Comedian Waris Revealed That Earning GH¢112k From Facebook A Month Is The Highest He Had Made

Comedian Waris Revealed That Earning GH¢112k From Facebook A Month Is The Highest He Had Made

  • Ghanaian standup comedian Comedian Waris disclosed how much he makes from sharing his comedy skits on various social media platforms
  • He shared that the reason he moved to Nigeria was to monetise his content since that option was not available in Ghana
  • Many were in disbelief at the amount he earns from platforms such as Facebook and TikTok

Famous Ghanaian comic actor Comedian Waris has opened up about how much he earned from making and sharing comedy skits on social media.

Comedian Waris about his earnings in an interview
Comedian Waris in photos. Image Credit: @comedianwaris
Source: Instagram

Comedian Waris spoke about his earnings in an interview

In an exclusive interview with TV3 media presenter Cookie Tee, Comedian Waris revealed that he left Ghana for Nigeria because he and other comic actors in Nigeria are under the same management.

"We are under the management of monetisation that is where the 'odogwu' money comes inside, aside from being a content creator where you wait for people to bill you on shows or pick you as an influencer. Sometimes being an influencer is quite difficult."

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Sharing some challenges that come with being an influencer, he said some brands fail to understand that you cannot flood your social media pages with their products to promote them, adding that he will never post three content from one company in a week.

Comedian Waris further explained that all other social media platforms pay well except Instagram. He said the highest amount of money he has earned from Facebook is over $9,000 (GH¢112,529.25).

"Facebook pays more than that. That is why Sabinus is who he is, that is why Brain Jotter is who he is. That is why Nigerians are able to buy houses, cars at any point they want."

Sharing more about how much he makes online, the Ghanaian comic actor stated that the last time he was on TikTok in December 2023, he made between $5,000 (GH¢62,516.25) to $6,000 (GH¢75,019.50) in a week.

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"All these things, there are ways of doing them. Just that Ghana is not a country that is added to the monetisation list. Because common Paypal we don't have a head office to withdraw money. We are all dealing with other countries like Nigeria, having another management somewhere who handles your page in terms of content creation."

Below is a video of Comedian Waris talking about how much he makes from Facebook.

Reactions to the video of Comedian Waris talking about his Facebook earnings

While some thanked Comedian Waris for sharing the information in the interview with Cookie Tee, others felt such details should have been kept private.

Other Ghanaians said they could not believe he made that much money from social media. Below are opinions from people:

niigodfrey said:

Ei Chale wey I just turn comedian for my room inside p3 nu

ghostofaccra said:

At some point, the presenter wanted to quit her Job and do comedy

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wkumahlor said:

Ghana de33 everything is basaaaa‍♂️. Oman b3n kraa nie

casspa_ said:

This guy too be comedian nothing be funny about him dry skits nkoaaa

kuamigahna said:

Facebook pays more than youtube but Ghana isn't eligible

elikem_the_gossip said:

But has Facebook monetization been made available for Ghana..?

sherry_cocoo said:

GRA is watching you

addi_carter7 said:

They verified state that they do pay them

iambokity said:

It not easy creating content in Ghana.. not easy at all....monetization bi wahala... most people are trying but nothing is coming out..Nigeria is not part of the list too but dey have found q way to collaborate with people outside nigeria to handle their not easy

its_ralphalways said:

Not everyone should know this information, those who know know. CLIENTS SHALL LOAD

Comedian Waris says he made GH¢47k on TikTok in five minutes

Relatedly, reported that Ghanaian comedian Abdul Waris Umaru, popularly known as Comedian Waris, said he could make over GHc47k in five minutes on TikTok.

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He added that he had also spent over GH¢10,000 in a single day, gifting people on TikTok to support them.

The actor and comedian further explained how using certain virtual coins on TikTok could make one get so much money in a day.


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