Woman Who Thought She Was Expecting One Baby Gives Birth to Quadruplets

Woman Who Thought She Was Expecting One Baby Gives Birth to Quadruplets

  • Madison Collier expected a normal day out when she went for a pregnancy ultrasound, until she was informed that she was carrying four babies
  • It is news that shocked her to the core given that the family was not ready for four new babies
  • According to Collier, her husband too had to lie down for a while after receiving the news

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Madison Collier received news that she was pregnant earlier this year, but nothing had prepared her for the fact that she was carrying four babies.

The babies will remain at the hospital until November.
The two boys are called Calloway and Wilder while the girls are Iris and Eliza. Photo: Madison Collier.
Source: UGC

The 33-year-old reveals that in her mind, she was expecting to be a new mother to one until she went for her eight-week appointment in April and the shocking news unravelled.

According to Collier, she was never on fertility treatments and her family has no history with multiples, so it came as a huge surprise when the ultrasound technician informed her she was carrying quadruplets.

"I don’t think I’ll ever fully get over the shock," remembered Collier, who also has a four-year-old.

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She added that she and her husband 34-year-old Justin had always planned on having two kids, but all that was thrown out of the window with one ultrasound.

Quadruple blessings

Collier relived the events of the day she received the news, and how the technician kept quiet for a while that she got worried the baby was not okay.

"He said, ‘Yeah, the baby is okay.’ And then he said, ‘There’s just more than one,’" she remembered.

She revealed that her first assumption was that it was twins, but then the technician informed her they were more.

According to Collier, the news sent her into a state of panic, after which she told the technician that whatever he was saying wasn’t a funny joke.

It took the technician to show her the screen that they counted all of the babies and confirmed it was true.

Not prepared for four

Collier admitted that as much as she revels in the quadruple blessings, she is worried that they were unprepared to raise four new babies.

"We don’t have a big enough car, a big enough house," she noted.

She added that her husband had to lay down on the floor upon receiving the news as he was feeling faint.

The worry is, however, not shared by their elder sister Isla who, according to her, she has more kids to play with.

Collier gave birth on September 3, three months before the due date as a result of the nature of her pregnancy.

Two boys, two girls

The quadruplets; boys Calloway and Wilder, and girls Iris and Eliza, will remain under medical attention at the hospital until November.

"It’s definitely going to be a wild ride. I think when they come home, it’s going to take an adjustment, but we’ll get it," said Collier.

As at the time of filing this story, the parents were looking forward to the day they will be discharged so that their new bundles of joy can meet their elder sister.

Divinar Joseph

A similar case was witnessed in Kenya five years ago when Divinar Joseph delivered quadruplet girls whom they named Lisa, Lara, Libby, and Lyanna.

In an interview with YEN.com.gh Hillary Lisimba, Divinar admitted that she battled mixed feelings for months after learning that she was carrying multiples.

"I spent most of my first days stressed and in bed. It was not easy to accept the news," she said.

Divinar also has an elder daughter named Svetlana.

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