Cement price in Ghana: How much does a bag of cement cost in Ghana?

Cement price in Ghana: How much does a bag of cement cost in Ghana?

Cement is the backbone of the construction industry, playing a vital role in building homes, infrastructure, and commercial spaces. In Ghana, like many other nations, the cost of this commodity can fluctuate due to various factors. Explore the current state of cement prices in Ghana, the factors influencing these prices, and the top brands in the country.

Cement price in Ghana
Two 50-kg bags of Dangote Cement and a bag of Ghacem Cement. Photo: @dangotecementdistributor, @ghana_cement_company on Instagram (modified by author)
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Ghana is one of the largest producers of cement in Africa. However, in recent years, several factors have contributed to the rising of cement prices in the country, including the depreciation of the Ghanaian cedi against the U.S. dollar, the escalating cost of fuel, and the growing demand for this construction product. Although the government has attempted to regulate the prices with a few measures, these efforts have been largely ineffective.

Cement prices in Ghana 2023

What are the current cement prices in Ghana in 2023 per bag? In Ghana, the average cost of a 50-kilogram bag of cement is approximately GH₵ 80. However, the cost can range from Gh₵ 40 to Gh₵ 95 depending on various factors, including:

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  • Brand: Cement prices in Ghana vary depending on the brand. Some of Ghana's most popular brands include Diamond Cement, GHACEM, and Dangote Cement. Dzata is the cheapest brand, while GHACEM is the most expensive.
  • The quantity bought: Buying cement in bulk typically results in lower pricing. For instance, you might pay GH₵ 80 for a single bag but pay GH₵ 75 per bag when you purchase ten of them.
  • Location: The cost of cement varies based on where you buy it. The commodity is generally more expensive in cities than in rural areas.

Top cement brands in Ghana and their prices

Cement companies in Ghana produce over 7.5 million tonnes of this product annually. Here is the pricing of the most popular brands in Ghana in 2023:

1. Ghacem Cement price in Ghana

Which is the best cement in Ghana? Ghacem is one of Ghana's most popular and trusted brands. It is renowned for its durability and excellent quality.

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The cost of a bag of Ghacem varies based on the quantity purchased and location. As of 2023, a 50 kg bag of Ghacem cement in Ghana costs an average of GH₵ 80. However, in certain regions, the cost can increase to GH 95. Additionally, smaller quantities, such as 25kg bags, incur a higher price per kilogram.

2. Dangote Cement price in Ghana

Is Dangote cement sold in Ghana? This is a well-known brand in Ghana, manufactured by Dangote Cement Ghana Limited, a subsidiary of the Dangote Group, a multinational entity with operations in several African nations.

This brand joined the Ghanaian market in 2011 and rapidly became a leading manufacturer. As of 2023, a 50kg bag of this brand retails at GH₵ 94.

3. Dzata Cement price in Ghana

This is another brand renowned for its affordable price and high quality. So, how much is a bag of cement in Ghana? Depending on the region, the cost of a single bag of Dzata cement in Ghana can range between GH₵ 50 and GH₵ 80.

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Dzata is regarded as the most affordable cement brand in Ghana. It is an excellent option for residential and commercial construction projects.

4. Diamond Cement price in Ghana

Another popular brand in Ghana is Diamond Cement. This manufacturing company has been a prominent player in the market since its inception in 1991. The company, known for its high-quality final products, has been used in various building projects around the country.

What is the price of 1 bag of cement? As of 2023, a 50kg bag of Diamond Cement is retailing at GH₵ 70.

5. Savannah Cement price in Ghana

Savannah is a well-known cement manufacturing company in Ghana founded in 2017 to service the country's northern region. The facility, located in Buipe, Savanna Region, has a capacity of 440,000 tons of cement annually. As of 2023, a 50kg bag of Savannah Cement is retailing at GH₵ 85.

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Numerous factors, including currency exchange rates, fuel cost, and demand, influence cement prices in Ghana. Always check for the most up-to-date prices from local suppliers before purchasing.

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