15 androgynous fashion outfit ideas that are stylish and effortlessly cool

15 androgynous fashion outfit ideas that are stylish and effortlessly cool

The fashion industry constantly evolves, bringing new styles and innovations each decade. While several have emerged and disappeared, others have remained until the present day. The seventeenth century, in specific, is noted for its ground-breaking androgynous fashion, a stunning movement in the fashion sector that concentrated on non-binary gender identification and gender inclusion.

androgynous fashion
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What is androgynous fashion? It is a style that ignores the gender stereotypes and appreciates both feminine and masculine traits. Whether you desire a more permanent androgynous image or are experimenting with different styles to see what you prefer, complement the outfits with accessories that makes you comfortable.

Cool androgynous fashion outfit ideas

Fashion is fundamentally about expressing oneself. Although clothing has no distinction between genders, some prefer conventionally feminine clothing styles, while others prefer conventionally male clothing styles. Many individuals, however, dress neither feminine nor masculine. Below are some great androgynous fashion examples to inspire you.

1. Baggy pants

androgynous fashion
A lady with a floral bomber jacket and baggy pants. Photo: @yuki_outfits
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Oversized and loose-fitting trousers conceal your figure and can be worn by both men and women. Tight trousers will highlight your body and curves, which you seek to avoid when going for an androgynous image.

2. Denim jackets

A conventional denim jacket will instantly make you appear more androgynous. Denim jackets are currently popular among all genders. They are a further instance of an essential piece of apparel for any androgynous ensemble. The most stylish denim jackets are economical and sustainable, allowing you to improve your style, boost your confidence, and help the environment without breaking the budget.

3. Boyfriend jeans

androgynous fashion
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Boyfriend jeans are an excellent choice for any androgynous wardrobe. Match them with a shirt and blazer. Men and women wear loose bottoms, which is what a gender-fluid ensemble is all about. Buy a nice pair of boyfriend jeans from environmentally friendly androgynous fashion brands that use ethical and environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques.

4. Shorts

androgynous fashion
A person is rocking a cute pair of shorts. Photo: @shoperingray
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Lounge shorts are among the most comfortable and cosy apparel items you may wear. Stylish, comfortable, attractive shorts help you look and feel great daily. Because they are gender-neutral, both men and women can rock them. Combine them with a simple white tee for an inexpensive, simple, comfy, androgynous style for every day.

5. Sneakers

androgynous fashion
A lady is wearing a nice pair of sneakers and white socks. Photo: @asami_7.4
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Sneakers are synonymous with a sleek, modern, androgynous aesthetic. They can be worn with any outfit regardless of gender. Large pants with a fitting button-up shirt are an everyday androgynous style. Pair it with canvas shoes or brogue footwear for a complete look.

6. Oversized blazers

androgynous fashion
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Pair an oversized blazer with well-fitted trousers and dress shoes for a fabulous gender-neutral outfit. A dark-coloured jacket or blazer immediately elevates your look by providing a traditional, sophisticated, and classy touch. Layer a neutral-coloured coat over a basic white shirt. Finish the appearance with a vast watch, a fantastic portfolio, or a timeless briefcase.

7. Trench coats

androgynous fashion
A person is rocking a long trench coat. Photo: @fuku_ippai_kiru
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A long, appropriately tailored trench coat will provide a beautiful layer to your ensembles, allowing you to look more androgynous while improving your appearance. Choose a few layers you can throw on to create distinctive, innovative, gender-neutral costumes that will make you look fantastic in no time. Layers instantly elevate any casual look to a more fashionable and elegant level.

8. Flannels

Flannel shirts are arguably the most comfy layer you'll ever own. Layer a cosy button-down over a graphic shirt, tank top, or even a flowery ensemble for a grungy, macho look. To achieve the best androgynous women's fashion, throw your flannel shirt over your waist to achieve a more attractive look.

9. Button-down shirts

androgynous fashion
A lady with a white shirt. Photo: @getcouponx
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A button-down is a timeless garment that is also incredibly adaptable. It works well with other pieces of clothes to create a variety of outfits. It has a breezy informal aspect, but it produces an eye-catching semi-formal ensemble paired with a fitted waistcoat, a colourful tie, and relaxed drawstring slacks. You can rock it with jeans, pants or cycling shorts.

10. Tank tops

androgynous fashion
A lady is holding a black handbag. Photo: @pplain.pp
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Graphic tank tops are versatile garment that can be worn in any season. You can rock them on their own in the summer or top them with an imprinted button-down or flannel tee in the autumn and winter. Choose a top that features your favourite music, design, or message.

11. Hoodie

An oversized hoodie exudes comfort while still nailing the casual aesthetic. This incredible feminine androgynous clothing is excellent for those who want to avoid drawing too much attention to their curves. The hoodie can be worn with various ensembles, including pants and skirts.

12. Short-sleeve tee, baggy long-sleeve shirt and cargo pants

androgynous fashion
A man sitting on the stairs is wearing black sneakers. Photo: @affectusedclothing
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If you like the street style or traditional 90's fashion, this fashionable ensemble is for you. Combine your favourite dark cargo pants with a baggy top to create a trendy look with attitude. This stylish shirt layering method has been worn by luminaries such as Kurt Cobain since the 1990s. It's also great attire for chilly weather.

13. Overalls

androgynous fashion
A lady is rocking jeans overall. Photo: @highwayg_global
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Overalls are essential pieces of workwear. However, they work nicely with basic tees to create a gender-neutral style. The appropriate size of dungarees performs a fantastic job of disguising curves without offering the wearer a droopy, baggy appearance.

14. Vest

Nothing is more elegant and refreshing in autumn than an excellent vest. Try out denim, leather, fleece, puffer, and fur vests! Fur and spiked leather vests may make an otherwise modest outfit look cool and bold. Wear them with jeans and a simple long-sleeved tee or a silky blouse.

15. Boots

androgynous fashion
A person wearing boots is climbing on a fence. Photo: @v12footwear
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Finding beautiful shoes that both men and women can wear might be difficult. To achieve a stylish androgynous vibe, use platform or combat boots with hooks and spikes or distressed fabric. The ideal boots for a great unisex style are long-lasting, affordable, and elegant, allowing you to look stylish and feel at ease in your gender-neutral ensemble.


  1. What does androgynous mean in fashion? Androgynous is intended to eschew male or female characteristics, instead accepting non-binary identity.
  2. Why is fashion so androgynous? It is loved by many because it allows one to wear whatever they want and feel comfortable in regardless of gender.
  3. When did androgynous fashion start? Androgynous fashion became popular in the 1970s, owing to the impact of pop culture and movie stars.
  4. How do you dress androgynous when curvy? Plus-size women should opt for baggy pants and button-up shirts.
  5. Is it okay to dress androgynous? Yes. You can rocking the style as long as you are comfortable with it.
  6. What is the difference between unisex and androgynous clothing? Unisex focuses on making gender-neutral outfits worn by all genders, while androgynous style creates more sophisticated outfits that intentionally blends traditional gender norms in fashion.
  7. Is androgynous a gender? Androgyny is a word used to describe someone with male and female characteristics.

Androgynous fashion rejects gender stereotypes and appreciates both feminine and masculine traits. Although it existed in the 17th century, the fashion trend became popular in the 1970s, owing to the impact of pop culture.

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