15 different types of goth style ideas you can easily replicate

15 different types of goth style ideas you can easily replicate

Do you want to experience the mysterious and dark allure of gothic fashion? Whether you're a seasoned goth or just starting out in the subculture, there are endless ways to express yourself through gothic flair. Explore the different types of goth-style ideas that you can easily replicate and create your distinctive look.

Pastel goth, Industrial goth, and Romantic goth are different types of goth styles
Pastel goth, Industrial goth, and Romantic goth are some of the most popular types of goth-style ideas. Photo: @sapplesauce666, @choconokecha, @alpravena on Instagram (modified by author)
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What is goth? A gothic subculture emerged from dark yet romantic themes inspired by rich literature, fashion, art, music, and architecture. Goth has significantly impacted the world, not only on the runway but also on fashion trends, street style, films, and music.

Gothic fashion is frequently associated with a fascination with death, decay, and the supernatural, and its influence on culture is immeasurable. The style also has a strong focus on self-expression and individualism.

15 different types of goth styles

The goth subculture is a vibrant and diverse community that is constantly evolving. Thousands of individuals worldwide enjoy this distinct sense of style, which has become connected with a few trademark characteristics. Here are different types of goth fashion to help you deliberate what your goth style is.

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1. Traditional goth

A woman in a traditional goth attire leaning backwards (L). A woman in a goth look taking a mirror selfie.
Flowy skirts, lace-up corsets, and vintage coats are traditional goth-style outfits. Photo: @ipsofactostore, @incisionmaker on Instagram (modified by author)
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Traditional goth is the original type of goth, distinguished by a gloomy, romantic, and Victorian aesthetic. This style is influenced by gothic literature of the 19th century, such as the works of the Brontë sisters and Edgar Allan Poe, and frequently contains themes of romance, horror, and fantasy.

Traditional goth is also related to gothic rock, a musical genre distinguished by melodic, dark, and atmospheric sounds. Wear long flowing skirts, lace-up corsets, and complex brocade designs to channel this style. Add lace, velvet, and ruffle elements for a more vintage aesthetic.

2. Mall goth

Two ladies dressed in Mall goth, a type of goth style
Band t-shirts, chokers, corsets, and mesh tops are Meth goth outfits. Photo: @norelle.k, @loopy.lovely on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Mall Goth originated in the late 1990s as a response to the commercialization of Goth culture, combining contemporary fashion trends with classic goth clothes. The Mall goth style is predominantly black, with grey, blue, pink, and green accents.

Wear graphic mesh tops, band T-shirts, or corsets with oversized cargo pants with chains to achieve this look. Accessorise with chunky platform boots, chokers, band merchandise, spiked bracelets, wristbands, and studded belts.

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3. Emo style

A young man in emo goth style
Skinny jeans, graphic t-shirts, and stud belts are outfits that characterise emo style. Photo: @saveselfieculture on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Some individuals believe that emo is a separate subculture from goths. However, the most common feature between the two is a strong sense of emotions, as the term emo is derived from the word emotion or emotional.

Most teens have embraced this goth style, and they achieve it by wearing long and bright-coloured hair with bangs covering half or most of the face, skinny tight jeans, music t-shirts, stud belts and bracelets, and piercings on the nose, lips, brows, and ears. They also enjoy poetry, music, and literature.

4. Romantic goth

Two ladies in romantic goth attires
Lace dresses, the colour red, roses, and gardens are some elements of the romantic goth style. Photo: @fedebiancyshinoda, @alpravena on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

This type of goth style is similar to Victorian goth, but it concentrates on the Romantic era. Goth outfits that can achieve this look include lace dresses and blouses with belle sleeves, high necks, and long, layered, flowy skirts.

This type of goth style focuses on art, poetry, creativity, and solitude. There is an emphasis on romantic imagery in poetry, such as the colour red, roses, gardens, ravens, architecture, and cemeteries.

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5. Industrial goth

Two women in indutrial goth style
Black attire, and dramatic makeup are part of industrial goth style. Photo: @chelseechaos, @lunara.wolf on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

The industrial goth subculture is a fascinating mix of dark apparel and electronic music. The subculture is mainly influenced by industrial, goth, and punk music.

The industrial goth subculture is a group of people that embrace their dark side by wearing black attire and applying dramatic, bold goth makeup. They are drawn to industrial music's gloomy and dystopian themes, which reflect their need for more raw and harsh expression.

6. Deathrock goth

A woman in different types of goth style
Leather, black attire, and spikes are elements of a Deathrock goth style. Photo: @zombrina.roxx on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Deathrock goth is a type of goth style that combines punk and gothic rock. This style draws inspiration from the punk and horror punk scenes of the late 1970s and early 1980s, and it frequently contains aspects of death, horror, and the macabre.

Deathrock goth is also connected with a more aggressive and combative attitude, frequently using punk features like spikes, studs, and leather.

7. Pastel goth

What is a cute goth style called? Pastel goth blends the harsh edges of gothic fashion with the soft pastels of Kawaii fashion subcultures, resulting in a cute goth style. This style has a significant influence in Japan. It combines goth dress styles with bright and pastel colours.

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This subgenre is frequently characterised by overdecoration because it relies heavily on accessories such as plastic hair clips and beaded bracelets. Pastel goth also incorporates cartoons, baby dolls, or other child-related themes.

8. Punk goth

This style originated from music about outward aggression against the world's injustices. Punks emerged as a reactionary movement following the hippie age, which emphasised love, peace, and acceptance. Many punks were anarchists or harboured resentment towards postwar society.

Combine punk rock with gothic features such as band t-shirts, leather jackets, and ripped fishnet stockings to achieve punk goth aesthetics. Spikes, studs, mohawk hairstyle, and chunky combat boots are great accessories for an edgy appearance.

9. Cybergoths

Cybergoth is a type of goth that combines gothic and cyberpunk culture. It is influenced by the cyberpunk science fiction genre, which investigates the impact of technology on society and individuals.

Cybergoth is also connected with a futuristic and technological style, and it frequently integrates elements of rave culture, including electronic music, neon colours, and glow sticks. To pull off this aesthetic, add cyberpunk fashion features like goggles, PVC clothing, and LED accessories for a high-tech look.

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10. Nu goth

Two ladies in Nu goth aesthetics
Black attire and chockers are Nu goth aesthetics. Photo: @pixs30, @officiallunablack on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Nu goth, or hipster or modern goth, is a relatively new addition to the goth subculture that combines traditional goths with more modern, current elements. These forms of goths take a new approach to the gothic subculture, combining aspects of old gothic styles with more modern concepts.

For this look, combine contemporary streetwear with gothic inspirations for a modern and minimalist aesthetic. Choose black staples like skinny jeans, oversized t-shirts, and bomber jackets, then accessorise with platform boots, chokers, and geometric jewellery.

11. Hippie goth

Hippie Goths combine hippie fashion and gothic subculture. Their animal-friendly and eco-friendly nature distinguishes them. They frequently adopt a vegan lifestyle owing to their affection for animals. Hippie goths dress in hippie fashion with dark accents, wearing dark makeup, black bandanas, and large rings.

12. Tribal goths

Women dressed in Tribal goth style
Tribal-inspired tunics, feather earrings, and bone jewellery are aspects of Tribal goth. Photo: @moona.autumn, @lanarizrojacantabria on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

The tribal goths emerged as belly dancing became popular. Their fashion style is a mix of belly dancing and traditional gothic styles. Mix tribal-inspired tunics and maxi skirts with gothic accessories like feather earrings, leather cuffs, and bone jewellery to create a dramatic and diverse appearance.

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13. Vampire goths

Two women in Vampire-like goth aesthetics
Pointed fingernails, piercings, tattoos, and vampire teeth are Vampire goth style aesthetics. Photo: @gatita_odiosa, @motleyamanda on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Vampire goths emulate vampire-like characteristics. They have dark hair and dark makeup. Tattoos, pointed fingernails, and septum piercings complete the style. In some instances, they have vampire teeth.

14. Mediaeval goth

Two women in Mediaeval gothic attire
Long skirts and dresses with a black aesthetic define the medieval goth style. Photo: @hekate_nocturnal, @666dark.soul on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

This type of goth style uses mediaeval and historical imagery such as castles, churches, crosses, dragons, mythology, and magic.

This gothic fashion frequently combines corsets, long skirts, and blouses with dark aesthetics. Fairy goth, a subset of this style, takes a whimsical, magical, fantastical style.

15. Glam goth

This type of goth style draws inspiration from glam rockers such as David Bowie, who wore teased hair, deep V-necks, feathers, leather, and fur. Animal patterns, sequins, and coloured leather were all variations from conventional goth fashions, but they were incorporated into this one to add dramatic flair.

Gothic fashion is a diverse and ever-changing subculture that provides limitless options for personal expression and creativity. By incorporating any of these distinct types of goth-style ideas, you can create a look as unique as you are.

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