Pizzaman Provides Evidence To Show That They Started Their Food Business On A Study Table In KNUST

Pizzaman Provides Evidence To Show That They Started Their Food Business On A Study Table In KNUST

  • Pizzaman Chickenman provides photo evidence of its humble beginnings after CEO Christian Nana Boakye shared their journey from starting as KNUST students in 2018.
  • The images include pizza ingredients on a table, possibly a study table mentioned by the CEO, and folded A4 sheets using Pythagoras' theorem for serving.
  • Despite skepticism, the entrepreneur emphasizes the importance of graduates developing an entrepreneurial mindset as they enter the workforce.

Pizzaman Chickenman, a Ghanaian fast-food venture, recently provided photo evidence to support its humble beginnings in response to doubts about its origin story.

The evidence includes images of pizza ingredients arranged on a table, which is speculated to be the study table mentioned by the CEO, Christian Nana Boakye.

In a post shared on X, formerly Twitter by @sikaofficial1, there are pictures of A4 sheets folded using Pythagoras' theorem, creatively repurposed to serve customers.

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Pizzaman Provides Evidence To Show That They Started Their Food Business On A Study Table In KNUST
A collage of the CEO of Pizzaman Chickenman, Christian Nana Boakye and some of the boxes they were using earlier Photo credit: @Voice_of_KNUST & @sikaofficial1 Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

This visual documentation follows Christian Nana Boakye's account of Pizzaman Chickenman's inception during his address on day four of the 57th Congregation of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), where he encouraged graduates to consider entrepreneurship.

The photos aim to substantiate the entrepreneurial journey that began at KNUST in 2018. However, some sceptics have questioned the authenticity of such stories, suggesting that tales of humble beginnings are often emphasized, even if they don't accurately represent a business's early days.

Christian Nana Boakye, in his address to KNUST graduates, emphasized the importance of cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset as they transition into the professional world. This advice aligns with a growing trend encouraging young professionals to explore entrepreneurship and create their own opportunities.

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The incorporation of Pythagoras' theorem in their early serving method showcases the ingenuity and resourcefulness that startups often employ when faced with limited resources. Such initiatives demonstrate the creative problem-solving skills necessary for entrepreneurs to navigate challenges and turn constraints into opportunities.

While debates about the authenticity of origin stories persist, Pizzaman Chickenman's journey, as illustrated through these images, underscores the potential for innovative ideas to flourish, even in modest beginnings. As the business continues to grow, its story serves as inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs navigating the complexities of the business world.

Comments on the post collated some reactions to the post. Read them below

@RichieOG8 said:

All settings… how did he move from 3 too 1000 is the main question

@hynex12 wrote:

So motivating to see the improvement and and the hard work that would go in

@BlaiseNorgbedzi said:

The Pythagoras' theorem I know only applies to right angle triangles. So now wondering how did he use it here ? Just want to know.

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Is surprising people think he achieved all these without investors You all think he's the sole owner of that business? Crazy

@Priscilla_6767 said:

All these are false testimony He just arranged these and took a picture of it

@madam_eudia wrote:

Heard he contested for SRC president but lost. Poor man pikin go fit contest for a university SRC presidency? Just asking

@WiseAF__ said:

I love this. he went to my school. Mr eazi aswell that means I'm bound to be great

Lady gets scammed as she tries buying from Pizzaman

Earlier, reported that a Ghanaian woman claimed to have fallen victim to a scam orchestrated by someone posing as Pizzaman Chickenman.

The woman, who said she wanted to place a GH¢500 order alleged that she was tricked into transferring GH¢9,500 through a mobile money prompt sent to her.

Upon reporting the incident to the Osu Police Station, she discovered that similar cases had been reported before.

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The victim, reaching out to the company, expects them to shoulder responsibility and prevent others from facing similar predicaments.

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