The biggest concert ever: A list of the largest paying audience for a concert of all time

The biggest concert ever: A list of the largest paying audience for a concert of all time

Concerts are some of the most effective methods for bringing people together to appreciate music, given that it is a universal dialect. They can either be big or limited depending on the venue. Some concerts have had record-breaking attendances that can be credited to their noteworthy and remarkable performances, distinguishing them from other concerts in aspects of magnitude and societal impact. So, which is the biggest concert ever?

Biggest concert ever
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There is no better method to link up with your treasured singers than to witness them live on stage. Many concerts occur in stadiums, which in most cases, limit the number of people who can participate to just a few thousand. In special circumstances, they are held outside; on average, several hundred thousand individuals attend. However, there have been a few in historical records with the largest paying audience for a concert.

List of the largest concert ever

When it comes to concerts, many concertgoers choose to either go big or remain in the house. The following are some of the world's most-attended and, thus, largest concerts. So, what was the biggest concert ever?

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1. Jean-Michel Jarre's concert

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  • Attendance: Over 3.54 million people
  • Location: State University of Moscow
  • Date: 6 September 1997
  • Artist: Jean-Michel Jarre

Following the Oxygene trip, Jean-Michel Jarre was recruited by Moscow's mayor to place on a spectacular show to commemorate the city's 850th anniversary. The massive turnout exceeded expectations, with more than 3.5 million people swarming to witness the event, which was set against the breathtaking view of the State University of Moscow.

This fantastic event took place a Moscow's highest hill, allowing everyone throughout the city to relish many of the laser and light exhibits. Four Russian SU-27 jet planes flew into the sky, launching fireworks to kick off the unforgettable concert.

The popular musician was inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records for having the largest concert attendance at an outdoor concert.

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2. Rod Stewart's concert

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  • Attendance: Over 3.5 million people
  • Location: Copacabana Beach
  • Date: 31 December 1994
  • Artist: Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart was scheduled to conduct a New Year's Eve show on Rio de Janeiro's Copacabana beach. The venue already drew large crowds for New Year's Eve fireworks exhibitions, but bringing an iconic rock star to the show proved to be a record-breaking combination.

To everyone's shock, the New Year's Eve concert did draw over 3.54 million attendees, making it Rod Stewart's largest concert ever. It was even inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records.

3. Jorge Ben Jor concert

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  • Attendance: Over 3 million people
  • Location: Copacabana Beach
  • Date: 31 December 1993
  • Artist: Jorge Ben Jor

Jorge Ben Jor was scheduled to perform at the legendary Copacabana Beach on New Year's Eve in 1993. The place was already a popular tourist site and local destination for vacation, and city officials hoped that bringing in a major act would help attract even more visitors. The idea was eventually successful.

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More than 3 million people flocked to the famous beach of Rio de Janeiro to witness Jorge Ben Jor perform. It was the first live show to surpass 3 million attendees.

4. Jean Michel Jarre's Copacabana concert

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  • Attendance: More than 2.5 million people
  • Location: La Défense
  • Date: 14 July 1990
  • Artist: Jean-Michel Jarre

On 14 July 1990, Jean Michel Jarre staged in his native France the 200th annual celebration of the French Revolution, also known as Bastille Day. Jarre's free public concert showcased a pyramidic stage designed exclusively to accommodate the front of La Défense, right in the middle of Paris' skyline.

As electronic music filled the whole city, the venue and nearby skyscrapers were continuously illuminated with lights, lasers, special impacts, and about 65 tons of fireworks in classic Jarre fashion. During the whole two-hour performance, giant metal stooges were strolling around! This amazing show drew over 2.5 million people across the city and surrounding areas.

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5. AC/DC, Pantera, The Black Crowes, Metallica, E.S.T. concert

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  • Attendance: Over 1.6 million people
  • Location: Tushino Airfield
  • Date: 28 September 1991
  • Artists: AC/DC, Pantera, Metallica, The Black Crowes, E.S.T

Monsters of Rock, Moscow's first Western-style concert, was the biggest rap concert ever; it drew an astonishingly large crowd in 1991. Before the late 1980s, Russian regulations prohibited foreign influences such as Western rock music.

It resulted in a bigger crowd than usual when legends like Metallica and AC/DC took the stage. The democratically minded youths of Moscow couldn't get plenty of western metal's heavy, cranking sounds.

6. Various artists' concert

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  • Attendance: Over 1.5 million people
  • Location: Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • Date: 2 July 2005
  • Artist: Various artists

Following the 2005 G8 conference summit, Live 8 was a sequence of worldwide beneficiary concerts. It was formed to raise an alert about the global battle against poverty. It also marked the 20th anniversary of the iconic 1985 Live Aid performance.

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2005 Live 8 became one of the largest concerts in the US, and it brought dozens of music artists worldwide to perform all day concurrently. The Philadelphia Museum of Art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was the only place to participate in the United States.

Live 8 Philly drew a significant amount of fan interest on this day in music history due to the amazing lineup scheduled to perform for eight hours.

7. The Rolling Stones concert

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  • Attendance: Over 1.5 million people
  • Location: Copacabana Beach
  • Date: 18 February 2006
  • Artist: The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones embarked on their Bigger Bang world tour in 2006 to publicize their 24th studio album entitled the same name, their final album with Charlie Watts on drums.

The Stones reserved the legendary Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 18 February 2006. More than 1.5 million people flocked to see Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, and Charlie Watts perform what they had been doing for over a half-century.

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What is the world record for the most concerts attended?

How many people were at the biggest concert? The world's most-attended concerts had over 3.5 million people in attendance. It was presided over by Jean Michel Jarre.

What is the biggest music concert in Africa?

Cape Town International Jazz Festival in South Africa is the biggest concert in Africa. This festival takes place the last weekend in March or the first weekend in April. It's a two-day festival with international and South African musicians.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Where was the biggest concert in the world? The biggest concert was held on 6 September 1997 at the State University of Moscow, attracting over 3.54 million people.
  2. Which singer has the highest crowd in the world? Jean-Michel Jarre and Rod Stewart are the singers with the highest crowd in the world.
  3. How many people were at the biggest concert? The biggest concert had more than 3.54 million people.
  4. What is the biggest music concert in Africa? Cape Town International Jazz Festival in South Africa.
  5. What is the largest concert in the US? On 3 September 1977, the Grateful Dead performed in front of 100,000 people at Raceway Park in New Jersey, making it the biggest ticketed concert in the USA.
  6. Who is the highest-paid singer per concert? The highest-paid singer in the world is the famous singer Bono. He made approximately $685 million in 2017 alone.

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Above are some of the biggest concerts ever. Concerts are, in most cases, one of the most effective ways of bringing people together to appreciate music, and there is no better way to connect with your favourite singers than to see them live on stage. recently featured a fascinating article about the queen of Ghana music. Since Ghanaians' acceptance of female musicians, identifying the greatest between them has invariably been difficult.

Previously, Ghanaian female musicians had difficulty releasing music. However, things have evolved considering the rate of competition in the music business and the impressive number of generating quality songs for the public.

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