Rex Omar: Highlife Musician And GHAMRO Boss Expresses Readiness For A Political Appointment

Rex Omar: Highlife Musician And GHAMRO Boss Expresses Readiness For A Political Appointment

  • Rex Omar is willing to take up a political appointment should one be handed to him
  • The GHAMRO boss believes he is now more mature and experienced in handling any political office within his competencies
  • In a recent interview, he also advocated for a change in Ghana's presidential term limit from four to six years

Renowned Ghanaian musician, Rex Omar, has expressed his readiness to serve in a political role if presented with the opportunity.

Rex Omar, a dedicated member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), expressed his willingness to accept a political appointment that aligns with his capabilities.

Rex Omar
Rex Omar is ready for a political appointment Photo source: @rexomar
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"I will [accept a political appointment] because now I think I am of age and I think if I am given any appointment that is within my capacity, I will be able to contribute positively to the development of this country," he said.

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The Abiba hitmaker explained that he is ready to take on a political position now because his experience and maturity equip him to make a positive impact on the country's progress.

When questioned about the possibility of serving in the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, he maintained a pragmatic stance, stating that he would assess such opportunities based on their alignment with his skills and expertise.

In an interview with Joy FM, Omar underscored the importance of intelligence and awareness in fulfilling governmental roles effectively. He conveyed confidence in his ability to excel in any position entrusted to him, highlighting the significance of dedication and competence in driving meaningful change within the country.

Rex Omar advocates for extended presidential term to enhance governance

Speaking further the outspoken GHAMRO boss also voiced his opinion on Ghana's democratic landscape, advocating for a reconsideration of the presidential term duration to bolster governance effectiveness.

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In his assessment, the current four-year presidential term in Ghana may not provide sufficient time for a government to enact substantial economic changes.

Drawing a comparison with the United States, where presidential terms are also four years, Rex Omar emphasized the stark contrast in democratic maturity between the two nations. He underscored that Ghana's democracy is still in its nascent stages compared to America's longstanding democratic traditions, suggesting that a longer presidential term could afford more leeway for impactful governance.

“Because America does elections every four years, we also jump on the bandwagon but the question is, America’s democracy is over 200 years. We just started, okay. So look at our situation,” he said.

Proposing a shift to a six-year presidential term, Rex Omar argued that an extended tenure would offer administrations the necessary runway to implement significant policies and initiatives. By allocating the initial year or year and a half to establish governance structures, a six-year term would allow ample time for substantive progress, thereby enabling governments to demonstrate tangible results within a single term.

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Rex Omar criticises Ghanaian artistes managers

Meanwhile, Rex Omar recently shared his thoughts about the competence of Ghanaian artiste managers.

Reacting to a social media post, the musician shared the plights most Ghanaian artistes face with their managers.

He suggested a few qualities musicians should look out for when selecting managers.


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