GETFund scholarship: Full guide on how to apply for the GETFund scholarship in Ghana

GETFund scholarship: Full guide on how to apply for the GETFund scholarship in Ghana

Are you interested in applying for a GETFund scholarship? The Ghana Education Trust (GET) Fund was established to support Ghanaian learners from primary to tertiary levels. It accomplishes this through dynamic financing policies that guarantee an equitable supply of vital resources for every level of education to all sections of the Ghanaian community.

GETFund scholarship
Female students at the Ansuari Suna School, a primary school in Ghana. The school is dual language, with lessons in English in the morning, followed by Arabic lessons. Photo: Louise Gubb
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GETFund has made a substantial contribution to Ghana's educational system, both in terms of physical infrastructure and the development of human resources through scholarships. The fund was established by an Act of Parliament in 2000 (Act 581).

About GETFund scholarship

Who introduced GETFund in Ghana? GETFund was created by a parliamentary act in 2000. The Ghanaian government created the scheme, also known as a public trust. This scheme intends to award scholarships to deserving students by providing additional cash to the scholarship secretariat.

Level or field of study of the scholarship

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GETFund is offered to PhD, Master's, and undergraduate students. This is to assist them in pursuing their education with a clear mind. It could also apply to any field of study, including Humanities programmes and Science, Technology, and Mathematics (STEM).

GETFund scholarship application requirements

To be eligible for the Ghana Education Trust Fund scholarships, all potential applicants/students must fulfil the minimum requirements. Check out the following guides for tips on how to apply for GETFund scholarship.

Undergraduate requirements

You must electronically upload the following documentation to qualify for the GETFund undergraduate scholarship.

  1. A scanned copy of the signed application document.
  2. A scanned copy of your national identity card or passport as proof of your nationality.
  3. A scanned copy of your admission letter stating the programme duration.
  4. A scanned copy of the approved fee schedule for the academic year.
  5. A scanned copy of your secondary school certificate (WASSCE, CTVET, or any other credential accepted by the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission, GTEC).
  6. For continuing students, provide a scanned copy of your academic records from the previous term.
  7. For candidates pursuing another undergraduate certificate, upload a scanned copy of your previous undergraduate certificate (degree, diploma, HND) and the associated transcripts.

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Postgraduate scholarship application requirements

GETFund scholarship
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All postgraduate candidates must submit their application form through the GETfund scholarship portal. The following are the requirements.

  1. Application letter that includes contact information.
  2. Proof of citizenship in the form of a copy of a passport, national identity card, or birth certificate.
  3. A scanned copy of the admission letter with the programme duration clearly stated.
  4. A scanned copy of the approved fee schedule, if not specified in the admission letter.
  5. A scanned copy of the first-degree certificate (Master's and Ph.D. applicants).
  6. Scanned copies of any additional degree certificates (only for PhD candidates).
  7. Scanned copy of most recent transcript (only for Master's and PhD candidates).
  8. A scanned copy of your National Service Certificate (for Masters and PhD candidates).
  9. A scanned copy of your curriculum vitae (only for Master's and PhD candidates).

Undergraduate and postgraduate application form

If you're looking for a guide on how to apply for a GETFund scholarship in Ghana, follow the steps below.

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  1. Sign up on the GETFund scholarship application portal.
  2. Once you've signed up, log in.
  3. Log in with the username and password you have used to sign up.
  4. Fill out the GETFund scholarship application form online.
  5. Submit your application.

GETFund scholarship application letter

A scholarship application letter should include pertinent information about the applicant, their institution, course, fees per academic semester, year, or for the entire academic term, as well as any other information the applicant deems pertinent.

How do I write a letter for a GETFund scholarship?

The application letter should highlight your best qualifications for receiving the scholarship. The purpose of the letter is to justify your suitability for the scholarship. Your application letter should contain;

  1. Your contact information
  2. Contact information for the scholarship organization
  3. Introduction – featuring a significant accomplishment worthy of the scholarship
  4. Body – highlighting crucial information about yourself and why you are eligible for the scholarship.
  5. Call to action (CTA)
  6. Regards, your signature and your name

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How long does the GETFund scholarship application process last?

GETFund scholarship
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The duration of the GETFund scholarship application procedure may vary based on an array of factors, including the number of candidates, the availability of funding, and the difficulty of the application requirements.

Typically, it can take months to finish the application process. To ensure sufficient time to complete all the criteria and submit a quality application, applicants should start the application procedure as early as possible.

GETFund scholarship for Ghana students is accessible to students pursuing tertiary education. The Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund) is a public trust established in 2000 by an Act of Parliament. Its primary mission is to offer financing to assist government efforts to create educational facilities and infrastructure in the public sector from pre-tertiary to tertiary levels. recently published an engaging guide on how to write an application for employment as a teacher in Ghana. An application letter for a teacher job is made to introduce yourself to a possible employer. This letter is critical since it summarises your credentials.

There are several approaches to writing an effective job application letter. However, consider several factors, including the location of your possible employment.


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