Fashion game for adults: 10 of the best dress-up games for adults that love fashion

Fashion game for adults: 10 of the best dress-up games for adults that love fashion

Gaming is one of the best ways to relieve stress or pass the time during leisure. Regardless of your style, orientation, or gender, dress-up fashion games for adults have the potential to find their appeal to multiple audiences.

Fashion game for adults
Fashion game idea for adults. Photo: @fashiongame_id
Source: Instagram

Fashion is an art that requires a free flow of imagination, exquisite taste and touch to pull off quite the show. Online dress-up fashion games connect millions of aspiring fashion lovers globally. From the comfort of their homes, players can dress and style individual avatars and face opponents in one-off competitions to showcase their prowess in fashion.

What are the best fashion games for adults?

Look no further when looking for fashion games on your mobile or tablet device! We have collected some of the best fun dress-up games for adults accessible to Android and iOS devices. Here are the top 10 fashion games for adults online that will keep you occupied and entertained for hours and help you improve your fashion design skills.

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1. Lady Popular: Fashion Arena

Lady Popular: Fashion Arena is an interactive interface that offers gamers an array of male and female avatars. How do you play Lady Popular? Gamers decide how to dress their characters, and this fun game provides a variety of clothing, from Cinderella outfits to swimsuits.

In addition, the game allows users to unlock or buy limited accessories using credit banking facilities. As a result, Lady Popular is one of the most popular fashion games in high demand, with a 4-star google play store rating.

2. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

In recognition of the popular social media personality Kim Kardashian, the game is a casual free-to-play role gaming initially released in 2014. The game interface is centred on players trying to gain fans to increase their reputation. By booking modelling, acting, club appearances and going on dates, players can boost their reputation, which would guarantee an A-List celebrity status.

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In addition, higher rating jobs increase the player pool of money, which can be used to refill energy or purchase items of clothing in K-Stars mode. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood mode ranks 57 on the game ranking and has been named the 86th best game of the decade by the website Polygon.

3. Fashion Fantasy

Fashion game for adults
Fashion Fantasy look. Photo: @zuki_looks
Source: Instagram

Fashion Fantasy is a dress-up game for people who love fashion. The game allows users to complete tasks by mixing and matching clothing to express their personalities. The game, with a series of chapters, offers players the chance to reveal their untold stories through their sense of style.

Every chapter in the game is a runway show adding a dash of fun and excitement to the journey. Fashion Fantasy also offers voting on the best looks of stylish challenges and fashion boutiques to create individual designs. It currently has over 5 million downloads with a 4.1-star review on the google play store.

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4. Fashion Empire-Boutique Sim

Fashion Empire Boutique Sim is an online expressive style maven dress-up simulation game. The game is uniquely designed to satisfy the style of savvy women of all ages and is free to play.

It allows players to mix, match or even sell outfits to increase their fortunes. Fashion Empire-Boutique Sim is currently rated 4.3 on the Google Play Store and has massed over ten million downloads.

5. Office Dress-Up Games

Office Dress Up Game is the gaming that offers female players the opportunity to dress their character in professional outfits. Players get to decide what they would wear on a typical office day, whether it's a more relaxed casual look or a more professional one.

Attires appeal to pretty conservative women in accounting, finance, or IT careers. The business outlook of the game reflects a new empowered feminine world that does not sacrifice beauty or style due to work. Office Dress-Up Games has a 4.0 rating on the Google platform, with just over a million downloads.

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6. Glamland: Fashion Show, Dress Up Competition Game

Fashion game for adults
Glamland look. Photo: @chantie39
Source: Instagram

Glamland is an international fashion stylist dress-up game for adults. Designed to woe any wannabe fashion guru Glamland Fashion Show offers makeover competitions pitting opponents against one another. Users start with a few collections of stylish dresses and move around the globe to explore breathtaking styles in different cities.

It offers a fashion adventure for adults with sassy dresses, elegant jewellery pieces and jolly tops that leave users breathless. It enjoys a positive 4.5 google play store rating, having been downloaded over a million times.

7. Superstar Family-Celebrity Fashion

Superstar Family-Celebrity Fashion is a gaming platform with four virtual superstar family models on the same screen. The characters are equipped with wardrobes comprising more than 200 make-up items, apparel and accessories.

Its users can capture screenshots while in the game mode and share the images with family and friends. Interestingly, its photo album includes cool stickers to create the perfect picture. With over 10 million downloads on the google play store, it has a positive rating of 4.3.

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8. College Girls Team Makeover

What is the best online dress-up game? College Girls Team Makeover is the most popular dress-up game, with a 4.2-star ranking and over 50 million downloads. It is among the many dress-up games stylist-fashion diva style. It allows users to dress up to five high school best friends.

Inspired by the life of five college wannabe divas, the activity offers users the chance to be the most popular and stylish girls in school. The aspiring divas are often together and are the talk of the school. It Players can control the character's skin colour, make-up, eye colour or even hairstyles.

9. Fashion Fever- Top Model Dress-Up Game

Fashion game for adults
Fashion Fever look. Photo: @lonely.doll
Source: Instagram

How do I step up my fashion game? Fashion Fever is the go-to Android gaming service that lets players step up and follow their fashion dreams from the comfort of their homes. In addition, it allows users to customize their character's clothing depending on the conditions throughout the game.

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From winter to summer outfits, a gamer's character could appear on the cover of a magazine, assuming the role of an A-list model. The free-to-play Android game offers fantastic virtual dress-up for aspiring models to step up their style. It has a 4.2-star rating with over 5 million downloads.

10. Mystic Prince Dress Up

Is there a fashion game more thrilling than Mystic Prince Dress Up? It was developed to appeal to male audiences. It allows players to design male doll avatars with a free hand.

Characters range from charming princes to samurai warriors or high school icons. Players can choose the character's outfits, skin, hair and eye colour, and new updates allow a choice of background. It has an impressive 4-star rating with over 500k downloads on the play store.

Modern-day fashion games for adults have come far from sticker books and fashion dolls to the new online gaming arena. They come in various forms, from dressing stunning celebrities to adorable anime characters or handsome guys. In addition, the gaming platform has evolved to provide new styles, themes and scenarios through an easy-to-use virtual interface.

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