150+ sad Instagram captions to share your sadness with your followers

150+ sad Instagram captions to share your sadness with your followers

Instagram is a perfect platform to air your feelings and what you are going through in life. By sharing pictures, videos, and stories, you communicate with your followers the mood you are in. If you feel like airing out your feelings, post sad Instagram captions and see how swift your community will get in touch.

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sad Instagram captions
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Speaking up helps. And that is why people are encouraged to open up. Going through problems in your career life? Having relationship challenges? Is your family too ha*d on you? Your Instagram community can help you if you are willing to open up.

What are some chill Instagram captions? There is no scale to measure other than writing exactly how a photo makes you feel.

Sad captions for Instagram

Not everyone online is a troll. The communities you build on social media are composed of a majority of decent people who come through for each other. What are good IG captions? If you are feeling down or frustrated, just post a short caption and let your fans interpret your post. Instagram is a robust platform that can lift you up when you are in low spirits

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  • A single loss is a tragedy. Nursing a heartbreak.
  • Joy comes, sadness goes. We know not how.
  • The biggest pain is those we cause ourselves.
  • The sadness has always been within us. It's just how life is.
  • Heartbreak leaves a heartache that takes time to heal.
  • My father above will wipe away every tear from my eyes when I'm in pain.
  • Looking forward to the days when there will be no sorrow or crying.
  • My precious, not even grief can break my bond with the people I love.
  • Betrayal su*cks as it robs you of the best people in your life.
  • I don't think I'll ever recover from the disloyalty I've witnessed.
  • When your ray of light in life is in pain, you are in pain too.
  • If you look upon the world and see fear, just know that you are not alone.
  • Pain and destruction break me. I hope to recover soon.
  • The nightmare I am going through will not have me distracted from my goals.
  • May God grant me the strength to go through this misery in one piece.
  • Engulfed in grief and harmony. Pray for me.
  • The future looks bleak; my lights are dimming.
  • The power of silence, even when you are going through wretchedness.
  • Ever felt like a part of you is being amputated? Current situation.
  • I hate that after every unfortunate experience, life rushes back into the void.
  • The most lamentable or comforting part about a loss is that our memories together never leave.
  • Please be kind to me during this difficult time.
  • It breaks my heart to conclude that life will never be fair.

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sad Instagram captions
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  • Love my Instagram followers because they always pray for me. This is that time I am again asking for your prayers.
  • The power of sin is in its secrecy.
  • Today I learned that anger is easier to handle than grief.
  • I would trade anything from my life to bring back the peace I had before all these trials.
  • I hate that some things in life are one-way, and you can never rewind them back.
  • If it is left uncorrected, it will either bring calamity or loss.
  • How hard it is that we have to toil day and night to get bread?
  • Still trying to recover from the betrayal I experienced with close friends
  • My heart breaks down every time I am in this phase of my life.
  • Please remember me in your prayers. I am going through it.
  • Dealing with sad news, I don't know when I will be back.
  • Making a 180-degree turn, it's been a hell past few weeks.
  • Death is something inevitable. Pray for me as I am mourning.
  • I have made that effort to be, and that is why I will sleep for eternity.
  • Parting is inevitably excruciating, even for a short time. Learnt that today.
  • Is this year over yet? I'm too sad to continue with the year.
  • Feeling sad, yet my best friend is miles away.
  • Sadness always creeps when they pay little attention to you.
  • Does anyone know a quick remedy to sorrow?
  • I feel good interacting with my Instagram family, yet my lonesomeness still lags.
  • Su*cks, when you try so hard yet, all they notice are the missteps
  • Riding solo, ignored by all.
  • Melancholy is now my language.
  • My only wish right now is to fall asleep before killing all these afflictions.
  • Cry, not when the sun has set, for the tears will hinder you from seeing the stars.
  • Everyone goes through depressing phases. I'll be alright.
  • Adored by strangers, disregarded by family.
  • I want just one person to recognize my work. Else I'll go nuts.
  • When people fail to express themselves, they die one piece at a time.
  • I am convinced that there is no sane person left. We are all sad.
  • I'm not okay, but it's well with my soul.
  • Overwhelming feelings. I can't contain myself.

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Intense sad quotes about life

Being sad is part of life. Certain life situations and experiences make you feel pathetic and almost give up hope. How do you make a killer caption on Instagram? By being authentic. If you are on the verge of despair, log onto your Instagram account for some encouragement. The sad caption is enough to make people aware of your circumstances.

  • True happiness can only be achieved once you have uncomfortable conversations.
  • Tears are God's gift to us. Our holy water. I cry because I can freely express my emotions.
  • When you are dejected, waiting for healing that does not come.
  • You never really know how your words will impact the masses until the damage has already been done.
  • As you hurt others, please know that your actions will affect your children and kin.
  • Reputation seems like a lost art. Don't be mean for nothing.
  • When you give them the last chance, they still ruin it.
  • I cannot sacrifice my peace for those that don't care.
  • Living an honourable and respectful life is much more worthy than causing misery to others.
  • Whatever I lack, may God grant me tenfold.
  • I miss days when I used to be carefree, with zero things to worry about.
  • The overthinker in me can't stop thinking. I want to distract myself.
  • Memes have always come through when I'm sad. Send memes.
  • There is nothing I haven't seen in this world, yet I keep rising.
  • Keep your head up no matter what you are going through; we are many.
  • I want to find a quiet place, to sit with just my thoughts.
  • The child in me is craving ice cream to keep calm.
  • Think about the number of times you have made someone cry; time to stop.
  • It is such a sad feeling when no one understands you.
  • Your pain may be individual but know that most of us have been through the same.
  • I am here to talk about the happy times, sad times and miserable times in my life. Today is the latter.
  • A thousand words won't fix the physical and mental damage some of you have caused.
  • If tears could be a stairway and memories were a lane, I know some things would be different.
  • Nothing is reciprocated when you give your most authentic form of love, care, and affection.
  • Just because I can carry my problems discreetly doesn't mean I ain't hurting.
  • Let the tears come and water your soul.
  • Becoming a pro at this hopeless thing.
  • Memories hurt. I hate making memories.

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sad Instagram captions
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  • I fall apart way too many times.
  • Why bother if no one cares anyway.
  • My family does not know the emotional breakdowns I experience when alone.
  • Heartache is hard to keep away from.
  • People come, people go. In the end, it's just you.
  • Pretending to be happy.
  • I've become a master of faking my feelings.
  • Bearing in mind that pessimism isn't terrible at all.
  • Slowly but surely losing faith in humanity.
  • Life moves fast, and suddenly, you're all alone.
  • Misery and more misery. Such is the cruelty of life!
  • If I knew it was this hard, I would have given up long ago.
  • The only broken instrument that works is my delicate heart.
  • Things change, and life su*cks.
  • Need someone to hold me fast before I fall.
  • Sorry to say, but being okay takes a lot of work.

Melancholy and sad Instagram quotes

There is no shame in saying that you are glum. All your pictures cannot convey feelings of delight and excitement. You are allowed to feel gloomy and share your emotions with your online family. Don’t be shy about posting broken heart captions for Instagram. Use your Insta captions to communicate.

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  • What's the point of life, really?
  • Whenever happiness visits me, Sadness creeps behind.
  • Gradually losing myself.
  • Yearning for the times when my smile was genuine.
  • I don't know how to be lonely when I've always been alone in the first place.
  • Blessed be the Lord almighty who sees me through my melancholy.
  • I desperately need a break from my own thoughts.
  • I'll hurt and cry, then smile and repeat.
  • I'm that one black sheep that is always forgotten.
  • Is wretchedness part of the process?
  • I am always loud with my love and kindness and expect the same.
  • A perpetual state of anger and sadness can destroy you. Just focus on the good things.
  • Some relationships were all for nothing; I feel drained.
  • When it's over and you're alone, it stings harder.
  • When you wake up from loss, you hit the deeper reality of it; you question a lot.
  • Betrayal; the ache is always there, the disappointment, the sadness.
  • I loathe the emptiness I feel, all because I was too open and free with everyone.
  • Being in a vulnerable position and being taken advantage of is the worst thing ever.
  • Some truths in life are hard to accept, and I gotta make peace with that.
  • For my sanity, I will leave some things unsaid.
  • The world changes from year to year. Not receptive to current changes.
  • I'm tapping in on all the love, prayers, and support my followers share.
  • Family is forever, even when they keep disappointing you.
  • Some people come to your life just to extinguish the light; stay away from them.
  • I'm so sad right now I could do something I would regret later.
  • Sadness that comes in waves is the absolute ghetto.
  • The fear of losing friends is not with me anymore. I am sad with or without friends.

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sad Instagram captions
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  • It is not failure that a man should fear. It's a betrayal that makes you constantly miserable.
  • I can't hold the tears back. I'm so sad this space doesn't keep me fulfilled anymore.
  • It wasn't fair that some friendships had to end. It's what it is, though.
  • Sadness that turns to bitterness is not it. I don't wanna feel cheerless anymore.
  • Anger and hatred, say away from them; Like poison, they spread through.
  • The one great advantage of being open on social media is that your fans help you through when you are gloomy.
  • Send funny clips to yours truly before someone surrenders to depression.
  • None of us knows how to react to a depressed soul. Send your thoughts and prayers.
  • Love and light to all Instagrammers that are feeling sad like me.
  • Coming to terms with the reality that your family can hurt you as much as strangers is some depressing affair.
  • With teardrops running down my face, I want to declare to all that I am down in the dumps.
  • Today I feel like I have lost a part of me. I have been masking my misery with smiles all through.
  • The reality of life is that you will have happy and sad days. Today is one of those gloomy days I hate.
  • What soap is for the body, and tears are for the soul? Because I need a soap that will remove all this sadness I harbour.
  • I hope everyone feeling sad like me is surrounded by love and warmth.
  • Words can't express how troubled I am feeling of late.
  • Such a darling on social media but miserable in real life.
  • We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.
  • Tears are the soundless language of sorrow.
  • Sorrow is love turned into an undying missing.
  • Heartache is the price we pay for love.
  • In the clouds, I want to rise and fly like a bird into oblivion.
  • I'm a broken pot looking for someone to mend me.
  • With a broken heart and sadness in my soul, I don't know how I'll face tomorrow.
  • What I can achieve when sad, I can too when in a happy mood.
  • Poor son of man, just trying to survive.
  • Life is funny, one day, you are comfortable, and the next, it is the opposite.
  • I shall never live in regret, whether cheerless or in high spirits.
  • Internalized self-hate can break you.
  • Trying to be the best version of myself even when heartbroken.

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Social media is a powerful tool. Instagram has seen the rise of stars, and lives have been saved. If you are an open book on social media, your followers will easily decipher your current state through the memes, pictures and sad Instagram captions you share alongside your pics.

Would you like to know 150+ sad messages and capon Instagram? Yen.com.gh shared an article with ideas to express your deepest feelings in 2022.

A great piece of art conveys emotion. When you pair it with a powerful artsy quote or caption, you can drive home whatever message you want your followers to express the feeling.

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