Meet Amou Haji: World’s Dirtiest Man Who Hasn’t Bathed in Nearly 67 Years

Meet Amou Haji: World’s Dirtiest Man Who Hasn’t Bathed in Nearly 67 Years

  • An 87-year-old Iranian man, Amou Haji has not taken a bath in about 67 years
  • The old man reportedly has a deep fear of water and has not bathed since suffering from some deep emotional traumas in his youth
  • Although Amou does not bathe, he drinks about five liters of water from a rusty tin every day

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Amou Haji is an 87-year-old man who hasn't taken a bath in 67 years. You heard right. The Iranian man spends his days in isolation near a village in the Kermanshah province and has not washed in at least 67 years.

Amou Haji, No bath, 67 years, World's dirtiest man, 87-year-old
Amou Haji is an 87-year-old man who hasn't taken a bath in 67 years. Image: Getty
Source: UGC

According to locals, Haji is always covered in ash and dirt and has not taken the literal plunge because he's afraid of water. The 87-year old believes that if he takes a bath he will fall ill.

The old man's diet also strangely consists of rotten meat products and dead animals. He especially enjoys eating porcupine and smoking his tobacco pipe, India Times reports. Haji sometimes even smokes animal faeces from the old pipe.

The isolated old man decided to live his newfound lifestyle after stumbling upon some emotional setbacks in his youth.

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Although the old man does not believe in bathing, he reportedly drinks about five litres of water every day from a rusty tin, Times Now News reports.

He also keeps his hair trimmed by burning it over fire.

Woman builds mobile toilet for others who need clean public restrooms

In more world news, previously reported that a woman identified as Sushma Kallempudi has designed a mobile toilet for women who wish to use a hygienic restroom.

Sharing photos of the mobile toilet on LinkedIn, Venkatraman Venkitachalam said the restroom, which is called Mobile She Toilet, is set up in an electric vehicle.

The post read in part:

"The objective of the single user toilet set up on an electric auto is to provide clean toilets to women in the crowded market areas.

"The toilet has a Battery Pack of 70 Ah 48 Volts Lion which can easily run for 24 hours at a speed of 25 Km per hour. Body of the toilet is made of IMS, ACP and stainless steel. A 100 litre water storage tanker is provided for flushing."

Where it is stationed

According to Venkitachalam, the vehicle, which has GPS tracking, sanitary napkin dispenser, diaper changing, power charging stations, will be placed at busy centres.

The statement concluded:

"Vacuum flush technology is used to flush easily. Telangana State Road Transport Corporation agreed to implement Mobile She toilets by transforming old automobiles into mobile toilets."

DR. Venkat S. K. said:

"Put a solar roof (panels) on it."

Skanda Moorthy commented:

"Super idea. All these old buses in all states can be converted and ladies can have more freedom in moving on, especially Indian context."

Rupam Kumar Saha said:

"This is what modern India needs. Kudos to her."

Gaury Sankar commented:

"Congratulations Sushma and wish you a great success. It's an inspiration to other women entrepreneurs."


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