25 stunning mother-of-the-bride hairstyles for that special look

25 stunning mother-of-the-bride hairstyles for that special look

Wedding preparations are usually filled with loads of nostalgia for guests, especially the older ones who have experienced such a thing. But, interestingly, looking pretty is important for everyone on this day, and the mother of the bride's hairstyles are some of the coolest side attractions on the big day.

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mother of the bride hairstyles
Variants of mother of the bride hairdo. Photo: @mthairteam, @lauramejiahair
Source: UGC

Some people have opined that a groom may have to count on the looks of his potential wife’s mother if he is trying to know what his heartthrob will look like in about 20 years of their marriage. So, if you are looking for lovely mother-of-the-bride hairstyles to rock at your child’s wedding, you need not panic as there are plenty to choose from.

Best mother-of-the-bride hairstyles

The bride's mother must look good at their daughter's wedding ceremony, and apart from the nice attire and warm smiles that they usually wear, their hairstyle is also something to put a lot of creative thought into. Below are some hairstyles to choose from:

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1. The Milkmaid braids

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This hairstyle comes in braids and helps to give a sense of femininity, gentility, and definition to the wearer. The milkmaid braid usually has a low bun twisted at the end, giving it a messy and polished look all at the same time.

2. A French twist

hairstyles for mother of the bride
Back view of a woman wearing a French twist style Photo: @carolabelleetlatete
Source: Instagram

This type of wedding hairstyle for moms allows them to reveal and direct their inner majesty. The French twist hairstyle is flawless in formal environments and is never lacking in elegance and grace even though it may appear simple. It conveys a sense of royalty to the observers of the wearer.

3. Side sweep

hairstyles for mother of the bride
The side sweep has a way of unveiling the inner beauty of a mother. Photo: @coffee_n_hairyyc
Source: Instagram

This can also be one of the hairstyles for the mother of the groom as it sits well on the head of any woman aiming for a touch of simplicity and elegance. The hair is usually styled towards the wearer’s preferred side of the head to show some part of the jewellery that they are wearing.

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4. Updos with a bang

hairstyles for mother of the bride
The updos with a bang style are perfect for any mother who wants to unveil the chic in her.
Source: Instagram

This is another immaculate option for the bride’s mother, which combines the chic of youthfulness with the elegance of maturity in appearance. It could be made to have some wispy bangs in front and some low buns at the back.

5. Bejewelled short hair bobs

short hairstyles for mother of the bride over 50
Bejewelled short hair bobs. Photo: @marcanthonyhaircare
Source: Instagram

This style is one of the suitable short hairstyles for mother of the bride over 50. It comes in the form of a long bob which has been stacked with bottom curls. One side of the hair reveals stylishly tucked bejewelled hairpins that give off the aura of glamour.

6. Side bangs

This pretty hairstyle allows you to perfectly flaunt your precious earrings as it is usually done with a bang to each side of the ear. The front of the head reveals a rich portion of hair that exudes class, elegance, and femininity.

7. Textured glory

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short hairstyles for mother of the bride over 50
Wearing a hairstyle that makes you stand out on your special day is worth paying the price. Photo: @botiashairandmakeup
Source: Instagram

Going for this option means you are comfortable showing off the full length of your hair. This style shows off the feminine side of the modern woman, and the texture of the hair adds classiness to the whole look.

8. Half updos

This hairstyle with enviable curls tied halfway through the upper part of the head provides the wearer with a polished and chic look. It is made up of several twists that make it look pretty in an outdoor setting.

9. The braided bun

How do you do bridal hair styling?
The braided bun is great if you prefer something simple yet giving you a chick look. Photo: @thegoodhairday
Source: Instagram

These braided buns are mostly swept to one side of the head and are perfect wedding hairdos for the bride's mother. They are effortlessly elegant and give off classic romantic vibes. The braids are suspended with some amount at the top, giving this style purpose.

10. Hair with roll-ups

This is one of the finest mother-of-the-bride hairdos for women with short hair. It is made up of definitive and soft curls that are painstakingly rolled and pinned to create the imagery of an updo, thereby adding volume and texture.

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11. Chic chignon

How do you do bridal hair styling?
The Chic chignon hairstyle gives an elegant look. Photo: gentlehairdos
Source: Instagram

This is one of the most elegant examples of updo hairstyles for the bride's mother. An adorable slight chignon can never go wrong. A large portion of hair is at the top alongside a delicate low bun that lays gently on the neck nape.

12. Hair with twists

This hairdo is not too complicated to create and confers beauty on the wearer. It is usually made of half up-half down curls. Hair is taken from the two sides and twisted before they are fixed behind the crown. The flowing curls look exceptionally stunning and are a good fit if you are looking for medium-length fine hair mother of bride hairstyles.

13. Tousled wedding hairdos

How do you do bridal hair styling?
Irrespective of your age, the tousled wedding hairdo emphasises your title as the bride's mother indeed. Photo: colores.de.nydia
Source: Instagram

This hairstyle is a statement maker at any jolly event, including weddings. The curls are separated into numerous sections before they are rolled and twisted to create an updo possessing texture as well as volume.

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14. Romantic updos

How should the mother of the bride wear her hair?
The style gives you a stunning look and makes people identify you as the celebrant's mom. Photo: @weddinghairinspo
Source: Instagram

This is yet another incredible wedding hairstyle that the bride’s mother can rock on the big day. This romantic updo is soft-textured with a lot of hair at the crown and lengthy cascading bangs to the sides.

15. Hairstyle with curls and a bouffant

This is another variant of the half up, half down hairdo that the mothers of the celebrants can go for. This will make it easy and comfy to maintain some hair on the face while the rest is tied up. Floral accessories will also do a lot of beautiful justice to this hairstyle.

16. Chic swept-back pixie

This is one of the best hairstyles for bride's mothers that may have short hair. Not only does this hairstyle go with numerous outfits, but wearing a pixie also allows for the show of a modern twist of elegance and glamour.

17. Delicate Dutch braids half-up

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This particular mother-of-the-bride hairstyle is one of the several half-up concepts that make for an authentic win-win conclusion. It is as easy as it comes and does not take a lot of your time while still giving you a delicately feminine look.

18. Minimalist low bun updo

How should the mother of the bride wear her hair?
This hairstyle gives you an exceptionally special look as the mother of the day. Photo: @katstyle_hair
Source: Instagram

What is the best hairstyle for a bride? The Minimalist updo is a kind of hairstyle that is considered exceptionally special for the mother of the bride because, depending on your personality, you can wear it anyhow you like to give a statement of self.

19. The fancy flowing ponytail

This hairstyle helps women whose hairs are medium-length to cancel out the problem of having their ponytails look full even though they are not on a low bun. To make your ponytail look voluminous without looking limp, then the best bet is to pin up the curls and create wispy bangs on both sides of your head.

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20. Mother of the bride low updo

Attractive updos are some of the widespread choices that the mothers of the brides will go for at their daughters’ weddings. The low updo details a puffy bun at the back as well as lengthy wispy bangs. The style can be worn for casual, formal and ceremonial functions (in the case that you have a work meeting after the wedding).

21. Soft shoulder-length waves

If you are looking to go for something a little bit outside what is usually expected as the hairstyle for the bride’s mother, then the sultry beach waves hairdo is your go-to. It gives off a kind of youthfulness in the wearer and allows you to flaunt your fashion acumen however you want.

22. Subtle curls and bun

What is the best hairstyle for a bride?
Subtle curls and bun. Photo: @dynamicsalonchi
Source: Instagram

The mothers of the groom and the bride can rock this hairstyle without even trying to put too much effort into it. It reveals a splurge of curly hair assembled at the nape of the neck. It does not discriminate in terms of the length of your hair.

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23. French roll for shorter hair

There are different kinds of chubby face mother of bride hairstyles that showcases elegance and sophistication with the signature French rolls. You will also notice a minor bouffant at the peak, which is peculiar to traditional updos. You do not have to worry about your hair roughening up while dancing at the event.

24. Messy updo for layered hair

What is the best hairstyle for a bride?
The beauty of this hairstyle is in how messy it appears. Photo: @hairbrained_official
Source: Instagram

When you are in search of engaging mother-of-the-bride updos for a wedding that is guaranteed to involve a lot of running about and dancing, then you should be going for this hairdo. It is especially a great option for women with layered hair.

25. Feathered chignon for short hair

You need not beat yourself up about a suitable hairstyle on your daughter's wedding day because you have short hair. Your hair can be worn beautifully in an open low chignon bun with plenty of feather-like ends. It is easy to style and looks especially great on women wearing short or medium-length hair.

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How should the mother of the bride wear her hair?

There are various ways that the bride's mother can wear her hair, though the chignon is one style you can never go wrong in. There are five basic steps to make this hairstyle happen, which are these:

  1. Create a ponytail;
  2. Form a loop;
  3. Secure with a bobby pin;
  4. Wrap your ends;
  5. Lock in your look with strong hair hold-on spray.

Should the mother of the groom wear hair up or down?

The best choice varies from person to person and is influenced by factors such as their knowledge and opinion about modern fashion trends.

How do you do bridal hair styling?

You can style your bridal hair in various ways, and the steps will vary depending on whichever you choose. One of the best is an updo, as it keeps your hair in place while you do your thing on the dance floor. To make this style, below are some steps to follow:

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  1. Divide your hair into smaller bits;
  2. Pick on the front section to make it happier and fuller before keeping it in place with a transparent elastic band;
  3. Curl the remaining hair into an updo while using the bobby pins to fix the ends of the hair.

For more aesthetics, you may add cute floral accessories for hair on the floor of the section made into an updo.

There are hundreds of mother-of-the-bride hairstyles to choose from. Therefore, you are not restricted to the above-mentioned hairdos. Nevertheless, whatever style you choose must compliment your overall look for the day while considering personal factors like hair length and type.

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