20+ flattering plus-size haircuts for ladies that will make them look fabulous

20+ flattering plus-size haircuts for ladies that will make them look fabulous

Everyone is unique, making it possible for people to be identified with certain qualities. For example, while some are slim, others are fleshier with extra curves. This uniqueness makes it more convenient and appropriate for some hairstyles to fit more on certain types of people. For instance, flattering plus-size haircuts fit more on a curvy lady than a less curvy lad

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plus-size woman with short hair
Unique flattering plus-size haircuts for ladies to look fabulous. Photo: @ruthkolours on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Haircuts contribute to the overall personality of the bearer. Therefore, a plus-sized lady hardly has a wrong or unbefitting hairstyle. This is because most of the styles fit their face shape and give them a nice look. Flattering plus-size haircuts, in particular, bring out the beauty and boldness that pronounce a tremendous and imposing personality.

Trendy flattering haircuts for chubby face female

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There are numerous haircuts and styles that many chubby ladies with nice round faces can try to add flatter and contour to the face. These hairstyles are among the best and have been doing the job for most ladies; anyone is welcome to try them out.

1. Long bob

haircut for chubby face female
Long bob style. Photo: pinterest.com, @jmhp88
Source: UGC

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This long bob is for a chubby face and reaches the middle of the neck. It is smooth and flowing super straight hair texture. It looks fantastic, fits around the face, and can serve all occasions.

2. Frizzy curls

Frizzy hairstyles always suit a plus-size short-haired woman who wishes to add some attachments to their already short hair. Black chubby ladies will find the style appropriate.

3. Vintage rolls

flattering plus size haircuts
Vintage rolls. Photo: pinterest.com, @glitzygirlzboutique
Source: UGC

Vintage rolls make an excellent flattering hairstyle for chubby faces. The hair flows down from the top in satisfying super silky strands covering both sides of the face and creating a slim elongated face. The rolls can be parted on either side or the top while the end is rolled to form wave strands that introduce different styles of beautiful and soft vintage curls.

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4. Short pixie haircut

flattering plus-size haircuts
Short pixie haircut. Photo: pinterest.com, @alinecacb
Source: UGC

This short pixie haircut is best for parties, weddings, and casual outings. This round-face pixie cut for the plus-sized suits those chubby ladies who want to try something different once in a while.

5. Fusion bob cut

face slimming haircuts before and after
The fusion bob cut looks elegant and suits ladies with round faces. Photo: pinterest.com, @MiMowigs
Source: UGC

The fusion bob cut combines the pixie with a bob style, resulting in a tapered and slimmed face for any chubby or round face. As a result, the style looks elegant, less funky, and perfectly suits a round face. The good thing is that the hairstyle is appropriate for all seasons according to the bearer's choice.

6. Long layered hairstyle

A long layered cut is most appropriate for ladies with chubby faces and long hair. First, both sides of the face are covered by flowing layers of hair. Then, the flowing layers perfectly cover the chubby face while portraying a rather sleek cheek.

7. Sleek ponytail

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round face pixie cut plus size
Photo: @rbhairuk
Source: Instagram

The sleek ponytail style is suitable for several settings, and surprisingly, one fantastic thing about the pony haircut is that it is always in vogue. The pony fits plus-sized women, especially those who boast of a round face. You can even upgrade it to have a sharp and sleek look by wrapping up the band with some sections of your flowing hair.

8. Space buns

hairstyle for round face to look slim
Space buns. Photo: pinterest.com, @aliciasweat27
Source: UGC

The space buns hairdo is one of the more stylish, practical and satisfying hairstyles any chubby lady can try. The buns pointing up on either side of the head make you look playful and younger. In addition, space buns look flattering; one can create her styles by adding hair glitter, beads, or coloured hair streaks to appear unique.

9. Curly lob

flattering plus-size haircuts
Curly lob style. Photo: @ruthkolours
Source: Instagram

A curly lob is fitting when the hair is naturally curly. Curls can also be induced on straight hair using curling tongs or rollers. There are many types of curls for the plus-sized lady to try out. The short and long curly lobs can be packed to any side of the head.

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10. Single bun

The single bun is among the nice slimming haircuts for chubby faces, especially those with braided hair. To create a bun from weaved-up braids, twist the hair into a rope and coil the rope into a bun right at the top. Buns are fit for many occasions and can serve when one does not want hair flowing at the sides.

11. Bang on

Plus-size haircuts with bangs make a conspicuous lady look her best. Bangs, although could incur high-maintenance demands, they make up for all kinds of occasions. Moreover, the style is easy for those with voluminous and straight hair.

12. Half-hair double buns

plus-size woman with short hair
Half-hair double buns. Photo: pinterest.com, @asparris
Source: UGC

Double buns are a popular haircut among chubby ladies who wish to look quaint and funkier. This style does not put all the hair in the bun, but most of the hair is left flowing down on the sides while the top is rolled into two separate buns. Applying colours would make the buns more fun and conspicuous.

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13. Curly frenzy

plus-size woman with short hair
Curly frenzy can come naturally or when you perm your hair. Photo: @curlyfrenzy
Source: Instagram

Curly frenzy is a hairstyle for those with a round face to look slim. It can come naturally or by having the hair permed. It is achieved if the hair is voluminous and long to allow for long and small curls down both sides of the cheek.

14. Curly town

This kind of haircut, in most cases, echoes brevity. To achieve it, cut off the long flowing curly hairs to allow for curly and shiny hairstreaks that fit like a cap. This type of hairdo fits bold and chubby women who prefer simplicity and agility in a professional setting.

15. Half hair single bun

The half-hair single bun is well suited for trimming plump cheeks and faces into a sleek and attractive one. The hairdo takes part of the hair at the top, turns it into a pigtail, twists, and forms a bun at the top. Then, the remaining hairstreaks are allowed to fall at the back over the shoulders gracefully.

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16. Textured long wavy hairstyle

haircut for chubby face female
Textured long wavy hairstyle. Photo: @ruthkolours
Source: Instagram

A satisfying textured long wavy hairstyle parted at the middle and flowing over either cheek is a classic and vintage hairdo back in fashion. This hairstyle is possible with voluminous hair strands.

17. The undercut hairstyle

haircut for chubby face female
The undercut hairstyle. Photo: @headgamescolourstudio
Source: Instagram

This type of haircut depicts elegance, boldness, and beauty. It combines a semi-undercut on one side of the head while the top of the head and the other side are curled and packed to one side of the head. The style suits almost every occasion where a bold look is paramount.

18. Curls and cornrows

Curls combined with cornrows on one side are a great style that makes a chubby face appear beautiful. The cornrows can be weaved in different intricate styles to obtain unique and satisfying looks, while the curls are parted and allowed to flow to the other side of the cheek.

19. Pinned-up volume

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Pinned-up volume is fitting for those that have short hair. However, anyone can rock it by trimming down the hairs on the side while the mid-section of the top is elevated and pinned while going from the top backward. This haircut gives a lovely, elongated, sleek face to a chubby and round face.

20. Side-waved bob

Side waved-bob is a perfect hairstyle for plump ladies. The short wavy hair to the side could come naturally or induced using rollers to effect loose wavy strands. Unique styles of this haircut can be achieved by using the other side of the head to make small braids or a low-trimmed side opposite the wavy strands.

21. Sleek Straight hairstyle

slimming haircuts for chubby faces
Sleek Straight hairstyle. Photo: @ruthkolours
Source: Instagram

A sleek straight hairdo is suitable for offices, parties, and weddings because of its sharp and distinguishing look. For those that have long natural hair, it is effortless to achieve.

The type of haircut a person wears augments their appearance. One of the essential steps to choosing a hairstyle is knowing one's body structure and face shape. This emphasises why chubby ladies appear bolder, more audacious, and more beautiful with certain hairstyles. For instance, you can never go wrong with these flattering plus-size haircuts.

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