Five interesting facts about the BNI

Five interesting facts about the BNI

The Bureau of National investigation is facing criticism from a section of the public after it stated that the two panelists on Muntie FM who threatened to kill judges in the country did not have the capacity to carry out their threat.

Five interesting facts about the BNI

In a statement, the BNI said that its investigations revealedthat Alistair Nelson and Godwin Gunn only made the remarks in “a show of needless bravado”.

The development has caused some members of the public to condemn the agency's handling of the case.

Despite the criticism that the BNI has faced in recent years, the work it does remains critical to Ghana's national security.

Have you ever wondered what that work is and how it is done? Today, brings you five interesting facts about the agency:

1. The BNI is the internal intelligence agency of Ghana. It is an integral part of the National Security Council which oversees matters of the counterintelligence and security of Ghana both internal security and external security. It also deals with organised crime and financial crime and provides intelligence to counter threats to Ghana's national security.

2. The BNI was set up in 1996 and were known in the past as the “Special Branch”. It was created out of the Security and Intelligence Agencies Act (Act 526) 1996, having been continued in existence by Section 10 of that Act.

3. The BNI is composed of civilian personnel whose role is to fit into society and provide intelligence for safeguarding national security. Its personnel also establish close surveillance over opponents of the Republic of Ghana and the government.

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4. The agency has undisclosed offices in all the ten regions of Ghana and internationally.

5. The BNI also has the power to interrogate and detain people whom its suspects of subversion "without trial indefinitely, on grounds of national security of the Republic of Ghana".

All other information about the BNI is classified. It means it is known only to a select group of people with the  security clearance to access that information.

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