bank account's savings.

Ghana population census processes

The 2021's digitalized national survey on people will remit high-quality and faster results. It will be a successful process because all personnel are trained and well equipped to render quality services. Moreover, citizens ought to know the following facts about this exercise:

  • The process will cover all the 272 statistical districts in Ghana.
  • The Data Field Officers will use the internet and electronic tablets to capture and transfer census data to the central database.
  • The online interview process will take ten to thirty minutes per household.
  • Expect questions like your household's size, each individual’s education level, your nationality, migration status, the basic assets you own, and disability status.
  • Questions about how you dispose of your waste are not irrelevant. The government wants to know how people manage their waste to improve sanitation and prevent pandemics of infectious diseases like cholera and typhoid.
  • The data collecting officers will also use paper questionnaires, manuals, and maps to back up digital systems when technical disruptions arise.
  • Complete Count Champions enlighten the people about the process and its benefits, answer people's questions and invite them to participate in the survey.

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The Ghana population census in 2021 is profitable to the citizens and the government. The government is counting on the census reports to help it make effective and efficient plans to improve its people's living standards. recently published an article about Oti Region districts and their capitals in 2021. The region has eight districts worth touring and investing in. Oti has nutritious soil and a perfect climate for agriculture.

The relatively dry climate in Oti is excellent for cultivating yam, cassava maize, groundnuts, cowpeas and rice. People who have invested in large-scale farming in Oti admit that they never regret their decision.

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